Thursday, 8 July 2010

Oh sugar....

I once tried those sugar substitute things. While using them, I could shit through the eye of a needle without ever blocking it. So I went back to sugar.

Sugar substitutes are, however, Righteous
. You have to have them. Just as you have to spread your synthetic-bread toast with a chemistry set instead of butter and use potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride on your chips (hint: you need both sodium and potassium and too much of one is no different to too much of the other), now you must endure the gut-clearing effects of the artificial sweetener rather than proper sugar.

Natural sugar, as found in fruit, is evil too. If they can genetically engineer fruit to produce aspartame instead of fructose, they will.

So if you like sugar, join the salties and the fatties and the drinkies and the smokies. Your turn has come.

If your turn hasn't come yet, be patient. It won't be long now.


William said...

Totally natural.
10 times sweeter than sugar.

Fake sugar substitutes made from chemicals

Furor Teutonicus said...

So what happened to all those reports in the early to mid 80s, that said these sugar subs caused cancer in rats?

Paul said...

I don't like the infernal stuff (much prefer sugar) but I am as fat as a pig already and really don't need to gain any more weight. So I live with them.

They are necessary evil but an evil all the same.

I love sugar.

Chuckles said...

FT, Medical Research/Epidemiology causes cancer in rats.

Paul, Whatever pleases your belief system. I'm unsure why some sugar in your coffee is going to cause you to gain several stone overnight? I am however fairly certain that mixing in some of this muck is not going to maintain or reduce your weight in the slightest.

Sean O'Hare said...


I think Stevia is banned in the UK, but available in France. Do you have a source?

Boris's Mum said...

You can get Stevia from eBay, and other suppliers on the net, no problem, and it's great.

No known negative side effects, and it's thought that it might even enhance glucose tolerance.

Stevia is good for the teeth, and some experiments suggest it may have beneficial effect on blood pressure and obesity. It's also water-soluble and suitable for cooking and baking.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's saccharine or aspartame, because they both seem to be in so many things together, but one of these vile sweeteners gives me a raging headache. And because they both taste so disgusting I have absolutely no interest in "trying out" various artificially-sweetened things to discover which one it is. They're both quite, quite revolting.

Ed P said...

Aspartame was supposedly allowed on the market by G W Bush, after it had failed various carcinogenic tests, because Bush owed the company a favour. Filthy shit, do not consume it.
Stevia, apart from a slight minty taste is very good and easily obtainable in the UK from health food shops.
Xylitol (bark extract sugar) is a great alternative: it's actually good for the gums and low calorie compared to sucrose - Waitrose have it.

Leg-iron said...

I've heard of Stevia. And my greenhouse is here...

It's not glass, it's box-section polycarbonate. Light gets in but you can't see what's growing in there.

I have tobacco in mind but there's space for other things.

William said...

Stevia cannot be sold as food due to some big sugar companies paying governments oodles of dosh to keep it that way but it has the many benefits listed here and is available on e-bay in tabulated form or powder.
Of the two powder is the more versatile and each little bottle contains the equivalent to over 600 spoonfuls of sugar!
Buy it you will not regret it. You will still get your 'sugar fix' from all almost every processed food you consume. The food companies stick it in everything.

A word about sugar.
The cane is grown and harvested as any other crop.
The outside leaves, stems and outer core are stripped away from the inner core and used as cattle feed.
The inner core of the cane is processed into 'refined' white sugar.
Guess which animals actually get the parts of the sugar cane worth eating?

Here's a clue they have four legs and don't drink tea or coffee!

Anonymous said...

Aspartamane is the chemical giving you gypp. Pilots are forbidden the stuff and it is in the same class as alcohol, not within 24 hours. The wretched stuff is everywhere the righteous have their bl@$dy tentacles.

Cigarette Sally said...

I hate those things. It always left these bad after tastes in my mouth.

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