Sunday, 13 June 2010

Apology demand.

Standard Righteous tactic - demand an apology. Force your opponent into a submissive stance.

I had thought Eyebrows McDarling a cut above the standard New Labour pompous, arrogant, self-important arse but it seems not. He has demanded an apology from the Cameroid in the event that the economy turns out not to be as totally devastated as New Labour tried, quite deliberately, to leave it.

Not just an apology. A very big apology. I have yet to hear Labour's apology for this and I won't be holding my breath.

Look, Al, get those eyebrows trimmed and maybe you can see it. Your party has put the country so deep in debt that it no longer matters what the actual figure is. So it's a few million less bad. So what? We still haven't got the money to pay it. You, personally, as Chancellor under the Brown Gorgon are responsible for the penniless state of the nation now. Where's your apology for that? Where's your apology to all those people you employed in non-jobs, all those database-fillers and DNA-analysers and HIPS-creators? You knew they'd be first to go when the money ran out and they'd be going if you were still running the show because even a socialist can't spend it when there's no more coming in.

New Labour have a hell of a lot to apologise for and I haven't heard even a murmur of regret from them. How dare you, ex-Chancellor, ask for an apology?

You are an apology. And you supported a bigger one.


Captain Haddock said...

Of course he's a pompous, arrogant, self-important arse .. he's a failed Solicitor .. isn't he ?

WV = "disma" .. Sums up Darling's performance to a tee ...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I hope some thought is being put in to a pointy, sharp & worthy riposte to Wee Al Darling's demand for an apology.

That list of "What have the Labour Party Done for us?" that was doing the rounds before the election would be a good start. He really does deserve to be rogered with a pineapple on this matter.

And forfucksake Milliband D has been allowed to keep his ministerial Jag - what on earth is going on there?

Duh, silly me - they still hold the populace in contempt don't they?

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that you linked to my blog. Many thanks, Leg-Iron.

(I've taken a blogging break, so am behind the curve!)

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