Friday, 22 April 2011

Baby photos.

Aren't they sweet? As is normal with babies, I'll wait until they grow big, rip off their limbs, dry and cure them and then burn them and inhale the smoke. For now, they are just adorable, aren't they? Just imagine, by the time they've grown, the whole world will be absolutely terrified of them.

This must be how Dr. Frankenstein felt.


winston said...

The baby in the centre seems to be leaning over in distress. You've not been smoking near to it have you LI ?

Anonymous said...

This is off your topic, Legiron, but I hope that you do not mind.

Philip Morris has opened a website in Australia for the defence of smokers. The URL is:

Here is a copy of a comment that I have just posted on Frank Davis's site:

""I too was surprised that comments were limited, but then I thought that, if the site is a success, there could be tens of thousands all talking to no purpose. As it happens, I have just been over there again and clicked on LATEST NEWS. Two of the four items were newspaper articles on which one could comment. Perhaps Philip Morris's idea is to point out these articles for 'members' of the PM site to comment on.

I looked at the comments on the two articles and was amazed at the overwhelming numerical superiority of anti-smoking comments. On one of the articles (about plain packaging), of 132 comments, only 4 were against the idea. The other article (re smoking in the open air) also was very anti-smoker - the hatred was palpable.

Being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, the thought crossed my mind that ASH (or the AU equivalent) is aware of this Philip Morris site and is deliberately targeting any article mentioned on the site. Certainly, the comments there bear no relation to our experience in the UK where opinion is prominently against the Nanny State. Also, the ignorance of facts as regards SHS was astonishing.

I tried a little detective work on the comments and found that on the article with 132 comments, the vast majority started to pour in at 4pm and then abruptly ceased at 7pm. Very few comments were made after that. The last comment there, a few days later, was the one which referred to their being 132 comments and only 4 which supported the author of the article.

I am going to go back there everyday, check the LATEST NEWS and kick butt – hit them with facts and call the ‘stinkers’ rotten. I think that we should all do it. The URL for the Aussie site again is:

I’m going to copy this comment to other sites, Frank – Leg Iron and co. I think we should wake the Aussies up a bit.""

I think that the idea is clear.

Leg-iron said...

Winston - no, I haven't. They've been under a propagator lid until now so have not been able to experience smoke. I will rectify that oversight tomorrow.

That should perk it up a bit.

Leg-iron said...

Junican - the Spaminator caught you too. I'm beginning to wonder if the Dreadful Arnott designed it.

You're not off topic. Those are tobacco seedlings.

Yes, ASH and others use drones for comments. Look at the tone and structure of their writing. No individual thought, just the 'party line' regurgitated. No thought at all, in most cases. They haven't even bothered to reword the lines they've been given.

All the 'personal experiences' are basically the same. All the objections are the same spiteful vitriol regurgitated. A spambot could do a better job.

As for Philip Morris deciding which comments they'll allow, why not?

The antismokers have been doing that for years.

I'll come back to this on the other side of defragmentation. I hope!

Smoking Hot said...

JJ ... l think you'll find that the newspaper comments are heavily moderated in favour of the anti-smokers. 132 comments ... 4 against? ... with a link to the article from the Morris website?

Smell a rat? ... well, rats really.

Smoking Hot said...

Duh! Junican ... not JJ

JuliaM said...

That reminds me, I've got planting to do over Easter!

The usual crop of peppers and chillis for the school bazaar in July, salad leaves for us, and this year I've got some Thai basil seeds I want to try.

Anonymous said...

When these boys and girls are old enough to go out into the big bad world you are surely in for a big surprise.
'Slugs are little slimy Satans who will eat a little bit off each plant rather than get together and obliterate just one' does not apply to these.
In over 40 years of gardening I have never seen such demolition of one type of plant before. All leaves, stalks will go to such an extent you may well doubt where you planted them. Good luck.

George Speller said...

After about 5 weeks my seedlings are turning into really big boys. Soon I'll send them to their new home in the new greenhouse. They are very fond of Radio 3 and enjoy being talked to. Their final resting place is ready, having been prepared with a mildly expensive rotavator. Slug control will be a priority. Hmmm time to make the next tax free brew think.

Woodsy42 said...

Mine are a week or so ahead of yours and just ready to be planted out this weekend.
Incidentally for next year, those transparent clamshell packs supermarkets use for cakes and stuff make excellent seed propogators.

Anonymous said...

Slugs do attack them viciously when the plants are young, so I just keep them under glass, potting them on until they fill a 3inch pot, they are a lot tougher then but still vulnerable.

For the tubs I put them out at that size, but for the back of the herbaceous border I carry on potting up to 5 inch.

Using a few precautionary slug pellets until they are about 3/4 grown then they are tough enough to look after themselves.
Or in my garden at least.

With such a fearsome reputation, I thought at first that they wouldn't need protecting, but year after year, they flatly refuse to kill anything, bees love them and butterflies use the leaves for sunbathing.

Good luck.


James Higham said...

SF never ends.

Anonymous said...


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