Thursday, 10 December 2009

The move is imminent.

The demon drink.

I have left this alone for a long time because as irritating as LiveJournal can be, it kept working and if it's not broken, why fix it? The comments section there was always a bit of a pain but useable.

Now the comments section isn't sending notifications any more. I'm getting told about new comments anything up to two days after they've been posted. So I have to troll my own blog to look for new comments, which is bizarre.

It's driving me to drink, I tell you. Oh wait, I was already there. It's driving me away from drink then. That's even worse.

So it's time to fiddle with this new blog format, try not to break it, and then move. It will make life easier in the long run although I'll have to be careful because another incarnation uses Blogspot and he's not tolerant of competition. There might be occasional deleted comments if I accidentally post as another me.

The longer LiveJournal's comments are delayed, the more likely it'll be that I'll make the move before I give up and carve 'HTML is evil' into the dust-laden casing of my stone age computer.

I need a good 'reaper' graphic first. That shouldn't be hard to find.

The badges, I'll probably leave on the old blog. It would be wrong to put them on a blog that hasn't earned them yet.

I wonder, is it possible to download an entire blog, or should I have been keeping copies all along?

Ah well, time to play at HTML amateur. I hope I don't break it, but it was free so what the hell.


SaltedSlug said...

Good show.

A further recomendation for you: try using Windows Live Writer for putting your posts together; I've found it saves loads of time and it makes faffing with images and videos loads easier.

Yes it's something good by Microsoft; it must have slipped past QA.

Mike said...

(also posted on LiveJournal)
"That's troll in the lake-fishing sense, not the internet sense."
Sounds like troll in the Palary sense :-)
Surely you mean trawl?
Or do you dance the Gay Gordons after a couple of drams? ;-)

Pavlov's Cat said...

@ Salted , I treid your recommendation for Livewriter and haven't looked back

far easier to use and more wisywyg

von Spreuth. said...

The other one I am getting links to comments that do not appear for two days.

Must be some type of Time warp.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Very fresh, LI. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about comments arriving late. Posting on the Independent (which uses LiveJournal) elicited similar results recently. No comment notifications for 24 hours, then a bucket-load in the space of an hour!

Giolla said...

There are a couple of tools that will archive all of your LJ for you. I tend to use lj-archive which is nice and simple and will grab the lot including comments.

If you want to then import into here, not a clue.

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