Saturday, 2 April 2011

Another tradition ruined.

I've been looking for the traditional April Fool gags in the news. The trouble is, the news is so bloody weird these days, it's hard to spot the spoofs. Another tradition bites the dust.

Where is the joke? Is it the one where Mrs. Queen does a Marilyn Monroe impression? Or the seaside town arranging trips to the beach for its residents? The blind man, high on booze and drugs, who killed someone while joyriding?

How about the Gadfly's entire government fleeing to Britain, the country they're at war with and who are still seething over the release of the Magwai? Or the six police officers despatched to deal with no-crime who got stuck in a lift on the way up? How about the revelation that the Sarky Frog has an umbrella like the Penguin's from 'Batman'? Well, they are about the same height...

What about the increased state pension for everyone but the pensioners? That can't be serious. Neither can the idiotic notion that we are responsible for someone else's currency.

Unfortunately, all those stories sound real enough in the context of this mad world. So where's the spoof? I am certain the spoof story is this one.

Why? Because it's the only one that describes something we'd all actually be pleased to see happening. And that never happens in real life.

By this time next year it will be, once more, easy to spot the spoof news story for April 1st. It will be the only one that makes sense.


Anonymous said...

It's 'April' Fools Day every day in this country. Nothing to do with pranks, but reliant on the fact that most of the population have been trained to believe anything, any time....

'Word' synonyms for Fool (verb): trick, hoodwink, con, dupe, deceive, pull the wool over someone's eyes, bamboozle.

subrosa said...

Oh how I wish you hadn't highlighted the pension story. My blood pressure is, once again, pounding in my ears.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - it's gone into 'maniac day' every day lately!

SR - it's a neat trick they've pulled but they've missed something. Sure, they'll have some pensioners on teh new improved pension by the next election - but there'll be an awful lot of pensioners still on the old rate.

Not only will they not get the new rate, they'll see those around them who are. These same pensioners will, by then, have been castigated for smoking, drinking, using salt, eating butter... there'll be a lot of very angry voters next time.

I just hope they don't vote Labour.

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