Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Johnny the Hutt got it right...or wrong.

Back when the Brown Gorgon finally pushed the Tiny Blur out of the high chair, an anonymous monster said the Gorgon would be a disaster as Prime Monster. Prophetic words indeed.

Now, it is revealed, that monster was none other than Johnny the Hutt.

He said: "There's no point me denying that I didn't have very serious concerns. I did say it, yes."

There you are. Straight from the horse's arse. However.

Asked if he still believed Mr Brown was a "disaster," Mr Hutton said he had changed his view.
He said: "My opinion has changed. I personally have no criticisms of Gordon's performance as Prime Minister at all.

"He's been a tremendously hard-working man who has really put his heart and soul into it."

Huh? He was right the first time. Or was he?

Well, it depends on what he expected the Brown Gorgon to do. What the Brown Gorgon has actually done, it seems, has met with the full approval of Johnny the Hutt which can only mean that the Hutt thought he would do something different.

Therefore, the things that have happened since the Gorgon became Prime Monster are things that Johnny the Hutt wanted to happen. Which makes no sense.

Until you read this.

The Gorgon has, it seems, performed exactly as expected.


JuliaM said...

If you can, check out the Radio 4 transcript of this interview - the anguished pauses and nervous laughter makes the whole thing much, much more satisfying...

Chris said...

Mr Hutton was inconveniently right about the personal failings of Maximum Leader McRuin, and has been ordered by Neu Arbeit Command (aka Lord Fondlebum) to commit public self-criticism and contrition.

Leg-iron said...

So, it was a bit like the 'confessions' aired in '1984'?

We shouldn't have sent them that book. They're using it as a manual.

Captain Ranty said...

'Preciate the link Leggy. Thanks.

I just wish I had written it....


banned said...

He was right the first time "He will be a ******* disaster".

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