Tuesday, 29 June 2010


If you go into hospital in Wales, you can't have any.

Coming soon to a town near you.

So, how much more abuse and control would you like? There's plenty more to come.

Having fun yet?


banned said...
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banned said...

^ deleted for ammendment

Whole lot of banning going on

EU to ban selling eggs by the dozen

Leg-iron said...

I get duck eggs from a friend. I'll still be getting them by the half-dozen.

Let them play. Their time is nearly up.

JuliaM said...

Try this in a prison, and there'd be a riot!

PT Barnum said...

I'm waiting for the Second Hand Sugariness science before I leap to judgement.

Anonymous said...

Have they banned the use of sugar in the Welsh Assembly precincts too?

Dick Puddlecote said...

I started something on this last night. Shows how truly miserable these people can be.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Here you go.

Anonymous said...

As long as smoking stays banned and smokers made the sinners then the rest of us will take all the bans that are coming to us. Why even ban us from the air we breath and the water we drink - just as long as the finger of blame points to the smokers, the smokers, the smokers, the smokers, the smokers. I was well educated in the state school system and am considered quite smart, as long as we keep it being the smokers, the smokers, the smokers, the smokers, the smokers. My children don't need sugar, air, water, nothing but soylent green and big-pharma happiness pills - someone to make sure they remain healthy, safe and secure under penalty of law for not doing so. That is how I think because I am a good person and as long as we keep up this good work of assigning blame to others will it remain always that of the smokers, the smokers, the smokers, the smokers. I am obsessed. I am nanny.

Young Mr. Brown said...

It would be more precise to say that sugar has been banned from vending machines in hospitals in Wales.

Utterly stupid, undoubtedly - (I'd be highly suspicious of artificial sweeteners) - but not quite as bad as was implied in Subrosa's post.

But I still have visions of visitors arriving in hospitals bearing a bag of Tate & Lyle's finest for their loved ones instead of grapes.

Leg-iron said...

Young Mr. Brown - true, there'll be sachets of sugar in the flowers too. Or hidden in the whisky bottles and tobacco packets, if I'm ever in there ;)

Then again, remember that there was a time when smoking was unrestricted. Then it was only restricted in a few places. Then in more places. Then a lot of places. Then most places. Then everywhere.

They start small and work in increments. Every time.

All they need is 'It's bad for you'.

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