Monday, 9 January 2012

The dregs of life.

Time-out from writing. Also from fixing previous writings. Apparently the Word format for a successful Kindle book is not the same as that for a EPUB format book and so my choice was - bugger it up yourself or let the software bugger it up for you. I let the software do it first then tried it myself and this time it hasn't come straight back. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile the Cameroid has told Oily Al he can't have a referendum on Scottish independence from England unless England says he can. The slappy-foreheaded moron has just told the Scots that they can't leave unless he says so, and has just handed Salmond the result on a plate. Maybe there is a bit of brain behind the sweaty pink facade, and Cameroid realises that with Scotland separate there will never be anything but a Wet Tory government in Wastemonster ever again. There'll never be a proper Tory government as long as the Heir to Blair is not a Patch on the Thatch, so nobody will actually notice the difference anyway.

Oily's plan was a referendum in 2014. Why? It's the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and he hoped to ride a tide of whisky-fuelled kilted patriotism to victory. Well, assuming he has left a drop of whisky within range of the ordinary budget by then, the short-sighted idiot. As it is, the booze run to Carlisle will not vote to close the border. Al, you are a dick, if only you could see it.

There is much talk of 'mandates' - he doesn't have a mandate to do this, they don't have a mandate to do that, and they all talk as if we believe they give a shit.

No government had a mandate for the total exclusion of a large chunk of the population based on lifestyle, but they did it anyway. No government had a mandate to foster hatred towards smokers but they did it anyway. No government had a mandate to promote anti-drinking laws but they did it anyway. No government had a mandate to declare fat people legitimate targets for hate but they did it anyway. No government had a mandate to subvert science by encouraging total fabrication of statistics but they are doing it anyway.

No government had a mandate to install a Mugabe-style justice system but they are doing it anyway.

So don't talk to us about mandates, Oily Al. Don't talk to us about lawful process, mirror-bonce Cameroid. Neither of you can be trusted. Neither of you produce one word of truth, neither of you give a toss about those who voted for you, neither of you do a single damn thing that benefits anyone but yourselves. And we are all seeing it, more and more, every day.

I have met and spoken with quite a few of those we describe on the blogs as 'chavs'. Yes, they are mostly not too bright, yes, they are in it for themselves, yes they will grab an opportunity to fleece you if they can. I prefer them to the politicians for very simple reasons.

They aren't pretending they want anything other than money, and they aren't interested in controlling my life.

Politicians, of any rosette, are far, far worse than any chav you'll ever meet. You think the chavs are the dregs of life? Look deeper.

Much deeper.

There, in the deep slime at the base of the abyss, are the politicians.


Quiet Man said...

If you're converting ebook formats, I suggest calibre as a useful conversion tool, does it
all for you automatically.

The Digital Glebe said...

that's by far  the best analysis of the 'referendum issue' on the web!

The Digital Glebe said...

It’s amusing that the Franco-German alliance lectures us on tighter
integration when the reality is that all the individual states of Europe
detest each other, even the sub-states such as Scotland, England and
Wales, Belgian Walloons against the Flemish, Northern Italians against
the southerners. That aside, Salmond’s quasi-racist rants against the
English might not bode well for the ‘quality of life’ of Englishmen
living in his brave new world. Time will tell.

I’m pro independence because it hopefully means one less layer of
government, I’m in favour of small states and -perhaps- even further
devolution. The ‘Republic of Orkney & Shetland’ certainly has a nice
ring to it.

John Pickworth said...

"... has just handed Salmond the result on a plate"

My thoughts exactly when I first read this.

Toby said...


have a look at this... 

Legiron said...

Thanks, Toby - but they exclude 'published with contract' authors. I only have one published that way so far but it's enough to keep me out. I suppose the big publishers like to have exclusive access to their authors.

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