Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I know I rail against the idiocy pervading modern life and the rather sad and pathetic creatures humans have become. I am often ashamed that my father lived to see humanity sink so low, and relieved I have no children because it means I don't have to try to explain it to them.

However, the human still has the capacity to astound and amaze. That capacity has not diminished. The number who are prepared to put in the effort has diminished.

Take a look at the pictures here. They are all scratchbuilt models in brass. For the non-modeller that means these are not made from kits, but from bare brass sheets and wire. Some of them are even solar powered!

My eyesight is too old to take up anything so small. I used to be keen on N gauge railway modelling (2 mm to the foot) and was reasonably good at it, but I can barely get the things onto the (9mm wide) track nowadays. I also rigged a 1/350th scale Cutty Sark once but that's in a glass case now and will never be joined by anything that involves that much swearing. Lately, when I get time for models, I'm looking at 1/24th scale.

So all I can do is marvel at the extraordinary skill, dexterity and patience shown in these tiny models.

They won't save the human race, but at least they make it look like it's worth saving.

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Anonymous said...

looks to me like you have 'humanity' confused with 'the herd'. (time to read some nietzsche)

if not for anything, the whole anti-smoking-business has shown me the ways of the herd and transformed me into a hard-core-cynic (used to be a wanna-be-stoic)

as a smoker I now understand stuff that always puzzled me: the mindset of the average german during wwII, -of the average citizen during the christian witchhunting period, -of the roman throwing christans to the lions, in fact of every unjust prosecution ever, because now it is happening to me.

and while the herd deserves any contempt it may get, humanity still produces extra-ordinary individuals every now and then, with the ability to rise above the herd, and in some cases even with the ability to lift all of us to a higher state.

we should admire those individuals for the promise they hold, in fact we should admire every individual reminding us of this possibility.

-but I see you reached the same conclusion. :)

SE&O (english not my native) ... AND thanks for providing me with an intro to my site that celebrates famous smokers (rubbing it in their faces ;)

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