Friday, 25 March 2011

A quickie.

No time to say much tonight, so I'll just ask a question -

When do we impose a no-fly zone over Brussels?

No wonder the Americans have opted out of running the Libyan debacle-in-waiting. They can't be seen to support regimes like this.


Anonymous said...

Although, the fact they are probably protesting demanding more free tuition and welfare handouts doesn't exactly have me sympathising with the Brussels protestors. Why can't anyone get together a protest against EU turning everything into an illiberal, undemocratic, unproductive and freedomless communist state and then I think I'd get a little more excited over some of these protests. I'd like to see an anti-smoking demonstration show up at Brussels one day, and then I'd feel more sympathetic when EU Stasi shower them with water hoses and tear gas. But yes, why not a no-fly zone then, Brussels being the seat of neo-Hitler/Stalin these days.

Lost said...

anon, problem is even if they were protesting about the EU we would still be told by the MSM that it was about something else (less popular)

I notice there's a protest about the census this weekend in London, and then suddenly there's also an anti cuts protest too on the same day, coincidence only explains so much imho.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, so the two protests happen simultaneously now and the leftists in MSM can use that to bolster their reporting numbers and make more amazing video out of it to feed the side demanding more free money and socialist handouts while perfectly ignoring those who went there to protest the census. I am beginning to see your point.

Leg-iron said...

It matters less what the protests are about than how the authorities respond. If the response involves kettling, beating that results in death, and similar, then the reason for the protest is lost among the reaction to the response.

I don't sympathinse with the protestors in many cases either, but they have the right to make that protest without having the crap kicked out of them (other than those whose actions warrant crap-kicking, naturally).

Leg-iron said...

Lost - if they were protesting about the EU they'd have been 'far right'.

As in, 'not indoctrinated'.

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