Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas? Already?

Avaunt thee, Santa!

Can we put it back a week? I'm not ready. I have too much to do so can't go out boozing and haven't started Christmas shopping yet. I tried but the shops are full of people complaining they have no money and spending it anyway. Unless they're on £23,000 tax free income but you have to give up everything and become State breeding cattle to get that.

Most of the stuff in the shops is the kind of stuff you open on Christmas day, say 'thanks' through a rictus grin and then lose it two days later. Isn't there anything worthwhile to give to anyone now? It'll be jars of humbugs all round at this rate.

It catches me out every year because it starts even before Halloween is over these days. There's such a long lead-in I forget when it's getting to the actual time.

I had a phone call today from a client who forgot to tell me he's coming up tomorrow and could we arrange a meeting. I bit my lip and agreed because I charge for meetings. He's forgiven now because later in the day, a case of wine appeared with 'Merry Christmas' on it. Twelve bottles of high class hooch, twelve days of Christmas, you can see what's going to happen here, can't you? The downside is that I have around 13 hours to prepare for the meeting and I'd hoped to spend a few of them asleep.

So no more from me tonight. Have to work. I opened one of the bottles to help me concentrate.

I'll shut up now.


Bob said...

Our family has decided for the first time not to buy each other presents due to the financial situation, pointlessness of the whole thing etc. It seemed a great idea back in October but I'm not so sure now. What if someone cracks and decides to buy presents anyway ? Everyone else will feel like gimps. I'm not even allowed to buy presents for the nephews etc as that would mean their parents would feel obliged to buy me something in return. I'll feel a right tight bastard when we all get together on Christmas day I can just fuckin see it.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Most of the stuff in the shops is the kind of stuff you open on Christmas day, say 'thanks' through a rictus grin and then lose it two days later.

THIS is telling.

Are you MORE like Soviet Russia and the GDR than you even TOUGHT you were?

This sounds JUST like the complaints we heard from those places befor the fall of "communism. AND it is not the first or second time I have heard it.

I would take a VERY careful check on what is REALLY happening over on ther French Island, known as Britain, if I were you.

subrosa said...

LI, drop me an email, I've something you may find interesting to forward to you.

Snakey said...

This year my partner and I instead of giving each other presents have donated £50 each to the local cat sanctuary who are inundated with felines, dumped on them due to the "recession". Not all charities are fake ones and instead of falling for the commercial con that is Christmas why not donate cash to a deserving cause (after checking out fakecharities first of course) - that way you don't get caught up in the "I didn't get you anything for Christmas and I feel guilty about it" bollox :)

Or you could just chuck your money at the corporations and feel that you have fulfilled your christmas duty to Satan - oh sorry, I mean Santa lol

Mark Wadsworth said...

Of course I buy stuff for kids and wife, but frankly, I have everything I need - car, computer, Bose sound dock, iPod, mobile phone, hi-fi's, CDs, LPs, books, furniture, clothes, TV etc etc (in no particular order).

I doubt whether all my worldly physical possessions would cost more than £10,000 to replace, maybe £15,000? I'm not sure what more you need, really.

Anonymous said...

We were stony broke one Christmas about 10 yrs ago. The kids were fobbed off with one good present each, the rest being rubbishy, Poundland type crap for the sake of having parcels to open. What little money was left went on booze and food with the house being at permanent 'open' status.

It was the most Christmassy Christmas ever. Even the children said so, (though they still poke fun at the 'presents'.)


Anonymous said...

Keen not to let the government have any more of my dosh, wherever possible, I'll be given home-made prezzies this year, including:


Both of these are fun to make, are appreciated, compliment each other, require no wrestling with Xmas traffic/hoards - and attract no VAT.

Leg-iron said...

Furor - it could be just that I'm fussy. Most people seem to delight in buying tat. I'd rather give (and receive) something useful.

Someone is getting me an anvil. Not full sized but enough to shape some armour on, I think.

Other than that, I agree with Mark. I have more crap than I need already. If I was burgled and cleaned out I'd probably only replace a tenth of it. So much could be dumped. I just have a pack-rat mentality and keep thinking 'It'll come in handy one day'.

Fausty - home made cheese? Sounds like fun. I'll have to look into that.

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - the Email is in the post ;)

Furor Teutonicus said...

Leg-iron said...
Someone is getting me an anvil. Not full sized but enough to shape some armour on, I think.

HA! Just in the middle of making a load of chainmail.

What period do you do? I am Germannen, 1813-1815, and 1870 - 1915. (Both Prusian artillery.)

Anonymous said...

Leg-Iron, it's probably easiest to use kefir grains for the cheese.

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