Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Where is the enemy?

I have a feeling Nasty Nick isn't the principal enemy. He's just another footsoldier. Take a look at this over at Mark Wadsworth's place.

It's not about smoking, it's about salt. Yet it looks so similar. Even if the FSA is closed down, all its nannying functions will continue (and we'll still be paying to be treated like children) because the FSA is not the source of the salt war. The source is the World Health Organisation.

Doctors. Specifically, those smug fat guttersnipes in the BMA.

Taking out the FSA will achieve nothing and change nothing. It won't even save any money because the government still has to do as they are told and are too weak to stand up for the people they represent.

You know why I think Little Nicky won't amend the smoking ban at all? It's not because he doesn't want to. It's because he is not going to be allowed to. Also, it's because he doesn't have the guts to stand up to the new Health Nazism that is trying to exert absolute control over all of us. For our own good, and for the cheeeldren, of course.

What's the biggest cause of early and preventable deaths in this country? Smoking? Nope. Booze? Not even close. Bad diet? No. There is one thing that kills more people than all those demonised pastimes put together.

The NHS. Clostridium difficile, toxigenic E. coli, MRSA, and a host of other nasties are waiting for you in those hospitals, assuming you survive the locum doctor who's been on duty for 36 hours and doesn't speak English.

MRSA - methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - started in hospitals. Nowhere else. Resistance to medical antibiotics has nothing to do with farmers feeding antibiotics to animals. The farmers were never allowed to use the medical antibiotics and resistance to tylosin does not confer resistance to erythromycin. Yet the medics have tried very hard to shift the blame.

MRSA owes its existence to NHS hospitals. Without the corner-cutting and the overuse of antibiotics, it would not exist at all. The medics will not accept the blame. They expend considerable effort and money (our money) pretending that MRSA lives harmlessly up your nose and it's you filthy patients who brought it into hospitals. It does not, and you did not. The medical profession created it.

Clostridium difficile does live harmlessly in many people's guts. It's only when you get antibiotic treatment that it flares up. When it does it can be hard to stop. It is spread, once it has infected someone, by crappy hygiene procedures. The ones that many NHS trusts regard as standard.

Little factoid: Around seven percent of people entering the tender care of the NHS are carrying C. difficile. Over twenty percent of those leaving hospital are carriers.

These are the same doctors who have the gall to nag us about smoking. They kill many more people than smoking ever has. Salt? It doesn't even get onto the leaderboard when it comes to slaughtering people. The NHS is so far out in front that it would take a nuclear war to knock them off the top spot.

Little factoid: The BMA want all their doctors to nag their MP until they support not only the smoking ban, but extensions of it into display and sale of tobacco, banning of vending machines, and further.

The BMA run the government, at least they think they do. Those we have elected to look after our interests and preserve us from Nazi ideology are far too weak-willed to stand up for us, and far too feeble-minded even to see the strings that control them. Blaming Nick Clegg is like blaming the walls for the fact that you're in prison. Although the walls are less dense.

Where am I getting this stuff? Direct from doctors. No, I won't name them. We all know how the BMA/NHS treats those who defy their vicious agenda.

Doctors demand to know if we smoke, every time we meet them. Even if they are concerned with the end nobody can smoke through. If it can be done, I want to see it.

If you smoke, you are regarded by both the BMA and the NHS as filthy, degenerate scum. If, on the other hand, you want to hack the end off your small child's willy, they are there to help you do it.

The NHS are happy to assist you in the mutilation of your child. They will welcome all child-mutilators with open arms, but if you're a smoker with a broken arm, well you brought it on yourself, you dirty little subhuman monster.

We are always being told 'we cost the NHS money'. Nobody costs the NHS money. The NHS doesn't earn any money. They take ours and spend that. The NHS costs every one of us money.

We pay them to tell us we are smelly, fat, drunk, and that we are incapable of rational thought without the guiding hand of some imported shaman who speaks only Lithuanian with a Patagonian accent so heavy that even other Lithuanians don't understand him. We pay them to sneer at us whenever we ask to use the service we've paid for all these years. We pay them to look down on us and order us around.

We pay them to brush our elected representatives aside and behave like petty dictators. Our elected representatives just let it happen because they are too dim to even see it happening. They just take the bribes and let the BMA dictate how their constituents must live.

We pay them to decide whether we are worthy of saving or should be left to die. We pay them to run hospitals so filthy you might as well put the beds in the nearest sewage farm. There are not so many deadly diseases in there.

Any doctor objecting to this, or pointing out the lies and the deaths, is stamped on fast.

