Sunday 7 November 2010

More child abuse.

If you have children, you can set dogs on them, snap their spines and do all sorts of evil things and the SS will overlook it.

If you actually care about those children and you once, just once, have an argument (not involving the children at all), you can say goodbye to those children and to any future offspring.

Unless you get the hell out of here.

Meanwhile, back in Britain, The Sun and ITV’s This Morning were celebrating National Adoption Week by advertising a row of available children, complete with names and winsome pictures.

The Pet Shop is open. Just don't ask how they were captured.

Don't have children in this country unless you are prepared to abuse them properly yourself. If you don't, the State will take them from you and give them to someone who will.

The parents were only allowed contact with their daughter in a filthy little “contact room” in the local social services office. As is usual, the parents were told that if they showed any emotion their contact would be stopped.

This matches exactly the experiences of the parents of the stolen child I've talked about from Smoky-Drinky evenings. They have to meet their own child (who shows no sign of abuse) under supervision, and if they get at all emotional about that, no more visits.

Even to a callous sod like me, that's cold. I know I'm not sympathetic and have little to no compassion. I can't even find it in me to commiserate with the bereaved. Don't know how - dead is dead, forget about them. Yes, I was once in trouble for sending a 'sorry to hear you're dead' card and still don't see what all the fuss was about. I also don't like children at all. But this - this even penetrates my thorny hide.

I'm starting to wonder about David Icke's ideas. The treatment meted out by officialdom on to the rest of us does indeed seem to come from a different species.

But then, not even reptiles are this cold-blooded.

Update: I refer here to children who have not been abused by anyone but the State. Subrosa speaks of children who have been genuinely abused, first by cracked adults, and then by the State.

If I were offered the chance to be a child again, I'd decline.


Danny said...

totally on the same page with you here. was going to cite brooker at the telegraph before i checked the link.

it was icke's site that made me aware of these cases and brooker's investigations. believe it or not, the likes of icke and jeff rense source a great deal (most) of their material from the main stream media press outlets. i think the fact they put their own spin on the mainstream news stories is what attracts so much controversy for them.

it is icke's opinion that the social services are riddled with 'satanic cultists' who want to abduct children from upstanding parents and give them over to paedophile rings operating with and among same 'satanic cultists'.

when you think about the cases brought against some parents as justification for taking away their children you realise quickly enough that these are scant excuses and you thus wonder what the real reasons are for said childrens' abductions.

not that i like children either. saying that i don't like marmite, but i wouldn't take it off someone that really did due to trumped up charges that they smoked round it or opted for home schooling over the mainstream state variety.

Anonymous said...

Having read several of Icke’s books many years ago, and thought “Hmm, that’s quite interesting” about most of it, and “Woah! I think he’s taking things a bit far, here” to some bits, it’s rather scary to re-read some of them now and to realise how many of the “Woah!” bits have actually happened. I’m even starting to wonder now about the lizard theory – the bit which I had the most trouble taking on board as a valid theory. So many of the “out of the question” predictions that he made years ago have now happened that it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if we don’t start seeing them fully revealed in all their green glory in the next few years ……..

George Speller said...

I read Booker's column with increasing horror. . . . . this world is sick enough already without state-condoned kidnapping.

banned said...

Booker has been banging on about this for a while within the constraints of the whole process being gagged.

As an adoptee I am pleased to report that I was brought up in a happy childrens home (1960s) not staffed by perverts or sadists and given away to a normal (if somewhat conventional) couple aged 9+3/4.

That was a religious foundation but it was not dominated by Religion whose only input was Church on Sunday mornings and 'grace' before meals but it did no lasting harm.

I don't ever once recall seeing a Social Worker or ever having "councelling". The only outside intervention that I remember was a private meeting with a Judge In Chambers (@RCJ)to confirm that I really did agree to be given away to those fine people (R.I.P.).

That happy home has now closed because of Social Service insistance that children be given away to homosexuals and intergendered persons.

Katabasis said...

Anna Raccoon's archives on Court of Protection issues are now back online and well worth reading in this context.

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