Tuesday, 14 February 2012

You are State property.

I'm not supposed to be online during writing time but I saw this one and it couldn't wait.

The Dreadful Arnott claimed she would never push for a ban on smoking in people's homes, but with the car-ban pretty much in the bag, her evil horde have moved quickly on to the next stage.

The comments, as usual, are full of 'I am a smoker but I agree to be beaten harder...' trolls. Look, I don't care what you do in your house. At all. Smoke or don't smoke, drink or don't drink, spend your evenings in a bath of warm custard or don't, it's your house, your rules.

This is my house. Nobody is going to tell me what I can and cannot do in it. Nobody is going to inspect me, no NHS drone will ever cross this threshold. What? For the cheeeeldren? This is how the medics treat children now. And there are doctors in the comments agreeing with the approach that the patient's body belongs to the NHS so they can do what they like with it.

You think it's a good thing that smokers are to be banned from smoking in their own homes? Happy to have inspectors call at your house whenever it suits them? They won't be just checking the smokers, you see, because we look the same as everyone else. Still, nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right? Except one day, they see your child with a cold and oh dear, you have neglected that child. How dare you let your child get sick? Don't you know that the State now owns your home, your car, your child, and you? You have damaged State property.

Exaggeration? Wait and see.

On a 'lighter' note... I want one of these.


Thomas Hall said...

Leg-iron- I thought you might be interested in the NHS's valentine's text message I received (incidentally, the first message I have received from them ever, and at least 5 years since I stepped foot in Gower Place:

Dear patient, Gower Place Practice would like to update your record with your current smoking status. Text back YES if you smoke and NO if you do not smoke.

I'm sorry to say the binary nature of the allowed response might mean my reply won't reach it's intended recipient...


Junican said...

Hi LI.

O/T   Did you get my email to 'smoky-drinky'?

Legiron said...

I did, but I'm way behind on Emails.

Legiron said...

 Interesting that the only thing they've cared about in five years is whether you smoke. Whether you're still alive is less important, then?

Singleactsoftyranny said...

Crikey, is it just me or does that seem really creepy and sinister?

Anonymous said...

We have to accept - anyone in any form of government is by nature Socialist. The nature of Socialism is state control, so, no matter what your proclaimed ideology, being in government means you want to control.
Perhaps a simpler solution would be to shoot everyone and anyone in government. Population control and thought control in one fell swoop.


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