Monday, 28 December 2009

The coldest warming on record.

Over at Boatang and Demetriou (which I can't get the RSS feed to work for) they have a rant about the absurdity of the Met office. Their insistence that the world is warming has now become an 'Oh no it isn't' response to current weather.

Here, today's forecast was for temperatures of between 1 degC to -1 degC and cloud. The sky is perfectly clear, the sun is shining, yet last night's frost is unmoved. The gadget in my shed that transmits outside temperatures into the house said it was -5 degC at 1 pm. Someone has parked a glacier in my street and it's unsafe to venture outside sober, never mind tipsy. If I saw a polar bear walk past, I wouldn't even raise an eyebrow.

We are told that the cold snap is over but that it will return in time for New Year. So is that really just a continuation of what's here now or is it going to get worse? Either way, once those drunken revellers take to the streets at Hogmanay, the A&E departments are going to be very busy indeed. They are every year but this year is likely to be special.

It's not snow out there any more. A light drizzle now and then, clear skies and continuous sub-zero temperatures combined with compaction of the snow by traffic and pedestrians means that if you fancy a go at curling, just grab a stone and make your way outside. If you want to go anywhere, forget it.

I have to go out tomorrow. It's an emergency. I'm nearly out of whisky. There's also a drinky-smoky evening tomorrow night and I'd like to be able to get there. What to wear? Simple. Everything.

Still, that's global warming, eh? The believers still defend it. They say it's the Gulf stream shutting down and refer us to that authoritative publication, the film 'The Day After Tomorrow' as proof. Centuries from now, copies of that film will be dug out of glaciers to the amusement of archaeologists of the day.

I say it's getting closer to an ice age. If you've migrated to this country to avoid the effects of global warming on a more equatorial environment, you've made a very big mistake.

Meanwhile, those who should be dealing with this weather are still insisting it's warming outside. Councils who fell for it didn't bother stocking up on grit, bookies paid out on a white Christmas I wish I'd bet on in the summer, government imposes more taxes on heating so those with no money die faster, even the light bulbs are colder this year than last.

This government has to forget global warming, which might or might not happen one day. The ice is here now. Deal with that.

Then again, dealing with real, current problems has never been this government's priority. It's easier to deal with things that aren't happening and then claim they stopped it happening.

More profitable, too.


ploclas said...

TY That was very funny.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Fallen Angels by Larry Niven

Anonymous said...

And still, youngsters who are not taught to think for themselves, do not see the anomalies between what they are taught/told and what they see around them.

They have been programmed to just accept it.

In state schools across the world, children are taught that consensus is the way we obtain 'facts'. Everything is relative, apparently. Even Maths. Scientific methods are no longer being taught in state schools.

This is all part of the UN's Agenda 21.

Gareth said...

I have a suspicion about the Met Orifice; They're shit, and they know it.

The temperature data they use for long term climate projections is adjusted to account for the urban heat island. I wonder if they also do this for the daily real-time data. We must remember that the temperature they give is the temperature *where the instrument is*, which may or may not be representative of the geography that surrounds it.

Rob said...

The Met Office claimed that this year was one of the warmest on record.

Now I remember the previous winter as being one of the coldest on record; it was fucking freezing for much of January and February. We had a week of very hot weather in May but the Summer as a whole was quite cool. Late October - early November was unusually mild but December was a freezing bitch.

There was nothing, NOTHING about last year which made me thing "ooh, that was hot". So when the Met Office claims it as being one of the hottest on record, I am sceptical. Very, very sceptical, as in "you lying bastards".

Leg-iron said...

AntiCitizenOne - Good book, but would benefit from the attention of a proofreader. I'm available.

Fausty - ten years ago I'd have put that down to tinfoil hattery, but it's happening now. Just as described.

Gareth- the Met Office forecast a mild winter this year. If this is mild, what do they consider harsh? I thought I'd never see a glacier but there's one in my street now.

Rob - this winter looks set to trounce last winter by a wide margin. As for the summer, I remember summers where I blistered in the heat. Last summer I used a towel often, but never to lie on.

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