Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Iran tries Righteousness and fails.

Other people have seen shapes in the UK olympic logo during its four years of existence. Some see a blow job in progress, where the participants are some kind of Lego people. Others see a swastika, drawn by a colour-blind Nazi with advanced Parkinson's who has never actually seen a swastika.

To me, it just looks like a mess. It looks like they were carrying the logo to the approval meeting, dropped it down several flights of stairs and patched it back together as best they could, although they couldn't find all the parts and couldn't remember the original design.

Apparently it is intended to look like '2012' but if that was the intent, then we can expect 2012 to be a very messy year indeed. Perhaps they should have let someone who knows what numbers look like influence the design.

The blow-job and swastika parodies appeared within moments of the release of this smashed-window logo. It has taken the sluggish minds of Iran's government four years to find something in it they can complain about.

This does not make you look good, Iran. This is the UK you are dealing with, where the Righteous corner the market in offense at all things. Trying these cheap control games here, with a four year delay, really won't wash.

Don't you read the polls? Over half the people of this country think the arrival of mass numbers of Muslims is a problem. What do you imagine the popular reaction will be if you say you aren't sending any more? You guys really need to think things through before spouting your idiotic complaints.

This is the country where Spinbob Crowpants can produce the most insane and unworkable idea ever devised and feel confident enough to announce it as a serious proposition.

Where a group with no legal authority can terrorise a woman who put a cat into a bin (while causing no actual harm to the cat), can harass the relatives of dead benefactors, but who will not even consider treading on the toes of Approved Ones even if they leave an entire herd of horses to starve to death.

Here in the West we have scientists claiming that erotic imagery causes impotence and we have people who will believe it even though they have spent their lives proving the exact opposite to themselves.

And the Iranian government think that, having taken four years to find the word 'Zion' in a four-character logo, they can now out-Righteous our Righteous? We have Righteous here that would make David Icke's lizards run for cover. We have professionally-offended who would confuse Confucius. We have a legal system that would make Vlad the Impaler think 'Oh, now hang on, that's not right'.

We don't have anything to compare with Monty Python or Spike Milligan's Q series on TV now because there is nothing left to parody. Reality now makes Mr. Bean a documentary, not a comedy. That logo is one of the least insane things we have to deal with here, it's just a jumble of shapes and probably the only thing left that nobody can be arrested for.

Iran's attempt at control-by-offense is transparent, blatant and unbelievably amateurish.

They are dealing with experts here.


JuliaM said...

"Other people have seen shapes in the UK olympic logo during its four years of existence. Some see a blow job in progress..."

I now can't see anything ELSE!

And I've got lots of opportunity, the damn thing seems to be on everything.

Johnnyrvf said...

There are some interesting ideas here www.scribd.com

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Apparently it is intended to look like '2012' but if that was the intent, then we can expect 2012 to be a very messy year indeed. XX

That is your answer!

It was designed by a Myan who just could not GIVE a shit what happens in 2012. His minds are on "other things" for that year.

(Strange that for a people that are held to be so knowledgeble of the future in some tin foil hat circles, they did not predict that, for them, the world actualy ended quite a few thousand years before their calander.)

Furor Teutonicus said...

SEE! Even the Mayan is in two minds. (Well that is my excuse for the typing error.)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link. It must be said that Iran are incredibly slow off the mark, but they do have a point.

Anonymous said...

I think the Iranian threat to boycott might have more to do with not wanting any embarrassing incidents next year. Like, say, half of their Olympic team bunking off and trying to claim asylum.

Anonymous said...

This is all so tedious. Who cares about Olympics? It's entertainment, sport showing off. It is costing billions and the country won't get all the money back never mind make a profit. It's the same as the Edinburgh Trams. We need them because we think they will make us look better and be part of the smart City set. Guff.

Iran are upset? Jeez. Big deal there then. They are in training for the 20 something nuclear war olympics. They'll need a logo for that. I'd expect the logo will be pretty offensive for most people once we see it. Probably based on a mushroom I'd wager. One that gets ever bigger.

The politicians and their administrators have no idea how to cut costs. None. They have no idea how to run a project. None. They have no idea what prioritisation means. None.

The logo displays this very well. Spend a fortune, the outcomes crap but not to them they are delighted and we have been ripped off again!!!!

Maturecheese said...

Perhaps they have something dastardly planned and are keeping their own athletes out of the way.

I know, I've watched to many films:)

Stewart Cowan said...

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the "design" is supposed to be a map of the world. At least, I think so. Probably made by someone who has never seen a map of the world.

The Olympics is a sore point for me already. The British Olympic goons have banned me from selling the flag and ordered me to destroy my stock.

Leg-iron said...

JuliaM - it's an eyeworm. Once it's in there, nothing can get it out.

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