Monday, 4 April 2011


I am confused. The book isn't out officially until the 7th. It's already listed on amazon. com, on and on Barnes and Noble. Well, okay, release dates can be a little malleable.

However, now list it as available, two new and... two used.

Used? It's not out yet and there are used copies available?

Furthermore, if you search for 'Jessica's Trap' on, it's the sixth item. Above it is a song called 'Trap' by Jessica de Rooij and a children's book with 'trap' in the title written by Jessica someone. Well, fair enough, they fit the search criteria.

But the other three items are a flea killer, refills for it, and a rodent repeller. Huh?

I might call the next one 'Rat flea killer'. Captain Beefheart would have approved.


subrosa said...

Promotion is nearly complete, but I've held back some bookmarks so as I can place them in each library book I return over the next few weeks.

There's nothing more irritating than reading a library book in bed and something falling out of it. :)

JuliaM said...

Capital idea, Subrosa!

"Used? It's not out yet and there are used copies available?"

Are they maybe review copies?

PT Barnum said...

JuliaM is right. Review copies (which can go out with different covers and some uncorrected errors) are often released to likely suspects (mostly newspapers and magazines) up to 6 weeks ahead of the official publication date. And the reviewers now carry them off for resale if they so wish. Before ebay and amazon they tended to go to charity shops unless the reviewer coveted it. Ah, the brutal world of putting the fruits of your mind out there for people to review...

Amusing Bunni said...

You're famous already, and used too!
Good luck with the Book LI.

Leg-iron said...

Bunni - oh, I feel so used!

PTB/Julia - nope, they are from print-on-demand sites. I'm trying to find out whether they are publisher-approved.

Wow, even JK Rowling wasn't pirated even before her first book came out. If that's the case, I'll be amazed.

SR - thanks, and thanks for the idea. I can take books out of the library just to return them with ads inside.

Well, while we still have a library...

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