Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Imagine God has an assembly line churning out humans. He's bound to get the odd reject. A mis-shape, a rather too deranged one, a totally useless one. There'd be a proportion of rejects depending on the production method so the number of rejects will increase, in proportion, with any increase in production.

As the world population swells, he's going to need a bigger reject bin.

He used to put a lot of them in our local pub. It's not the only reject bin, I'm sure there are many, but this pub is certainly one of them. There isn't a normal body shape in there. Last night, watching one of the women dancing while mouthing the words to 'I feel like a woman', I was forced to conclude that she didn't much look like one. If Bella Emberg frequented that pub, she'd be classed as a hotty. As an aside, I notice that the ugly women always have vast boobs. Not just big. Vast. Some of them could hide a bicycle in there. You could replace a dairy herd with just three of these women. It must be some sort of consolation prize they get awarded to distract attention from their faces.

This pub is a mis-shapes bin. There aren't many psychotic or totally useless in there, other than those who are an odd shape and have extra defects on top. There are other pubs where the psychos gather and whenever I identify such a place, I avoid it. Mis-shapes should never, ever visit psycho pubs.

Two things have now happened. The pubs are closing fast, and the number of rejects is rising fast. It seems that, rather than having a few pubs in which to store our mis-shapes and assorted loonies, we now have so many we need a whole country to keep them in. Last night I realised that someone had already thought of that and had nominated a country for the purpose.

This one.

The Quiet Man has an article that led to another realisation and possibly an explanation for the above. I never quite understood why the Brown Gorgon and his Scottish gang had it in for the English quite so much. Oh, sure, there's the old English/Scots rivalry that goes back a long way but even so, he's Prime Monster and many of his MPs come from English constituencies. You'd expect a Prime Monster to act with a little consideration for his MPs, if not for his people.

Except, as Quiet Man points out, he's not actually working for the people who elected him. They are in Scotland and subject to the whims of the Scottish parliament. Much of the crap the Brown Gorgon dishes out doesn't make it into Scotland. The people who voted for him experience little of his malice. When something ludicrous happens to them, they blame Al the Oily Fish and the SNP government here. Even when Labour's laws do apply to Scotland too, it's the Scottish government who get the blame.

So the Gorgon, his eyebrow-wielding sock puppet and all the rest of them can do just as they please, knowing that the people who vote for them will blame someone else. Those who place the blame firmly at the Gorgon's grimy feet will never see his name on a ballot paper. Those who see what he's done can't shift him and those who can shift him don't see what he's done.

That's why the country is becoming such a dump. Our leaders have no reason to fear the ballot box in England and every reason to make life as crap as possible in Scotland too. The English can't shift them and the Scots can be induced to blame the SNP.

Then the SNP start banging on about how terrible it is to drink any alcohol at all and they just reinforce the image. Which is not a smart move. When the enemy is trying to blame you for every controlling and nannying rule they put out, coming up with more of your own is stupid.

The country is filling up with rejects because some of those psycho rejects have managed to get elected and are turning the place into one giant psycho pub, but without the booze or the crisps or the smoking. There are far too many psychos around nowadays. Even ordinary-looking people are now looking down at the ground as they walk about, because if they pretend they haven't seen the person coming towards them, they won't have to get out of the way. They won't have to take the two steps required to move aside and let someone pass. They think it makes them look important whereas it just makes them appear arrogant and spiteful. More and more, I see the psychological trick attempted at checkouts, where the person behind moves gradually closer to get you to pack faster and get lost. When you spot it, pack more slowly. Exceptionally slowly. And insist on checking all your change to see if you have the right money.

The country is filling up with such people. Whoops has spotted them too.

And it's all down to a government who are untouchable and they know it. Their own voters don't see where the stupid laws are coming from. They blame the SNP. The SNP don't help by making up more stupid laws of their own. The people who are most affected by New Labour Lunacy will never be able to vote them out.

We have a lunatic running the asylum and his doctors think he's the sane one.


Anonymous said...

Concerning the odd body morphology I will guess that the alehouse sells Banks'.

Leg-iron said...

Haven't seen that one here. Sounds like you've found another reject bin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leg Iron. I've already posted a comment previously about a network that I have started, for people in London to get together at each other's houses and be free to smoke indoors. I'm hoping to get as many people interested as possible, here's the link to a facebook group which I've set up to promote it :


Make of it what you will, I just need to promote it.

I predict a riot said...

Hi legiron
Good article. I've noticed the decline at supermarket checkouts. You feel pressurised to get out of the way. The checkout operator is probably on some kind of timimg aswell so is glad to see the back of you. 'Have you got a saver card, do you need a hand with your packing, do you need bags, would you like cash from your card ? It must drive them mental saying it every time. I'd top myself if I had to do their job. And the person behind carefully pushes you forward while feigning indifference to how long you take to clear the checkout. The same twat who goes mental if you have the cheek to turn right while he's in a hurry. All those warnings today about poor road conditions and this twat cuts me up today going about 90 before jamming on his anchors and taking the exit. All while he has his parking lights on rather than main lights and the road is slippy as fuck. I think people are probably just scared and uncertain about the future so have decided to not give a fuck about anyone else.
The SNP have been a massive let down. Nanny state , EU loving, manmade global scam believing fuckwits. Oh but wee Eck made sure he got his £400 quid a month food money on the dot. Wish I could make my monthly food costs come to slap bang 400 quid. Fuckers.

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