Thursday, 9 February 2012


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Tonight I have been mostly learning new computery jiggery-pokery and have left it too late to become enraged at the world. So I leave the rage to others tonight.

Pat Nurse has a picture of what you'll look like if you don't drink or smoke.All your facial features will drop to the lower half of your face and your brain will atrophy. You will also lose the ability to comb your hair.

VGIF on how the 'costs' of drinking are just like those associated with smoking. Mostly imaginary. Expect CAMRA to kick up a stink while ignoring the precedent that they supported.

Nominedeus has a whole range of 'deeply unpopular' comments. Did you know that the ban on using nerve gas in war does not apply if you use it on your own population? Live and learn, eh?

Snowolf wonders why Argentina is suddenly all excited about a British ship arriving in a British port, and why they think the deployment of a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot is so terrifying. If they're that scared of a non-combatant pilot, it's a good thing we didn't send any angry old men with sticks.

More from me tomorrow, tonight I have to learn stuff.

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Nomine Deus said...

It is a bit of an eye opener isn't it, thanks for the linky LI much appreciated...

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