Saturday 13 November 2010

Linking and drinking.

Smoky-Drinky night, so here's a mixed bag of links for the evening.

It seems the Libertarian party is not free to choose its own leader unless the Government approves. Yes, you can now only be Libertarian with Government permission. I can't help feeling the Government has slightly missed the point.

Minimum pricing on booze was hailed by the Ban Brigade as a great thing. I wonder how they feel about minimum pricing on food?

There is an I Am Spartacus campaign on Twitter, in which many people are repeating the 'airport bomb' joke to see if the police and courts can fine them all. Because you see, a joke about blowing up an airport will cause alarm even if there is no evidence of intent.

On the other hand, you can post online that you have the deliberate intent to kill a smoker and call for everyone to go out and beat up smokers. That, it seems, is not covered by the 'hate speech' laws because it's Government-approved hate. Isn't that right, Mr. Clegg?

If you are an antismoker, you are also allowed to publish deliberate lies in order to demonise a particular group of people who have done you no harm. That's not illegal either because those are Government-approved lies. Isn't that right, Mr. Clegg?

There's no point reporting the antismoker hatred to the police. It's not illegal to hate those the Government has declared denormalised. Just ask Mr. Clegg.

Besides, the police are going to be busy stopping every car they see, in order to catch someone not breaking a law and then fine them for it, if ACPO get their way.

Right. Off out to smoke and drink and maybe pick up some chocolate on the way. If I manage to get back without being killed by a rabid antismoker, antidrinker or antichoc maniac I'll probably have something else to write about.

Unless I get arrested for writing in the meantime. It'll soon be illegal to be literate because it's 'elitist', and because the majority won't be and will therefore vote to ban it.


Anonymous said...

Just (23:30) got back from a magnificent D-S here. About 30 in attendance, nice and warm inside (smoky too) but cold and windy outside.
Sobriety was not much in evidence.
Got to go to sleep now.
Islay malt is irresistible!

banned said...

Nice links ta, somewhat o/t but it is smoky drinky evening.

I just watched an episode from series 2 of Spooks,which has splendid scenes showing folks relaxing in pubs drinking and smoking.
In another scene the Spooks run into a suspected Terrorist Internet Cafe, one shouts "listen everybody!! The is BLUE asbestos in THIS building, everybody out NOW!!!
All the sheeple scream and run around waving their hands in the air, having duly scared the public, and viewers, the spooks were then able to begin their forensics.

subrosa said...

I do hope you remembered it was dark chocolate LI. You'd have to eat pounds of Cadburys to get the effect because it contains 'around 20% cocoa solids' compared with around 50+ for dark.


Amusing Bunni said...

I hope your evening was fun and none of the nannies nicked you for doing all the fun activies, Leg Iron.

Your last paragraph was very funny, but also probably true. If we write above a kindergarden level, we will be banned. All the masses are jealous and too busy watching "idol" to read.

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - big fan of 'proper' chocolate here. Undiluted by milk.

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