Monday, 22 November 2010

Square One.

There is a concise history of the Republic of Ireland and how it came into being here.

Centuries of fighting for independence were finally almost over in 1921 when most of Ireland broke away from the UK although it actually became a fully separate country, free of allegiance to the Crown and Commonwealth, in 1949.

Many people died to achieve this. Many, many people. The IRA kept fighting for the remaining part, Northern Ireland, to be part of their Republic and recently they have resumed bombing those they think currently own it.

On that site is a poem. Every member of the Irish government should read it. Everyone who voted 'yes' to the Lisbon treaty should read it.

All those centuries of fighting to reach true independence in 1949. Continued fighting for most of the remaining 61 years over the last part in the north.

All for nothing. Ireland is now fully under EU control. Hard fought independence, sold for a few shiny pennies to keep the bankers happy. As Old Holborn says:

If the English Landowners were bastards, just wait till you see what hell you have bequeathed your children.

I'm not smug. I'm not gloating. I am certainly not laughing, nor even smiling. What just happened in Ireland will just as surely happen here, and all over Europe. Our government, whether Westminster, Holyrood or that little gang running Wales, will not lift a finger to prevent it because they have all been bought too.

Shiny Dave? Two-Face Clegg? 'Special' Ed Moribund? Oily Al? Whatever the Welsh one is called - the High Dai, is it? They are all working to put us in the same position as Ireland, not to save us from it. These much-trumpeted cuts are not a reduction in spending. They are merely a reduction in the rate of increase in spending. Our government is still borrowing whatever it can't print and still wasting it on worthless nonsense and every day the debt continues to rise. Not as fast as when the Brown Gorgon threw it around, but still rising. Oh, we'll all be remortgaged to slavemasters soon enough. We'll all be working ourselves to death just to take home enough for a loaf of bread while the banks cream off the money we thought we'd earned.

Meanwhile the IRA still bomb people to get that last part of their country back. What do they plan to do with it if they get it? What will they reattach it to?

While they were busy blowing people up, their government sold their country.

There's no point bombing the English, nor the Northern Irish. They aren't doing this. It's being done to them too.

Although the English could have told the EU that, in their long experience of the matter, taking control of Ireland is easy enough. Keeping control of it, well now, that's something different.

Interesting times are coming.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the "dissident nationalist groups" are in a tizzy about who to bomb next - well, it must have made them stop and think - maybe?

Leg-iron said...

They should have stopped and thought a long time ago. They've been attacking the wrong enemy for years.

But they are politicians now, and election is always followed by frontal lobotomy, it seems.

Captain Ranty said...

Mark the date: 21/11/10, The Bloodiest Sunday.

In the decades to come, Irishmen and women will remember this day as the day their nation collectively dropped trou, bent over, and submitted to the EU.

A sad, sad day.


John said...

Well, I guess the powers will just have to ramp up security in the interests of peace as the people begin to take on board they have been well and truly done.
Full internet and communication monitoring.
Positive action-accountability vetting.
Home monitoring including mandatory explosive detectors (real ones, not the phony ones they have been using so far to not catch airplane bombers).
Full financial accountability.
Full body street scanners.

All that stuff that sensible folk know will never happen.

Seamus said...

Unparliamentary language in the Irish Parliament. At least one politician is angry...

Anonymous said...

One presumes those lads in the original, real & continuity branches of the infamous 'army' will be looking for suitable premises in Brussels in order to continue the campaign ?

Anonymous said...

Anons 03.15 and 16.04,

I suspect that the bombs will still be targeted at the “damned English” no matter how pointless or illogical it now is, being as we are all now ruled by the iron fist of the EU and any question of combining the Northern Ireland EU “region” with the Eire EU “region” would have to be approved by Brussels, not England. But so many Northern Irish people have been born and brought up learning only that “everything is the fault of the English” that any challenges to this position are as unlikely to penetrate this belief than the newly-emerging evidence of the lies and spin and manipulation by the anti-smoking movement is likely to penetrate the minds of those children who have been indoctrinated to think, robot-style, only that “smoking kills” or “smoking is bad.”

In many ways the Irish terrorists are a bit like the anti-smoking brigade - they’ve become so emotionally and ideologically attached to their “cause” against the English that they long ago lost any semblance of an ability to think logically, reasonably or realistically when confronted with any subject relating to the English/Irish situation. Their attachment also means that alternative scenarios, such as we now face with the introduction of the EU into the equation, is highly threatening to them, and they’d rather bury their heads in the sand – and go on bombing people who have absolutely no power to concede to their demands – than accept that things are now different, and that the old enemy simply doesn’t have the power to be “the enemy” any more – rather like anti-smokers, who can talk sensibly and logically and realistically about all number of subjects, but who glaze over and go into autopilot/drone mode the moment the subject of smoking arises.

Funny ol' things, these "new religions."

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