Wednesday 5 October 2011

As I say, not as I do.

When I was a student, the hardest drinkers around were always the medical students. Well, they had to spend time cutting up corpses and nobody could deny a student a stiff drink after having to do that. Those students will now be my age - around fifty - and will include those who are now telling us there is no safe level of alcohol.

Hypocritical filthy bastards. And they wonder why I ignore their invitations to visit.

All three parties, being composed of the gullible, the criminal and the insane, will tell us with serious faces that we must all stop drinking for the public good. No more booze, there is no safe level of alcohol. You know, they actually believe it while saying it.

So is that how we are to live? No, no, no. This is how you are to live.

How they are to live is a little different. Another lot of hypocritical filthy bastards. There are a lot of them around.

Doublethink is just too inadequate a term here. This is a full blown disconnect from reality right into the deep recesses of schizophrenia.

These people are in charge. The lunatics are not just running the asylum, they own it now.

You can't write stuff this scary. You just can't make it up. And I'm trying!


Anonymous said...

Oh shut up. The ones telling you to stop drinking and smoking were the ones who stayed in their rooms all day and you never saw at the pub. The ones who you saw out drinking still are, and ignore what everyone else says. Being rich, they probably atteneded the Tory Conference just for the party.

Leg-iron said...

Well where are they? Why do we never hear from them? Why are none of them standing up and saying 'These bloody fundamentalist loony doctors don't represent the rest of us'?

Muslims are starting to do that. When will the doctors get around to it?

SBC said...

"hardest drinkers around were always the medical students"

I learnt the hard way NEVER to party with Med Students. I think it was when the 'punch' actually melted the plastic bucket it was in...

Edinburgh med student parties in the mid 80's made the last days of the Roman Empire look tame.

Dr Evil said...

Remind me again as to how many bottles of wine the government has laid down for official functions?

Can you really see the French President drinking water at a reception or dinner?

Dr Evil said...

Oh yeah, when I was at med school we had our own building for recreation. It was basically a private club. Just for drinking in. It was always busy in the evenings.

Don't forget, it is the worthy types who are in politically prominent positions these days. They spout on the bollocks they are
supposed to spout on not what they really believe.

Anonymous said...

Definition of an alcoholic :

Someone who drinks slightly less than your doctor.

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