Thursday, 27 May 2010

One picture, a thousand words.

A talented photographer shares photos on a blog. Some particularly excellent ones too.

This one image captures the effect of the smoking ban on real people very effectively. Some commenters don't see it. All they see is their current favourite whipping boy and they're oiling up their whips.

They don't see smokers as human and in taking that stance, they forfeit their own claim to humanity. They will never realise that.

If you visit, don't mess up the photographer's blog by fighting the antis there. Follow them home instead.


Anonymous said...

Of the two who made clear their hatred of smoking, one is South African and the other American.

Michael said...

The blog posting linked below has some pictures that will surely be enjoyed by underdogs that bite upwards, even if the text enrages them:

Leg-iron said...

Anon, they are the same the world over and as Michael's link shows, always have been.

Another old saying from the past - 'one man's meat is another man's poison'.

Some people really enjoy smoking, others hate it. Some love to swim, others hate it and would complain about the chlorine smell. Some love driving, others hate it and would complain about the exhaust fumes. It's how it has always been and always will.

Only in the case of smokers has it come to the point where anyone who enjoys this pastime is a legitimate target for far more than just abuse. We are legally non-human now.

But don't think they'll stop with us. They have a taste for power now and they'll come for the rest of you soon enough.

Everyone has something they enjoy that other people don't like.

Private Widdle said...

Anyone else notice the subtitle of the bansturbator "William Wallace"'s blog? Oh, irony.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Know I shouldn't have but couldn't resist.

banned said...

That hairy armed man-person is clerly smoking "within 5 metres of any entrance or window" of said working space and thus a criminal enemy of the people.

Spartan said...

Anniversary of Dunkirk ... when few stood against many.

Spartan said...

Michael, LI ... as always these blogs are moderated, wonder why? :)

Anonymous said...

I am one person out of 6 billion on this planet. Why is it of any interest (let alone anyone else's business) how I live my life?

"Oh, you should do this", "Oh, you shouldn't do that". How did these scoldings from the library monitors in junior school become the solemn code by which we all must live?

When did it become acceptable for governments - whom we elect to do important things, like take care of national defence; build infrastructure; police; educate; know - the big things.

So, exactly WHEN did it become acceptable for them to regulate peoples' habits and pastimes? To me, that seems a sacrosant rubicon.

However, mainstream media and the majority of society don't see it that way. Quite frankly, I'm astonished at their apathy, because it's a VERY important issue.

Why should we give governments and unelected bureaucrats the power to control our habits? Even more to the point, why should we give them the power to decide which of our habits are "bad"?

Finally, what does it say about our society that this usurption of fundamental, personal rights to decide what you and your fellow people do together in your own space, has met with barely a whisper of protest?

There is the old saying: a society gets the government which it deserves.

It's a sad thing that we had to be born into an era when these twisted, pathetic excuses for democracies plagued our worlds.

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