Sunday, 27 June 2010

Electrofag - smoke rings.

It's a draw.

Both the Titan and the NJoy produce coherent smoke rings.

I like smoke rings. For me it's a big part of the relaxation. It took me some time to learn to do it and it's nice to see that Electrofag allows it too.

Smoke rings are an indoor thing unless the air outside is really still. They don't work in a gale cutting across a maliciously-designed smoking 'shelter'.

Both the Electrofags I've tried produce good rings. That part works.


Anonymous said...

Don’t worry about the plants. Some years ago, a friend of mine did an experiment in which he grew seedlings in two covered seedling-boxes, where he daily blew cigarette smoke into one, in the confident expectation that the smoke-afflicted seedlings would either wither and die or suffer from stunted growth or deformities (or something along those lines), thus proving what terrible stuff cigarette smoke was. In all other ways he treated them identically. Much to his dismay the seedlings in the smoky box shot up like triffids, far outgrowing their non-smoky counterparts, producing healthy, vibrant foliage with not a single death or weedy plant in the whole batch, unlike the “smokefree” ones, who suffered the normal levels of non-appearance or plant death as is usual amongst any batch of seedlings.

Our Biology teacher informed him – between gritted teeth – that this was probably because nicotine itself is a chemical which is produced naturally by the tobacco plant (and maybe others – not sure) to protect themselves against harmful micro-organisms, and as such what he’d been doing was giving them an extra dose of protection against the kinds of pests and diseases to which young plants are especially prone.

Which, if the health freaks could just bring themselves to admit it (and thus facilitate some research into the matter) might be one reason why tobacco smokers so rarely suffer with mouth ulcers or gum infections, and why people who give up smoking often find themselves consistently plagued with mouth problems of this kind after quitting.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Posted the above in the wrong place - have now put it under the "greenhouse" article!

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