Monday, 20 February 2012


Real life is keeping me busy at the moment. I tried porting the comments over but it's not working. I might have to leave that part for the moment and just leave a link back to here.

I have a post in the draft pile but I'm too knackered to finish it tonight. So I'll take the lazy way out by pointing at some other bloggers and saying 'Look at them!'

Some very good news at Nothing 2Declare.

Some very sad news at Freedom-2-Choose.

Dick Puddlecote and Velvet Glove, Iron Fist have the latest target - it's food.

As for me, I have to sleep now. Too many projects...


cfrankdavis said...

When I moved from Livejournal to Wordpress it took absolutely ages to copy the comments over. So long that I thought it wasn't working, restarted it, and duplicated quite a few comments because they got copied twice,

Legiron said...

I managed to end up with some duplicated posts on my last attempt. There's a lot of real life this week, I'll try again after Wednesday.

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