Sunday, 16 May 2010


Back from smoky-drinky and browsing the blogs but too tired to write much of anything.

I note the EU is gearing up to take over at an accelerating rate, the IMF think we can 'afford a bit more fuel duty' (which tax will be taxed at the new rate of VAT on top) and Brussels believe they should control the UK budget even though we are not in the Euro. Why has the Cameroid not yet put up a big sign over Dover saying 'Just fuck off'? I would have, and I'd have put it up there as soon as Mrs. Queen said 'We appoint you, you hideous little freak, as Primary Monster, and would you mind not eating any more of the corgis and stop telling the ladies-in-waiting that what they've been waiting for has arrived?'

An MP was stabbed. Hideous Harman demands to know what measures parliament will take to protect MPs since this is the second such incident in only nine years (as opposed to similar incidents among London youth which are separated by much larger timescales, sometimes even hours. We're talking relative-importance time here, remember).

I have an idea to protect all our MPs. It's called "646 second homes on Rockall with one-way travel".

They wouldn't be small homes. They would be compact and bijou. With perhaps just a touch of rising damp.

But at least there are no knives or lampposts. So they'll be safe.

News from Smoky-Drinky - the stolen child is in the land of Kafka. His foster parents are ill so he is now with foster foster parents until his real foster parents are well enough to take him back. His real real parents have no chance even though there has been not so much as a suggestion of abuse or neglect mentioned in this case. By the time he gets home - if he ever does - he'll have Traveller status and will be able to tarmac your front garden while you're on holiday and claim residency. He will also be one seriously screwed up individual.

The kid has muscular dystrophy. His life expectancy is no more than 15. Will the council invite his parents to his funeral, I wonder? Will they even bother to tell them when or where he dies?

They are not trying for another child. What would be the point?

This is LibDem/SNP-controlled territory and has been for some considerable time. They can't blame Labour for this.


JuliaM said...

"His real real parents have no chance even though there has been not so much as a suggestion of abuse or neglect mentioned in this case."

This is, frankly, bizarre. Finding a foster home/adoption family/care home for an infant is usually easy. Finding one for a disabled infant, not so much.

I fail to see what the council or SS are getting out of this...

Anonymous said...

Cam is a europhile, who is hiding behind the Lib Dems. We'll get more EU integration now, not less.

Off-topic: You might enjoy Bill Hicks on non-smokers, Leg-Iron!

Lord t said...

I can't understand why nobody has visited social services with an Uzi yet. Only a matter of time and if I see them escaping I'll point plod in the other direction to give them a chance.

almighty said...

lets hope the child is not getting the same treatment as hollie greig!

Leg-iron said...

JuliaM - the whole situation is bizarre. The only thing I can think of is that the father smokes, and the grandfather ejected a particularly noxious SS specimen from his premises.

Would they do it all just for spite? Everyone else in power seems to be motivated by that, so maybe.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - the more I see of Cameron, the more I wonder if he was a Lib Dem plant.

He certainly isn't acting like a Tory.

Leg-iron said...

Lord T - as someone I used to work with once said - there's nothing wrong with admin that couldn't be fixed with a couple of hand grenades and a shotgun.

Someone is going to go postal at these lunatics sooner or later.

Leg-iron said...

Almighty - so far he seems OK. The family in question aren't ones who would sit back and moan about it if anything happened to one of theirs. They also aren't the sort to trouble the police with their problems.

They're very pleasant people unless you pick a fight with them.

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