Sunday 7 November 2010


It's Dick Puddlecote's fault. I have spent hours following the entertaining drama unfolding via this link.

So, despite getting the tip on this last night, it's covered already. If your MP was one of those who voted against the smoking ban amendment recently, make it known that he or she did this because they like to drive past pubs in winter and laugh at the smokers shivering outside. Make it known to those smokers and their friends. If any antismokers mention compromise, remind them that we have repeatedly tried that. Their champions like to laugh at smokers dying of hypothermia and they wish us to lose our extremities to frostbite. They think it's funny. Oh, and they also want more pubs shut down. Yours is next.

At Smoky-Drinky last night, there were still some SNP supporters who believed that Al the Oily Fish would never go as far as a ban on smoking in private cars. Oh really? Just as that smoking ban was supposed to only apply to places that served food? Just as only those places more than 50% enclosed would ban smoking, even though here, in Oily Al's own constituency, bus stops with no sides have 'no smoking' signs in them? Their minds are changing. Oily Al, you are another two votes down for next time. I did that. I will continue to do it, because of what you are doing to me. Two here, two there, they add up, you know. We're not just talking about small circles either. I can speak Chav, innit mon?

Neither the Lib Dems nor Labour need cheer. At Smoky-Drinky, you have already been demolished even harder than the Greens. The only reason the Tories have had a light ride so far is that they have no voters here anyway.

I had a book to review today which was a belter. Amazon list it as 'out of print' in the US and 'out of stock' in the UK even though it only came out in September. I don't know how they work with small publishers, and I've never understood why they list books they can't supply. That review will be done tomorrow. It'll go to the online magazine that asked for it so I can't post it here. I'll link when it comes up. Is it good? I finished it in one sitting. Is it cheap? No. Small press books never are. £7.99 for 120 pages is steep, but it's a damn good yarn if you like your tales weird and it's post-free in the UK. Anyway, that's all my problem (except my copy was free anyway because I'm a reviewer).

Between that book, the day-job and the Puddlecote Distraction, I am out of wakeyness for the evening.

Time to catch up on that sleep thing.


JuliaM said...

"At Smoky-Drinky last night, there were still some SNP supporters who believed that Al the Oily Fish would never go as far as a ban on smoking in private cars. "


These people are like Charlie Brown, forever thinking that this time, this time, they will be able to kick that ball.

But no, Lucy whips it away at the last minute every time....

Anonymous said...

And of course the inevitable:

Anonymous said...

The ban try-out for the UK was championed by Gauliter McConnell ("my greatest achievement"), enthusiastically promoted by Reich health minister Andy Kerr, and all kicked off by uberturd Stuart Maxwell's private bill.

A triptych of idiotic zealots.

Leg-iron said...

JuliaM - sometimes it feels like banging your head on a wall. So many people just accept each new restriction and won't see that, bit by bit, they are turning into slaves.

They genuinely don't remember what life was like last week, never mind twenty years ago.

'Liberate' them? How? They don't even see the cage.

Leg-iron said...

Anon1 - one of the best versions ever, I'd say.

Leg-iron said...

Anon2 - Legislation produced by idiots, passed by idiots, enforced by morons.

And accepted by sheep.

banned said...
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banned said...

^ deleted for ammendment
Don't forget folks that "no smoking signs in bus stops with no sides" are UNLAWFUL.

On a brighter note I have been thinking of taking a brake in Amsterdam, again, for a while; this happy news will spur me on to boosting their tourist trade with a few evenings with geneva and a smoke.

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