Monday, 13 February 2012

Spark up.

I genuinely thought, at first, that Spark Up was the troll. He denied it, but he's as mad as a bag of badgers and I thought he'd just gone off the deep end. Especially since his blog was all about how he was getting deleted here (actually it was the Blogger spam filter that was catching him, and I let all his ramblings out when I found them).

He's been in touch and has convinced me it's not him. So if he comments here again, don't turn on him - the troll used his name often but the troll is a separate bag full of different, madder and nastier badgers.

If (when) the troll turns up again (he's still around) ignore him. If the legitimate resident loony appears, he won't get deleted. The troll will.

Countdown to the New Blog Order has begun and a non-irritating or at least less-irritating comment system will be in place this week. I almost have the hang of it now...

I expect this will set off the troll, but he only has a few more days to play.


Captain Ranty said...

Your other troll, DD, has migrated to Ranty Barracks.

Do you want him/it back?


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

 Could you make it worth his while?

Captain Ranty said...

 To stay, or knob off?

He/it writes like a moron and never reads anything. He/it isn't really a troll. Just a mong.


Legiron said...

 That's why I got bored with him. He had no argument at all, just some idea about wrecking the comment threads. So I just delete him now.

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