Saturday, 21 January 2012

Big, clever and cool - and photos to prove it.

Off out for a smoky-drinky. It's windy and cold and wet and horrible out there, but that's okay because I won't have to go outside to smoke.

There will be none of these present because they are photoshopped fakes. Excellent photographs, but no child is really smoking in them any more than there are real dogs playing pool and poker as in those pictures popular some years back.

Naturally the antismokers are delighted with them and have no problem using pictures of children smoking to further their vicious little crusade.

From the comments:

These pictures could be effective in a campaign against passive smoking. - me, uk, 21/1/2012 18:48 

I agree there should be a campaign against passive smoking. If you want to inhale smoke, buy your own. I also think these pictures should be on the walls of every school in the land. Oh, I know what the antismokers think they look like, but to a kid they make smoking look big and clever and ultra-cool.

So go ahead, antismokers. Use them in your campaigns.

Anyway, time to go. Back very late. Don't wait up.


David Davis said...

I tried to send the Daily Mail a link to your piece but they won't let it on with www in it. Shame.

Thomas said...

Just skip the "www" part and say "dot" for the ".". The smart DM readers will be able to figure it out from there. As for children smoking, I've seen teens smoking on the sides of bus ads put out by anti-smoking. I imagine a lot of teens saw these very cool and sexy looking ads too, and began smoking. Anti-smoking depends on there being a plentiful supply of smokers taking up the habit each year, so they can substantiate their need for continued funding, to knock them all back down again. Anti-smoking serves the exact same purpose smoking advertisements served a few generations back. But because they do it, they can self-righteously glory in their false-goodness and act smug about it. Someone needs to smack anti-smoking back down, is what needs to happen.

Amusing Bunni said...

I think those photo's are cool.  The rightout will be peeing themselves, no doubt.
I liked the one of the little fellow about 1/2 way down, he looked like one of the "little rascals" they still sometimes show on tv out here.

Enjoy your nite, LI, it's awful winter weather out here too.

Xopher said...

Surely this isn't from our ever so clever Tobacco Control movement!
These pics, like any advert, are an excellent way of raising public awareness of a product - far better than paying for expensive (banned) advertising.
Now Government and the righteous have declared smoking to be a sin their persistent, expensive (using our money), high profile campaigning should attract many more sinners.  
Tobacco manufacturers like all others in the promotion industry understand, as the saying goes, 'You've got to be noticed to be abused but the main thing is to be noticed'.
For all their spin the anti-smokers don't understand Jack Sh*t.

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