Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It's enough to drive you potty.

 Gullibility is more addictive than smoking.
Pictured lured with an imaginary fish from here.

Soon you will be told that 'drinkers are at a higher risk of dementia', that fat people are more likely to get dementia and that both salt and sugar cause dementia (so if you like sweet-and-sour, you're done for).

Why? Well, because smokers turn demented when they get very old.

One. Dementia is, aside from rare early-onset cases, an affliction of the very old.

Two. We have been told over and over by the hate-filled smokophobes that smokers don't get old.

Three. The NHS and the Department of Energy are proving very effective at killing off the elderly before they can possibly get to the stage of being demented.

Four. As with asthma and a whole host of allegedly smoking-related diseases, dementia is claimed to be rapidly increasing while the rate of smoking has been falling.

If you want to play the correlation game, all those diseases are quite obviously caused by not smoking. The only alternative interpretation is that smoking cures or prevents all those illnesses. It's fun, the antismoker's correlation game, isn't it?

Naturally, the drones are out in the comments. Here's a good one:

Really, this has been well known for years and smoking affects dementia onset in women as well. - Reubenene, Somewhere In The World, 6/2/2012 22:18 

Somewhere in another world, more like.  Antismokers have long since abandoned any connection to reality and any pretence at bothering with truth or decency, as Man Widdicombe demonstrates. Those people are devoid of any human feeling and consumed entirely by their personal hate. They have no trouble blaming smokers for every conceivable disease, they believe that smoke can pass through solid walls, they believe that even looking at a smoker will kill them, and they have no problem with calling for extreme violence against one-fifth of the population just because they happen to dislike those people's lifestyles. They see a twisted version of reality and call it the world.

These people are calling smokers mad. They want us to be like them.

I feel a new slogan coming on. 'Glad to be Mad'.


Thomas said...

"Really, this has been well known..."  The "Really" is a kind of snobbish remark, implying the commentator is saavy, up on all the propaganda and a true oh-so-believer, a public display of being among the most faithful, hip, cool, knows all the correct slogans to mindlessly repeat by rote, no matter if it harms someone else's freedom, liberty or causes grievous pain. "This has been well known" is the bullsh*t part where they just say the words they've heard repetitively by way of indoctrinating propaganda, a cliche choice of words to make the illusion of sophisticiation and worldliness, even if of the pseudo sort, as if the commentator is so highly intelligent he/she can hardly keep it bottled up inside and their depth of knowledge on anti-smoking platitudes places him/her socially in the same high echelon of society as are anti-smoking professionals. It's utterance of a status symbol, to be anti-smoking and repeat cliche anti-smoking propaganda points mindlessly is to be hip, a real intellectual that one is.

barnacle bill said...

I love those "Comes from a smoke free home" statements on eBay, as if you're going to catch something nasty when you open the box!
In fact I might do some market research with my next eBay auction - "Comes from a pipe smoking, zoo of a home - You Have been warned!"

Lou said...

Exactly right Sir. The effects of Dementia can be reversed, by using a bespoke nicotine patch!

Specific: http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16145842


General Piss Take of "research": http://www.tichtich.com/grieving-can-kill.html

Ralph Mugrave said...

I’ve always been sceptical of the claim that smokers
are a burden on the NHS. Obviously those with terminal lung cancer are a
burden, but then those people will be a burden whatever eventually kills them
off. Thus the NET BURDEN on the NHS from smokers could be zero. Do you know of
any publications that take a sceptical look at the above “smokers are a burden”

Amusing Bunni said...

All the nanny state bansturbators are demented!

Nourishingobscurity said...

If I'd drunk more whisky, I'd be less demented.

Gary K. said...

I enjoyed the commenter that said, twice, "every single smoker in the world wants to quit!!"

Strange, I know that fool never asked for my opinion.

What a pompous ass.

Gary K.

fucked off said...

just come out of the local Tesco,shutters are up on the baccy counter ,why??? its the law i was told,i said how am i supposed to see what you have in stock......same answer its the law,oh do fuck off you idiots,yes i am feeling demented Grrrrrrr.

Angry Exile said...

Is it already? I knew they were talking about it but I didn't know it was in yet. We've had it Down Under for a few years, varying from state to state. Can get quite batty. Here in Victoria tobacconists are exempted (for the time being) because what the fuck does anyone expect to see in a tobacconists. In Canberra they're not, so even if they've got the bloody doors shut and won't let kids in they're still not allowed to display their stock. 

Able said...

What complete and utter b*ll*cks!

I'm a nurse. I've actually read the research and guess what? Yep, the incidence of both Alzheimers and Parkinsons is, and I quote, "significantly reduced by smoking". This is something that has been in the text-books for years (admittedly hidden in small print and disguised in diagrams and charts after all we don't want those poor dears 'the patients' to know the truth).

So what we have here is a journalist taking the facts and presenting them 'ar*e about face' to support some PC/healthist agenda- Oh? nothing new there then!

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