Monday, 14 June 2010

The Trooper's Revenge.

My post on Rutland Weekend Television sent Trooper Thompson scouring YouTube for others.

He has exacted a terrible revenge by posting part one of 'Dead of Night'. The swine ensnared me good and proper. I've just watched the whole thing again.

It is a good film though.

UPDATE: Watch the film. Everyone smokes. Everyone. Nobody coughs. Nobody runs away screaming. Those who die, don't die of smoking. Interesting, eh?


Mr A said...

Probably the "smokiest" film I've seen recently is the old Ealing horror film, "Dead of Night" - the first proper "anthology" horror film. Not only is everyone, and I mean everyone constantly smoking through it, but the plot of the film stops several times as fags are distributed around the cast. In addition, the weird sociopathy of one of the characters is revealed by.... his refusing to take a cigarette. I have to admit, as someone who would love to wake up away from all this shit in "Mad Men" land, even I was thinking, "Holy Moley! There sure is some smoking in this film!" Highly recommended.

Cynarae said...

Michael Palin, if my memory serves me right, smokes in the dead parrot sketch but then they could claim that the smoking is the reason behind the death of the parrot.

Leg-iron said...

Mr A - that's the film. Bad guys don't smoke.

Cynarae - you're right, he's smoking when John Cleese comes in.

Trooper Thompson said...

... and I bet nobody noticed at the time.

Leg-iron said...

I didn't notice at first. I think it was the restaurant scene in the 'mirror' story that clicked it for me. They didn't get thrown out for smoking and nobody even looked in their direction.

Amazon UK have it on DVD for a fiver. I've just ordered a copy.

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