Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The plastic plod to be proud of.

Anyone remember all those stories of pseudoplods who wouldn't get in the water to help a drowning child, or who were intimidated by a photographer because he was too tall, or all those who have thrown up a daily story for the 'loony' section of every paper for many, many months? Can't really miss them, can you?

Well, here's a light in the darkness that normally fills a pseudoplod's mind. This one confronted a criminal on his own and chased said criminal over fields and woodland for three miles, while guiding police to his whereabouts. He took a risk. The criminal could have had an ambush waiting, or might have become tired of running and pulled a knife. Nonetheless, he caught the bugger.

This particular PCSO has put many real police officers to shame. We could do with some like him on the beat, with a real uniform on.

If only more had his attitude. Then the title 'PCSO' might not be quite such a joke.


JuliaM said...

He's probably getting it in the neck right now for not filling in a H&S risk assessment form, though...

Rob Farrington said...

Julia's probably right. And he'll probably also end up as some kind of pariah among his fellow PCSOs, with no-one wanting to go out on patrol with him.

They'd have the very real fear that he might expect them to have the same attitude as him, when really they only joined for the uniform and the opportunity to harrass innocent people.

Quiet_Man said...

Makes a change to read something good about the plastic plods, I'm sure there must be more, but bad news sells better.
Still would prefer a return to the Peelian principles in all our plods though.

Marchamont Needham said...

I prefer PCSOs to the "real" ones.

They're a visible presence, they talk to people, they gather intelligence and they deter criminals.

All the things the "real" ones used to do before they forgot what their job was.

Ross said...


I prefer the term "Hobby Bobbies". Although that obviously doesn't apply to this one.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"Hobby Bobbies" is already taken, and has been for many years. It refers to police "Specials" - those part-time police officers who do policing in their spare time for no pay - thus taking away overtime from full-time paid cops.

I wouldn't go so far as to say they are disliked, but feelings about them amongst the regular police is, to say the least, ambivalent. Ordinary cops originated the expression "Hobby Bobbies" - which well expresses the ambivalence.

Gendeau said...

I was surprised to find out that "plonker" came from the police. The original term for a wpc I believe (is there another story?).

Person of Little, Or No Knowledge.

Some of the changes in the last 40 years haven't been bad...

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I don't know much of that stuff. I do know that the word 'nonce' is a prison word, created by the staff, not the prisoners. It's an acronym.

It'a a file category "Not On Normal Courtyard Exercise", to keep them safe from the other prisoners.

banned said...

"the suspect was wearing a really bright red top and was hiding in a bush that didn't have any leaves."
Ha Ha.

Perhaps this Officer will be held up as an example to others along the lines of Alexey Grigoryevich Stakhanov.

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