Wednesday 3 November 2010

TEA party.

Two for the price of one. That white faced guitarist still gives me the creeps after all these years. If he was a teacher, we wouldn't have any discipline problems in schools.

The Telegraph has a real-time map showing what's happening in the American elections. Apparently two of the 'TEA party' candidates have won already.

I haven't said anything about the TEA party because I don't understand what it is. It seems to be not a party, but a sub-party of the Republicans. Sort of like the Blur's 'New Labour' or the Cameroid's 'Blue Labour'. I remember hearing about one of their candidates who wanted to ban masturbation and who believed science had cross-bred humans and mice, and I remember thinking 'well, every tea party needs one Mad Hatter'. I also remember thinking 'I wouldn't vote for that crackpot'. It seems few people did.

It's not Libertarian. It talks of less tax and more freedom but also of more controls and more laws. It's some kind of hideous chimeric freak with Thatcher's face on one side of its head and a Blurry-Brown face on the other. I don't know what it is. I suppose the Americans do and have decided whether to vote for it or not. At least, the machines they delegate their votes to have decided. I wonder if they won in Boston?

(Update: No, they didn't. Massachusetts isn't in this voting round.)

Currently it looks like the Republicans are on the rise. Not that it will make one tiny scrap of difference, just as it didn't here. I suspect that America will wake to find the new truth of a very old saying in the morning.

'It doesn't matter who you vote for, the Government always gets in'.


JuliaM said...

Agreed, but the massive slap in the face Obama just took is still worth celebrating...

Anonymous said...

I know so many republicans that are cheering on this development while I’m trying to tell them that nothing, absolutely nothing, will change. Republicans want more surveillance, not less; they want more money to the military, not less. A few tax-cuts won’t help anything, probably only make things worse since no-one wants to cut expenditures. Also, seen how markets and pundits usually reacts to conflicting votes and a harder time for either side to get anything done, it’s probably for the worse in that regard as well. America is going down the crapper and is about to have the biggest economic depression of all time. A couple of more big-state neo-cons that loved the warmongering W-chimp won’t change a thing.

Holl said...

Ahh, SAHB. I've still got the album somewhere that the song came from (SAHB Stories, I think it was) and the live album, on vinyl of course.

Zal Cleminson was the clown faced guitarist. Wonder what he's doing now? I don't suppose he became a blogger?

Such a shame that Alex shuffled off this mortal coil at a youngish age. Although he lasted longer than his brother Les (Stone the Crows with Maggie Bell as vocalist, she who did the 'Hazel' theme). I think both died on stage (more or less), Alex from a heart attack and Les electrocuted.

As to the actual Tea Party (shouldn't that be Tea Party Party?) or are they the party of tea? I think the Americans are deluded if they think things are going to get better with the Reps.

This is a colossal abyss we're all speeding toward. Hold on tight for the ride of your life.

Stewart Cowan said...

Or... It doesn't matter who you vote for, the Demopublicans always get in.

The Lizard King said...

Hello Legiron,

Its all getting a tad hysterical in the US and the nutjobs are getting all the attention,the increasingly desperate Americans are hurtling down the slippery shit slope towards third world status and no one knows how the brake works,its every man/woman for themselves.

I bet Obama wishes he hadn`t bothered,still they can always bomb Iran,that`ll cheer em up...


I am Stan said...

Tea!.... at a Party?,no wonder they`re all going bonkers!

Anonymous said...

" .... every tea party needs one Mad Hatter."

Like you, Leggy, I don’t really understand what this Tea Party lot are all about,and they certainly don’t sound like a very sane and sensible lot. But I think that when large swathes of any population have one or two over-riding concerns about any issue but are repeatedly and robustly ignored by those in power, their worries increase to such an extent that there becomes an element of “any port in a storm” in their voting habits. The large numbers of people voting for both UKIP and the BNP in our last elections – much downplayed, of course, by our tame mainstream media – was in no small part a signal of the very deep concern which people in this country have about (a) the EU and (b) immigration.

In fact, in the wake of the start of Britain’s sell-off of our national defences (slice of salami, anyone?) through our new touchy-feely “entente cordiale” with the French (who, let’s be honest, dislike us as much as we dislike them), I’ve found myself thinking that I’d be prepared to stand behind anyone, no matter how odious or repulsive or objectionable, and no matter how much I disliked each and every one of their other policies, if they would only promise to get us out of the EU and allow us to govern ourselves again, in the way that suits us.

And for those people who say “But the world has changed – we couldn’t survive on our own any more,” my answer, apart from thinking that this is simply incorrect, is that, even if they are right, I’m now at the point where I’d rather we as a country failed on our own terms and by our own hand than simply “got by” as the poor relation in a larger group of mainly self-interested others, as we are doing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it, you Brits are washed up in a pile of refuse on a beach fulla shit. You hate us, each other, and most of all yourselves. What a sad collection of inbred cretins ya’al are without the third world to loot from. Your chickens have come home to roost.

smokervoter said...

