Sunday, 10 April 2011

Keel the Cheeldren - For the Cheeldren!

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Stewart Cowan and Misanthrope Girl have both covered this well.

All I can add is that it's the final and perfect circle. For the sake of the childrens' future we all have to stop having children.

Doublethink at this level is going to have the Righteous spiralling into a black hole, with any luck.


Paul said...

Sick 'people'. It is this hateful sickness of anyone different from 'themselves' that is at the heart of Righteous thinking.

They would wipe everyone off the Earth apart from miserable, hateful, intolerant, regimented, joyless arseholes like themselves if they could.

We just need to find a way to mitigate their poisonous effect on the body politic.

MU said...

Oh, get a grip Paul, you whining cretin.

It's not a matter of righteousness. It's a matter of justified fear of being outbred by muslims who use immigration and demographic warfare to colonise new territory. The extreme majority of secular humanist/cultural christian middle englanders aren't bothered about having more than 2 kids anyway, but know us anglos are suffering race replacement (Even if they don't think in such unambigious terms).

Anglos are already a minority in texas and california, and this is the white western world waking up and smelling the coffee that all that lovely Diversity isn't as interested in Radio 4 and Cricket as they thought.

Most younger people are indoctrinate into denying race and heritage exists anyway and belong to the left to some degree, hence the Antifa fad amongst white suburban males, and so really, really aren't interested in anything other than empty nihilistic hedonism as a life path, with kids as an afterthought. Contrast this to our muslim friends who are directly commanded by Allah to have as many kids as possible. As far as I'm concerned those daily mail readers are a lot bloody wiser than most people give them credit for, picking the "Stop the diversity having babies" option over the "Try to get the kids to have more babies."

Before I get shouted down as a nazi by any passing leftists, I mention these things because individual rights and championing freedom for the individual is uniquely a white european, judeo-christian invention, and cannot ever be derived from islam or backwards sub-saharans. This support for birth restrictions is one of the few tremors of a much needed ethnonationalist revival which will stop England from permanently slipping into the hands of deranged islamists.

Stewart Cowan said...


I think you have this the wrong way round for these major reasons:

a) Try telling Muslims they are only allowed two children and watch the reaction.

b) The native British population is already in decline due to the success of social engineering projects like “Family Planning.” Actually legislating for "two's plenty" will see a further decline, and because of this…

c) Replacement migration to Europe (i.e. to prevent the total population decline) which is on average about 2 million per year will have to increase, or…

d) There will be such an imbalance in the age of the population that:
(i) Those who are employed will hand over most of their earnings in tax, and/or,
(ii) People will never be able to afford to retire, and/or
(iii) There will be no money and no people to look after the old and sick so they will get bumped off. Today it’s called euthanasia or assisted suicide. Further down the line it could be given another fancy title to make it sound like it is acceptable and socially responsible.

e) If the fertility rate falls below a certain threshold then extinction is inevitable.

Basically, then, unless the Brits, Europeans and North Americans put family and children before hedonism, we’re finished.

Hedonism and decadence destroy empires. It’s happening to us right now.

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