Thursday 11 November 2010

Blood in the water.

I can just about remember 'To Miss with Love', the teacher blog run by Miss Snuffy. She was silenced soon after I developed an interest in politics.

I admit it took me some time to realise that the teacher who pointed out the dire state of education, Katharine Birbalsingh, was one and the same. That blogger bite stays with you, it seems. Now that she has been relieved of her education duties for the heinous crime of telling the truth, she is free to blog again and is doing so on the Telegraph site. She's also on Twitter but I don't have an account there. 140 characters? Me? That's not even enough to say hello.

So she is speaking out again and there are those who don't like it. Once more, the tactics of the Righteous are brought to bear. Oh, they are so novel and inventive in their approach.

In the Grauniad, Fiona Millar uses the tried and tested 'she is in the pay of the opposition' technique (cf. anti-climatologists are all in the pay of big oil, all who object to the smoking ban are in the pay of big tobacco, and so on). Then the 'the opposition is wrong' approach (cf. pubs are not closing, heart attack rates are going down, the freezing weather is evidence of global warming and so on).

This time, Mrs. Spindoctor's words are not simply accepted. Her target does not cower and hide. Miss Snuffy is no longer employed as a teacher and unless things change, won't be. She knows it. Poor Mrs. Darth Campbell doesn't. She thinks she can still browbeat those who have nothing to lose. Nobody has any hold over Miss Snuffy now. She can't be fired - it's already been done. State schools will be pressured into not giving her a job, she must know this, so she has no reason to cower before a State that has already brushed her aside. Private schools might take her on and they'd be getting a good teacher if they did. Even if she does remind this oldie of Crystal Tipps.

The hysteria with which these techniques are now being applied, in all Righteous programmes with no subtlety or any attempt to hide their identical nature, is wonderful to see. It's unravelling fast now and there is Righteous blood in the water. Even the EU's Remploy van is showing signs of panic. People are pointing at fat-control programmes and saying 'That's what they said about smokers'. They point at 'she is in the pay of the Tories' and say 'That's just like what they say about the AntiClimatoligists and the smokers and the booze supporters and...'

The cracks widen by the day. The fall of the Inquisition was fast. The fall of the Witchfinder was fast. Even Hitler's Nazi Righteous fell in a few years and if they hadn't had those really cool tanks, they'd have fallen faster. When they go, it's an implosion and it takes only a few years.

Don't get complacent. These things are dangerous when wounded. They will attempt to take as many with them as they can.

And they are never completely eradicated. They'll be back.

(PS. Ms. Burbalsingh's book is out next April. That's a bugger. She'll outsell me by miles).


Anonymous said...

Leggy, you’ve forgotten another tactic which they always end up resorting to, but which has put in an extra-early appearance here – personal insult, either of the “smokers stink” variety or, as used here, the bitchy “you’re only attracting attention because you’re good-looking.” I quote:

“They emerge from nowhere; catch the media’s attention, often because of the way they look. Would she have made the same impact if she had been white and middle aged?” (emphasis mine)

Quite apart from the fact that Ms Millar is herself not a bad-looking girl and thus could easily apply the same comments to herself, the really encouraging thing is that this is usually a very last-resort tactic, to be used only after all the others you mention have been roundly disproved by reality itself or they’ve used them so often that no-one’s listening any more. The fact that Ms Millar has added this one in for good measure in her first attack on Miss Snuffy, rather than holding it in reserve for a later one, is indeed a measure of the desperate straits which the Righteous now know they are in.

Long may it continue. I shall greatly enjoy watching their inevitable demise.

Leg-iron said...

Ah, you miss the nuance of Mrs. Campbell's line there. When she refers to 'getting attention because of the way they look' she is referring to skin colour. These cheeky darkies are getting above their station! Her intent is clear in the next line - 'if she had been white and middle aged...'

The Righteous have made pets of Asian and black people and the one thing that irritates them more than we honkies is when their pets stand up and say 'hang on a minute...'

Ms Burbalsingh has to face up to racists on both sides and that, whichever way you look at it, is brave indeed. The Klansmen won't accept her and the Righteous have disowned her.

On the other hand, she is now in an unassailable position. Nobody can tell her how to act or how to think.

I hope she makes good use of it.

banned said...

Katherines Telegraph blog added to favorites, ta.

From The Daily Mail
"Herman Van Rompuy went on to denounce Eurosceptism as the greatest threat to peace."

So we Eurosceptics are denormalised, in the familiar way, as a Threat To Peace to be targeted, vilified and punished; thus leading down the road back to Treblinka or the gulag.

Any chance of James Delingpole or Nigel suing the twat for accusing them of being a "threat to peace" just for holding a contrary view?

JuliaM said...

"She's also on Twitter but I don't have an account there. 140 characters? Me? That's not even enough to say hello."

That's what I first thought. Until I joined.

It's....different. It requires you to be more pithy and succinct. But once you get the hang of it, it's a very, very useful addition to a blogger's quiver.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget van whatshisname statement during his speech. I can't be arsed looking up the exact words but the sentiment was;

Nationalists / Eurosceptics (patriots) are not mistaken, they are liars.

Nice, he must be worried.

George Speller said...

If the righteous are falling apart it would help if outfits like ASH were always described as "the now discredited ASH" - I do this, and it's surprising how easily people accept this little ploy.

John said...

Obo could get his message across on Twitter in just 4 characters!

microdave said...

Sorry if this is somewhat off topic, but cracks are appearing in other areas. I noticed the following in a newspaper report of the London protests:

One senior serving officer said: "At street level you have policemen being reluctant to be filmed even lawfully striking at protesters."

Another officer said: "We are being constantly filmed and the attitude now is that we don’t want to be hauled in front of a judge for doing our jobs so tread softly unless you really, really have to."

Nice to see that they have had enough of being watched 24/7....

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn I read a piece on Old Holborn's site before the student protest which was pro-protest and anti-state. It seems to have disappeared. How odd.

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