Friday 19 November 2010

Hold on now. Dat can't be roight.

It appears that the Irish have noticed something. All that fighting to take Eire out of English control, and all those years of independence have just vanished faster than a pack of cigarettes at an ASH conference. Just as silently and just as completely. While you nipped outside for a smoke, Seamus, while you were at that IRA meeting, Paddy, they stole your country.

There is no point trying to take back Northern Ireland from the English. They don't own it any more. They don't even own England any more, nor do the Scots own Scotland, the Welsh own Wales or you folk own Ireland.

Wondering how this happened? Well, take a look at this press release from the EU concerning that referendum you voted on. It explains everything -


That's why you no longer control your borders or your money. Think it's bad so far?

Wait until the EU police take over from the Garda.

(Updated to include the link. I really shouldn't leave this so late.)


joe said...

This buisness with the Irish economy, bailout and total surrender to the EU by the Irish doe's have a sense of irony about it...where are the provo's when you need them,hey?Ireland is now totally controlled by Europe,and it happened in a matter of years not decade's.

montague said...

Yes but it's the bankers who really run the show..!

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