Sunday, 25 July 2010

A little light relief.

Not about smoking. I've been getting a bit one-track on that lately.

Unfortunately the Amazing Horse does not allow embedding so here's the link. It is the one and only time I have heard the phrase 'custom styling' in that context and I doubt the incongruity will ever be matched. Don't be drinking anything. Especially not lemonade.

Oh, and via Pat Nurse, here's something highly amusing about smoking. For those who need a fix.


Anonymous said...

Coming soon to a Daily Mail near you "SMOKERS RESPONSIBLE FOR TERRORIST ATTACKS"

(BTW what an odd video - must be my age)


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I've just been watching some Worthy on BBC Parliament talking about the rise in children with special educational needs. She attributes this rise to the binge drinking culture, though didn't explain her reasons for thinking this.

I'm aware that drinking heavily whilst pregnant is not a good idea, but does it automatically lead to bearing a SEN child? Has this been proven? Has their been any studies?

Anonymous said...

O/T apologies LI

Private company assuming they have police powers.


northern smoker said...

My favourite Weebl creation is this short cartoon
"a rabbit goes for a nice stroll in the woods"

Dioclese said...

So I was right about you smokers - you're all fucking terrorists!!!!

Leg-iron said...

Dioclese - not yet ;)

Northern Smoker - Most of those things crack me up. I wonder how drunk you have to be to think up that stuff? Owls is a favourite too.

Olly - there's a lot of it about. Far too much of it.

Sixtypoundsaweek cleaner - 'special needs' is like 'obesity'. It depends how you define it. I've taught students who claimed to be dyslexic but who had, in fact, simply fallen foul of trendy teaching and couldn't spell. If they really were dyslexic, I could not have improved their spelling, could I?

Jay - it's not your age, it's your sanity. You must have far too much of it. Well done for hanging on to some!
'Smokers as terrorists' is sure to come. The government has watched 'Waterworld'.

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