Sunday 3 April 2011

Conspiracy vs. conspiracy.

The Daily Mail swaps sides faster than a pendulum. They can carry a story of a woman, often more than one, raped and then arrested under Sharia law and in the same issue they can claim that killings in Afghanistan are the fault of a book-burning guy in Florida.

Despite clear evidence that his actions have led to multiple murders and widespread violence in the Middle East, controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones has vowed to step up his provocative campaign against Islam.

He burns books. He cuts off no heads, he blows nobody up, he isn't even pouring weedkiller on live plants. As far as I know he has not even been responsible for a Chinese burn or a bruise to anyone's forearm. He's burned a few copies of a mass-produced book. The book's publishers will be delighted. They've sold those books and now they are out of circulation so anyone else wanting one will have to pay for a new one. If you want to buy my book and burn it, please, go ahead. Buy enough for a bonfire. If you burn 100 copies and send me the receipt, I'll send you a free copy and a box of matches. I promise to act offended and to 'tsk' when interviewed, and to do my best not to giggle.

Burning books harms nobody. Publishers simply print, and sell, more. As J.K Rowling discovered when the Bible Belt found out about Harry Potter, book burnings are fantastic publicity. They knock book signings into a cocked hat as far as media coverage goes, even if you do the book signing in the nude, drunk and smoking while made-up to look like a corner house in Swansea.

If you burned Bibles the Christians would be offended. If you burned the Bhagavad-Gita, Hindus would be offended. These groups, along with Jews and Buddhists and the others, would tut at you most ferociously but they aren't likely to cut your head off. Have you ever seen an enraged Church of England guy? He might give you tea with no sugar in it if you really, really push him to the limit. Then he'll apologise. If all religious people were like that, the world would be an easier place to live in. All you'd have to do is carry your own sugar.

To kill people who had nothing at all to do with the book-burning is not the act of the offended. It is the act of the totally and irredeemably insane. This is insanity beyond any hope of treatment, this is melt the key and brick up the doorway time. Someone on one side of the planet, obviously a bit of a fundamentalist, burns a book, and someone on the other side of the planet responds not by burning his holy book but by cutting a totally uninvolved person's head off. How the hell can anyone, even a Socialist, consider that in any way a rational response?

And how can the Daily Mail say that the fundamentalist Christian's admittedly insulting action makes him responsible for the lunatic response of people for whom 'fundamentalist' is far too small a word?

The Mail are in full Muslim mode today. They claim the EDL were all wearing burkas with the St. George's flag on them. There were 2000 EDL on that march, so how many did they photograph with the St. George's Burka?


In the other photos, almost every EDL member had no head covering at all. Not even a hat. Many don't even have hair. Apparently some banners had the Star of David on them, as if that could somehow be considered a Nazi symbol. Sometimes the hysteria bubbles just beneath the surface when you read this drivel and you start to wonder if every NHS hospital should have a Daily Mail ward for those who crack under the strain of the doublethink. Oh, and how many photos of Star of David banners? None.

There is a brief mention of the UAF being there and then talk of violence and arrests but the implication is that it's all down to the EDL. On past experience that seems unlikely.

I hold no special brief for the EDL but this is just biased reporting and the doublethink is mindbending. The EDL are associated with the far right, racism, antisemitism, holocaust denial and with the BNP and then they are carrying Jewish symbolism and all those things are bad? Help me out here, lefties. One of them wears a burka with a thin red cross on it once and that's evil, but thousands of Muslim women wear black coverings every day and that's good. Explain to me how that works, lefties.

Muslims in the Middle East burn flags and they burn politicians in effigy and we say 'Oh, those naughty people' and forget about it and that makes us evil. One American pastor burns some books and those naughty people go and kill a lot of people who had nothing at all to do with the book burnings and might even have opposed it, and they are justified. Come on, lefties, I know you're watching. One of you must have an answer to this.

If a Daily Mail journalist happens by, please hit yourself in the head with a brick until you decide which side you're on here. Do you want Sharia law or not? How can racists be carrying Jewish banners? How does one face covering mean that two thousand people are guilty? No hurry. Just keep hitting.

I mean, there's doublethink and then there's madness. I suspect the Mail has surpassed doublethink by quite a wide margin.

I know that not all Muslims are involved in this lunacy. However, they are all going to take the backlash of it. All Muslims will be blamed for the actions of the UAF and of the Taliban. All Muslims will become the target, not of the EDL who have very precise aims, but of the ordinary people whipped into a frenzy by the likes of the Daily Mail.

Muslims, listen to a smoker. You are in the process of being denormalised. It's not quite the same approach because smokers, drinkers, fat people and even Christians will not rise up and fight back. We are all being denormalised by gradual steps which we can, mostly, just slide around.

You, Muslims, are different. You shout and scream and threaten death and destruction and you blow things up and you demand 'rights' and you retaliate.

The authorities have a hard time with smokers. Tell us we can't smoke in a pub and we simply stop going to pubs and make alternative arrangements. We don't fight, we slide past the rules. We can hide in plain sight and we can appear and disappear at will. Christians simply don't wear a cross or keep it in their pocket, they don't really need it anyway. The authorities can't fight us if we don't fight them. They especially can't fight us if they can't find us.

Muslims, you have made yourselves easy targets for the denormalisation process. Burning poppies, blowing people up, cutting heads off, marching with demands such as 'free speech go to hell' and 'Sharia law for the UK' and the UAF and the Muslim Parliament that nobody voted for - you are walking straight into another version of the holocaust you pretend didn't happen. You fight, and that means they know what to do with you. They will set the people against you and that boast of 'two million Muslims in the UK'?

