Monday, 10 May 2010

Last throes of the Gorgon.

The Brown Gorgon has pretended to resign to let the Lib Dems believe they can trust his party. He's not actually going to leave until an unspecified date in 'the autumn' so we're stuck with that unwashed-laundry face for months yet. The Lib Dems are now in talks with Labour and this is going to be interesting.

As Obo points out, the combination of Labour, Lib Dems, a mish-mash of nationalists and one Green is going to be a total shambles. Especially in the months of Gorgon's dying rule. He knows he's done for now, he has nothing to lose. The real madness begins now.

It'll be 'progressive' all right, but it will progress in entirely the wrong direction. The EU will take more and more of both power and money, the nanny state will become unbearable even to the socialists and the recession will hit the ground harder than a UKIP light plane. They won't be walking away from the wreckage with cuts and bruises because unlike Farage's pilot, they won't be trying not to crash and they won't even see the ground coming.

Then there'll be another election and this time there will be a wipeout. Those nationalist parties have spent a lot of time and effort getting their few MPs each. They will be hammered by association. They can't see it coming either. The country is in debt up to its eyeballs, huge cuts are inevitable and King Mervyn of Money is right - whoever takes control now is going to get the blame.

Of course, there will still be Labour seats where their voters live in Playstation bubbles, anaesthetised with Stella and handouts. Even so, some of them might fall too once the IMF order cuts in the vast range of benefits now on offer. Oh yes, Labour drones, they will. The IMF have only one interest - sorting out the bank balance - and they don't give a damn about the social impact of it. You'll get pocket money and that's it.

The best part is, the Tories will be apoplectic. Cameron will be relegated to tea boy with Osborne as assistant tea boy and the party might even cotton on to the idea of actually listening to the electorate for a change. By the time another election rolls up, they might even be willing to mention the EU and the smoking ban and many other things that wrecked their vote this time. Instead of working out compromises with other parties, they might even realise that actually asking people what they want from government might be a good idea. That would be a novelty.

It wasn't UKIP that spoiled your victory, Tories. It was you. Unless you can accept that and analyse truthfully the reasons it happened, you are going to do it again. Look up 'personal responsibility' in the dusty old Tory handbooks.

If Nick Clegg sticks with the Tories we'll have a muddle-along government until they hit one of those issues they cannot possibly agree on, and the thing will collapse and most likely end up with another indecisive election result.

If Nick Clegg sticks with Labour, along with the fringe players, and if he sticks it out long enough to see us get another unelected Prime Monster, he will deal socialism a blow that will make East Germany's collapse look like a light tap with a feather. If Labour choose Ed Balls, he could be the first sitting Prime Minister to lose his seat in a general election.

So go for it, Lib Dems. We won't forget your selfless act of self-destruction in order to obliterate this horror of a government. We might even erect a statue dedicated to the 'ah... um' party.

For the moment though, we can breathe a little sigh of relief because the end of the Gorgon is in sight. Not clearly in view yet, still some way off, but it is coming.

So, just for you, Gorgon, a little ditty. Note: This is more than slightly sweary so if that sort of thing offends you, you can choose not to watch it, or choose to watch it and be offended. If you choose the latter course, you can then watch me not care.


Mariothegreat said...

You're a poet!

none said...

"Mr Brown also made it clear that he would expect to stay on as Prime Minister for a few more months in order to put in place his programme for economic recovery.

In the most dramatic twist since the election results were announced, Mr Brown admitted that Labour’s defeat “is a judgment on me.”"

Soldiering on, the cheeky cunt.

The effortless mangling of logic: "I know I'm crap, you've told I'm crap and to go away, so I'm going to carry on being crap by implementing my crap policies to reduce my crapness year on year going forward - here are some statistics to show how under my crap leadership, I'm successfully reducing my rate of relative crapness... etc..."

I just can't wait to sit back, crack open a beer and watch the spectacle of the Krankies coalition trying to whip about a third of the Labour party into effectively voting to hand over their seats to the LibDems and nats, whist Bob Crow attempts to whip the public sector up into a Greek dip.

The icing on the cake of the potential meltdown would be Ed Balls losing his seat to Nick Griffin... I may not stop laughing until late Spring 2011.

Leg-iron said...

Mario - I wish I'd written the song, but I didn't.

Lutney - I was too young to pay any attention to the (1974, I think) election where the Labour PM had to be dragged out of No. 10 screaming.

Funnily enough, none of my teenage friends were socialists. It seems most of them are these days, which is why Nick Clegg wants to let them vote.

He'd have had a hell of a shock if he'd done that when I was a teen!

none said...

Everyone who's skint is a socialist, until they get paid, then they just reminisce.

JohnRS said...

Wonderful choice of song - much as I hate/fear what's about to happen I think it's probably for the best. So I'm pretty glad he jumped.

Simon said...

Erm Leg, am confused - The Tories did the anti-EU, immigration, spounger job the previous three elections and got told where to go.

This time, a mere 1-2% extra swing would have given them around 20 seats so how the hell are they meant to campaign?

banned said...

I fear that you might be right L_I, we would perhaps be better off in the long run with a struggling LabLib/Others Government failing to properly address the issues, collapsing sooner rather than later and another election (which the bookies think will be later this year) in which Cameron, or someone better, gets down and dirty by promising us our Referendum and a review of the smoking ban.

Cameron says that the ban is a done deal, it is not. It is one of the few 'political' issues that still agitates people including many that are not even smokers.

Mariothegreat said...

No no you're a poet! I was referring to the article not the song!!!

Clive said...

"He's not actually going to leave until an unspecified date in 'the autumn'"

Which autumn?

If the government loses a Motion of Confidence, it forces a General Election, but it's inconceivable that an unprincipled pebble like Gordon Brown would ever make a government bill a Matter of Confidence. Other than that, there's no mechanism to force an election sooner than 2015.

"The IMF have only one interest - sorting out the bank balance"

I'll believe that when I see them force the British Government to cancel the Olympic Games. Until then, I'll assume they're susceptible to lobbying efforts, just like everyone else.

microdave said...

I wasn't offended by the video - can I have a refund?

Anonymous said...

Didn't he say he was resigning as party leader? I'm sure that doesn't mean that he has to resign as prime minister too does it? I suspect a trap from the bastard.

none said...

" Simon said...
Erm Leg, am confused - The Tories did the anti-EU, immigration, spounger job the previous three elections and got told where to go. "

That's because the Tories were even more repulsive 15 years ago than they are now.
They haven't really recovered much.
It's just that Labour have joined them in watching their vote collapse.

The Apathy Alliance is still the largest party since the collapse of the Major government - which polled the biggest Tory (i.e. anti-left) vote in history.

Lab is in decline, the Libs will soon be joining them. Only the right is on the sluggish rise... it's just that the right hasn't got any charisma... as soon as Cameroons, Lord Pearson, and Griffin stand aside or are forced out and some charmers take control, then there'll be a real prospect for the anti-EU, anti-immigrunt, pro-freedom avalanche... cue Bonnie Tyler "I need a hero" etc...


As an aside, the turd on the street is that Mandy is trying to cordwangle the IMF job for Brown... where's Al Qaeda when you need them?

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