Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Olly is right. The authorities - not just the police- can't cope with random events.

They need order. They need predictability. That's why they try to force it on us all. If you have a pipe filled with bubble fluid and you sit with it in your mouth in a pub, you'll be told you can't smoke in there. The expected response is that you'll put it away. If you respond by blowing bubbles, you will not get an 'Oh, sorry'. They simply don't know what to do next. You've broken the expected sequence.

It's like the fun I have with Electrofag. Looks like the real thing but the look on their faces when you drop what appears to be a lit cigarette into your pocket, well, it's priceless. It's as if a polka-dotted elephant just strolled through a barn door that mysteriously appeared in the wall.

I'm not sure any organised event can be truly random but Olly is going to try it. It might work. Calls to complain about smoking from random pubs all over London could well prove chaotic enough to show just how rule-oriented the world has become.

Some rules we need. Most of the ones we have, we don't.


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Dick Puddlecote already caught that one.

The pill stops you smoking by stopping you breathing. Antismokers will be happy with that, it will save them money on the gas chambers.

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