Sunday, 22 January 2012

Smoke War - another in need of help.

Under modern UK justice, if you are part of a gang that hospitalises an innocent bystander, you get stern words spoken at you and then you get sent home.

If you light a cigarette you go to jail.

Keeping Chris Carter out of jail and allowing him to continue his appeal requires £1250. That's a tenner each from only 125 of us. The donate button for the Chris Carter appeal is at the top of the Smoker's Justice page.

This month I have to give thousands to the taxman. I'd rather give a tenner to the taxman and thousands to a cause that actually matters, but unfortunately I can't do it that way round.

All that money going to the taxman helps to pay the judges who treat smokers as if they are murderers and who treat vicious thugs as if they were upstanding members of society. The voluntary tenner goes to fight the thousands I am forced to pay to promote my own oppression.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see something very, very wrong here?


Tom said...

£25 donated via PayPal. I hope lots of your readers do likewise.

Patnurse said...

I think "wrong" understates it LI - Perverse is more accurate. Thanks for donating. We smokers have to help ourselves because no one else will help us

Mr A said...

Tenner donated.

Junican said...

£20 from me in the pot.

JM said...

Well, I only hope the mitigation of drinking helps me if I get a drink-drive pull.

Funny how all the best new laws give rise to all these unintended consequences

Anon said...

I don't smoke but I do care.  Ten pounds well spent. I hope.

Phil Johnson said...

Thanks for the nudge LI-very much appreciated. Justice is there for all-except smokers it seems for when Chris carter called Paul Goggins MP ( ) & other MPs as witnesses, judges swiftly curtailed that proposal as they realised that we would destroy the smoke ban myth in a court of law. Wonderful system we've now got isn't it! :)

Dutch_steamboat said...

This was a lot less expensive than dealing with that Paul Bartlett moron, although that was a great day out.

Mac McCubbin said...

Right, I just chucked a ton at the Chris Carter appeal, and if I had £1250 lying around Id've paid the lot.  There's no length I won't go to in order to stall and frustrate these evil bastards.

Good luck Chris Carter!

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