Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New hat considerations.

I had a little anvil for Christmas. I've always wanted a suit of armour but the real thing is way off the scale of my budget. I can't make it all on one O-level in metalwork while trying to run an entirely unrelated business. So I'm building some of it myself and buying the hard bits. It's based loosely on mediaeval armour - though I have neither the patience nor skill to make my own chain mail - and made on a lightweight, under-clothes design. The horn of the anvil is perfect for shaping.

The main things beyond my skill and patience are the helmet and gauntlets Fortunately there are options available. Gauntlets are already out there.

I have helmets already but I am tempted by this and this.

It's not easy. What's the well-dressed psycho wearing these days?


The Underdoug said...


Very malleable.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The two thinks you link to are masks rather than helmets. I think a suit of armour ought to protect the back of your head as much as the front. So keep searching.

Leg-iron said...

Underdoug - tinfiol isn't strong enough. Layered thin metal with silk between the layers is pretty effective though. Flexible, too.

Mark - making the back of the helmet is within my limited skills. Making the front is more complex than I'm likely to manage.

The Predator mask looks good but it's not metal - it would make a good template though.

Anonymous said...

these guys do pre built or cheaper flat pack version.

top quality Legiron as it's designed to give real protection (used to do battle renactment wearing it.)

chris southern.

Giolla said...

A quick and easy way to do chain mail that I've seen a lot of people use is to buy split rings and join them up. Not horribly expensive and takes out a load of the work. Welding the links closed is optional and more faff.

English Pensioner said...

Neither of those in the pictures look like real armour, they are merely masks to hide the face, not armour to protect the head.
They had some good ones made out of glass fibre for the kids to try on at a National Trust site I visited earlier in the year.

Anonymous said...

I read you and thought of this:


Happy New Year and thanks for all the blogs.


Anonymous said...

Never been a fan of metal, the music or the mineral.

Although, you asked "What's the well-dressed psycho wearing these days?" - A suit and a Labour / Tory / Lib Dem rosette attached to the lapel is the answer.

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