There are sixty million non-Muslims right next to you.

So sit back a while and think. You've been useful but they don't need you any more. Your rage is going to get a response and it is, indeed, a response that has been planned and calculated.

But not by you.


Anonymous said...

Here is a bit of Heresy for your blog; you don't have to post it, I wouldn't want to see your head removed. But I suspect you will find it humorous, even if the rhyme is a bit of a stretch:

Arabs like to kill each other for several months each year

Why the do this my poem will strive to make exactly clear

It’s cause they suck on camels’ nuts

And worship Mohamed’s ugly backside

They wear the clothing of a nun

Grow beards so long their brains fry.

They have no toilets

They’re poorer than shit

And once a year they spend a week staring

At a big black rock

They beg for death

And promised virgins coming forth

But when you blow yourself up in this world

In the next

You’ll have no cock

Anonymous said...

Hope you liked the poem. Tried to order your paperback; Barnes & Nobel, won't be available until April 6.

Danny said...

if the daily mail were a person he would live at the end of a very long country lane which would be lined at various points with anti-personnel mines. in the house he lives in the walls would be papered with an assortment of snapshots - everyone from jordan to david icke via roland rat - and there would be a coherent connection between each one that plainly identifies a trend indicitive of the continual breaking of broken britain...this man who is the daily mail personified would work himself into a tizzy every day without fail, randomly collating a mosiac of offensive iconography, the alchemical compounding of which serves as an affront to the middle-england hivemind that the daily mail claims to represent - but with each passing day the lather the daily mail man causes him to undergo an amnesiac turn and so at the beginning of each new day his fears, prejudices and alienation is sparked anew, leading him back to his wallpaper mosiac to compose another fearsome bi-line to pollute his subconscious with...

lilith said...

I read (sorry, can't remember where) that the locals said it had nothing to do with burning a Koran and everything to do with American soldiers killing Afghanis for sport.

Mike Spilligan said...

As a non-smoking libertarian, who loathes the fact that his smoking friends are treated as lepers, I drop by from time to time.
One thing that slightly irritates me (no greater than that) is the widespread dislike of the Daily Mail, even taken to the extreme of a hate-object. It doesn't have to "take sides" - it's what's known as putting alternative viewpoints. We can work out for ourselves which one we agree with; or we can agree with neither, too.
No, I don't read the latest on what colour knickers Katie whoever is wearing - I can quickly pass by on the other side. On the other hand the DM has a few good journalists (they do exist) and now even an excellent one in Iain Martin, who has recently signed up.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Lillith's probably right.

wv: slingleg

New sport?

Bucko said...

I attended that demo out of interest because it is local to me.
That article you linked to bears no resembelance to what actually happened.
There were some minor fights near the end but that was because tensions were high because the police kept everyone boxed in a small square for an hour.

Cynarae said...

If you were to buy 100 copies of your book for a bonfire would you then get a discount?

And really if the Daily Mail were a person it would be sitting in a panic room, sucking on his thumb holding a teddy whilst crying for mum.

Zaphod said...

All military vehicles should carry a copy of the Koran, and advertise the fact. "Koran on board".

No fundamentalist is gonna blow that up, surely? He has his soul to think of.

Anonymous said...


What a fab idea! The trouble is, that might result in fewer western military personnel being blown up, mightn’t it? And how on earth would the media whip everyone one up into a hateful anti-Muslim frenzy then?

Mark Wadsworth said...

"It is the act of the totally and irredeemably insane. This is insanity beyond any hope of treatment, this is melt the key and brick up the doorway time."


Anonymous said...

One thing that slightly irritates me (no greater than that) is the widespread dislike of the Daily Mail, even taken to the extreme of a hate-object.

Yeah, the Mail induces the same sort of derangement syndrome as any popular, right of centre person (Thatcher, Palin etc)

The real tragedy of the Mail isn't that it's so much worse than all of the other papers, but that the others are no better.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

I said as much on my blog back in February.

David Cameron had just made his speech in Germany of all places about Muslims integrating into western society, not long after Angela Merkel had raised more or less the same point in a speech she made.

Anonymous said...

What happens if I am reading the Quran and accidentally while turning the page a piece of it rips and falls to the floor? Would that then result in only one person being murdered as a consequence - or maybe if I scotch-tape it back into the book, then the only result will be somone gets punched around a little, but not actually killed as long as I watch my step and it doesn't happen again, huh.

George Speller said...

here's an idea:
some clever programmer should set up a website called - digital copies of The Bible etc reside on the server and can be shredded and deleted at will by visitors, whereupon a new copy is stored ready for the next customer. Any holy book can be proposed or uploaded and the stats of which ones get "burnt" are prominently displayed.Now that would get at the truth.

Little Black Sambo said...

Glenda Slagg writes many of the Mail articles. Use their own search engine to find "Red Meat". The results are hilarious.

Maturecheese said...

I normally don't object to the Daily Mail as it often prints what I agree with but this anti EDL nonsense has got me stumped. Anyone with a bit of common knows that it is the Leftys and Islamics in the guise of the UAF that causes the majority of the trouble at an EDL march. The UAF that is sponsored by God knows how many politicians and yet the msm never question what this bunch of tossers are about.

As for the coming backlash against the Muslims ( most of whom probably don't deserve it) I wouldn't hold your breath, we are too controlled and apathetic for that to happen.

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