Saturday, 26 June 2010


Okay, there was a scientific meeting in town. I didn't join up because all my stuff is commercial and confidential and I hate those people. The ones who ask what you're doing but then can't tell you what they're doing. I don't want to be one of them. So I didn't go.

Several people I've known for a long time were at the meeting. I met one of them in the pub this evening and we followed on to the end-of-meeting party.

I took along Electrofag as well as the new, donated version, in case these intelligent people had all fallen for the hype.

Fortunately they had some brain function remaining. Some smoked, all were fascinated by Electrofag. It's a gadget, we're scientists, hardly a fair test but it's the first one.

I'll write more tomorrow but the overriding opinions were that the bar staff prefer the black-with-blue-light Titan while the smokers prefer the more realistic Njoy pro duo.

The bar staff preference is doubtless due to not needing to go over and check.


Angry Exile said...

"The bar staff preference is doubtless due to not needing to go over and check."

A good reason for choosing the other one. Not so much the unfortunate bar staff as the prodnoses, busybodies, council enforcement pricks and nanny's other spies and useful idiots. They deserve to have their time wasted on red herrings. Can't bear 'em. Wonder if we've got them here and what they do about people holding unlit fags for shits and giggles. I've found my two year old packet of giving up fags fags and feel like having some fun with them.

PT Barnum said...

If a bar or pub is run by folk with enough intellectual equipment that they don't go all wibbly and order No Efags Here, it seems only fair that the flashing lights are blue, whatever the efag happens to be. We need to be mutually conspiring with each other, we sensible folk. Baiting prodnoses is great fun, but if it's done at the expense of a business which employs commonsense, is it worth it?

Leg-iron said...

Angry Exile - there's a case for both kinds. Both also provide the option of white or coloured parts so you can make it look like a cigarette when you want to wind up the Righteous, and make it look like not-a-cigarette when you want to be left alone.

PT Barnum - the reporting and fines associated with this ban are enforced with much more gusto than the ban on, say, murder. Fines can be, and have been, imposed on the mere say-so of a council official whose word in court is worth twice that of any real person.

So it's not surprising that business owners are scared shitless of anything that looks like smoking. A prodnose can put them out of business with a word.

That's why I always check with the bar staff first. Then, if a prodnose tries to report 'smoking', the bar staff can say 'No he isn't'.

As for those bars that don't allow it at all and who react as if I'd just showed them a box of rabid badgers, well, their business, their choice. But I won't be going there often, and not at all when the weather is bad.

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