She lost.

What's up with Bloggers unchangeable little, tiny comments window? Google's massive genius at work, I guess. My link got truncated by it the other day. Just in case anyone's interested.

Our new Speaker of the House:

John Boehner

Some quick teasers: ...That's when Boehner's banged-up campaign bus rolled into town. "The door opens and this huge cloud of smoke comes winging out of the bus..."

"He wears most of his foibles on his sleeve," says former aide Holt.
"He enjoys a glass of wine. He smokes. He's a hopeless schmoozer. He enjoys golf."

While the Capitol is officially smoke free, Boehner still smokes in his

Anonymous said...

Taxed Enough Already party.

Stewart Cowan said...

Anonymous 20:54 - That's true, we Brits have been "washed up in a pile of refuse on a beach fulla...".

Yours (I presume you're an American) has been as well. By design. We have been made to "hate each other" due to a programme of mass immigration, devolution and the PC agenda - divide and rule politics.

We have Muslims calling for the death of Britain; in the USA, you have racist Hispanic groups like La Raza calling for death to white people and plotting to make the southern and western states part of Mexico.

The US administration that planned 9/11 (their "New Pearl Harbor") was a pretext to go to war in Afghanistan and to trash the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Naturally, the EU's UK puppet government has gone the same way: everyone is potentially a terrorist here as there.

Some of your police departments have been told that patriots and homes-schoolers are a threat to the USA. Pocket Constitutions have been confiscated from people's cars.

Your currency is a joke, like ours. Neither can compete with the Euro, which is also a joke.

Your national debt is a national disgrace and a threat to your survival, as is ours.

Your infrastructure is being given away to European, Far Eastern and Arab companies to hasten your destruction.

I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you.

P.S. I don't hate Americans - I want you and us to be successful, strong and free.

Leg-iron said...

JuliaM - it's always good to see an over-cocky leader brought down to earth.

We could do with something like that here. An elected House of Lords would mean the current government couldnt just load it with their pals.

They could still make whoever they liked a Lord, but getting that new Lord into the house would have to be voted on.

Leg-iron said...

Apocalypse Nowish - it no longer matters which side gets in. They all think they own us.

Leg-iron said...

Holl - you aren't thinking what I'm thinking - the guitarist put on weight and filed his teeth sharp, then became a blogger? Scary.

Stewart - next year's voting forms will have one box - 'Government'.

Voting will be compulsory and if you don't vote you will be assumed to have voted anyway. Then shot for carrying a toner cartridge home from the shops.

Leg-iron said...

Lizard king/Anon 18:48 - it's true that in crazy times, crazy people get into power.

We're not too far off the conditions Hitler used to get into power, or Pol Pot, or any of the rest of the nutjobs who promised to 'fix things for the people'.

If they still taught history in schools, someone might have noticed.

Leg-iron said...

Stan - if they called it the 'whisky and smoking party' they'd have had my vote!

Leg-iron said...

Anon 20:54 - What an amazing mind you have. So much hate in so little space.

Leg-iron said...

Smokervoter - someone said that the Republican whips will find this new intake like 'herding cats'.

I hope so. That's how it should be. They are supposed to represent the people who voted for them, not those who want to crap on the people who voted for them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:54,

Many thanks for pointing out so succinctly how the so-called “special relationship” is and always has been a myth. This country has been sucked dry by its so-called “friends” the Americans since WWII. The one thing we Brits can’t stand is hypocrisy – the open enemy who declares their distaste is infinitely preferable to the cheesy artificial grins of the likes of Barry O’Blimey which serve to detract from the daggers hidden up their sleeves. Oh well – at least you’re being honest about it now. But the US is far closer to falling on its own sword than the UK is – and believe me the UK isn’t far at all, which gives you an idea of how bad things really are in the good ol’ US of A. Now that your own personal trashyard of Latin America is getting wise to your antics and starting to close up the gates and look out for itself you too may discover that all countries reap, eventually, what they sow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Leg-Iron.

The Tea Partiers are for lower taxes, small government, the rule of law and freedom (based on the constitution and common law).

They will have to be very hardy characters if they are to avoid being infected by the slime that infests Washington. I hope they succeed.

With many of the marginal states still to declare, there is much talk of vote-rigging going on.

For instance, Harry Reid is accused of stealing the Nevada Senate seat from Sharron Angle, and I'm inclined to believe it - Reid is a slithering sort of the same species as Mandslime.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Leggy! I think the Tea Party is great, it is a movement that can't be defined, because it is not the "old boys" political network. Their success turned around the elections this time. The D's & R's are still pretty much the same, but the D's are commie jerks, and any R that can take votes away from them is AOK in my book.

PS: Thanks for that FUNNY vid! I had not seen it.
I approved from Blogger, but it didn't show up on my comment thingy, so I posted for you.
Have a fun weekend.

Zaphod said...

I want to like the Tea Party, but they sound like irredeemable bigots.

Surely it's possible to oppose big government without being narrow-minded, blinkered, and racist?

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