Those cuts to the NHS budget will never happen. They are just going to move the money around a bit. Doctors will get more power. We'll end up paying just the same and the nannying is going to get worse. Don't look to the Coagulation for help. They don't care. They've got their bribes and the rest of us can go to Hell. A non-smoking, tea-total, fat-free and desalted Hell. Even Satan draws the line well before that.

If any doctor asks me, in his surgery, whether I smoke, I will not answer. I will light one. I'll have a hip-flask on me in case he asks me if I drink, and a bag of pork scratchings in case he mentions salt and/or fat. Any doctor who truly believes all this crap is no use to me, or to anyone. Any doctor who is spouting the BMA line when he knows it's bollocks is no use to me, or to anyone. So ask me if I smoke, Doc. I won't tell you. I'll show you. Best keep a fine-fund handy. You'll need it. Oh, and an ashtray.

These people are killing children with low-fat diets that provide insufficient energy for a fast-growing body. They won't let those children play anywhere in case they are slightly bruised, then complain that they're getting fat.

Chav kids aren't fat. Have you noticed? They live on chips and pizza and microwaved food and they're not fat. All that running from the law keeps them fit. Most of them drink and smoke too, and apart from their brains they are in near-perfect health. They also don't fall down crying after one punch. They've been in fights, they know when they're winning and when they're losing and they know that, win or lose, they'll get hit. As Winston Smith said - 'if there is hope, it lies in the Proles'. That's why Labour wrecked their education. A smart one of them is a dangerous thing in a strictly controlled world. There are still some of us from the old days.

The fat ones are entirely an artificial construct, created by telling parents not to let them out of the house in case Gary Glitter gets them, not to let them climb trees in case they learn how to cope with minor injury, not to let them play football in the park in case somebody wins, and most of all by redefining 'obese' until it fits just about everyone.

The concentration on eleven-year-olds is deliberate. Most kids of that age are butterballs, still with puppy fat and about to undergo the puberty growth spurt. When I was eleven I looked like a ball. When I was thirteen, well there's a photo of me somewhere on holiday in Spain. Dressed in black with a black sombrero. I looked like a carpet tack. The whole edifice of the BMA and its pronouncements are based on deliberate lies. It is not about health and never was. It is all about control.

The medical profession is no longer any such thing. They were more reliable when they used leeches, and mercury in wine. Now they are dictatorial Nazis hell-bent on control and on making us all into the Standard Human Image using a template that fits nobody at all. The reason for that is simple - if the template fitted anyone, they wouldn't need to be controlled.

If you want to run a flash-smoking protest, the place to do it is not the MP's office. The place to do it is in the MP's boss's office.

In the waiting room of your local 'health' centre.


Anonymous said...

Another great post LI! Thank you.

Try googling Codex Alimentarious.

PT Barnum said...

A bravura piece indeed, but more than that, you know stuff that the vast majority of us don't and can therefore be blind-sided by the medical establishment. I for one would welcome more stuff about MRSA and C-diff and all the other lovelies they keep nice and comfy in hospitals.

And you're right about the prole children - lean and mean, although in the North East they look malnourished to my eye. It's the bourgeoisie's offspring who resemble small bouncy castles. But it's their glands, you know. Or genes. Or something.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant piece like usual. I'm just one of the uneducated council estate riff raff but maybe (hopefully) salt will be the straw that broke the camel's back. Didn't it play a major role in a fight for freedom back in 1930?

Uncle Marvo said...

You keep the dream alive, Leg. Brilliant, incisive and informed.

As ever.

Mike Power said...

Some stats would be nice.

RantinRab said...

The good old BMA. From the same stable that gave us ACPO etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Erm, I hate to point this out, but chav kids actually aren't the paragons of health that you think they are. If you compare chav kids from a rough school with similarly-aged kids from a school which serves a rich area, you'll see a difference. For their age, chav kids are a good deal smaller than the rich kids. They also do much less well on tests designed to measure general intelligence (basically a compendium of a lot of different measures of mental skills) and their health ain't that good, either. Yes, they're thinner, but this is down to general lack of nutrition rather than them being healthier per se.

Secondly, although you would love it to be otherwise, smoking does have a very marked effect on peoples' health. Smokers suffer from circulatory problems and lung conditions caused by a steady challenge from carcinogens and assorted components of tobacco smoke. The statistics don't lie on this one; you don't need huge meta-studies to hunt out effects since pretty much any study will show what's going on.

This is why doctors so dislike smoking: in their battle to improve peoples' health (and you can hardly blame them for this; their training and ethos is all about fixing disease and making people healthier) the easy wins get harvested first. Smoking is a single cause of a lot of debilitation and terminal illnesses; stop people smoking and a lot of preventable disease simply doesn't happen (and a lot of other diseases take their place, but further on in peoples' lives).

All that can really be argued about is overbearing nanny-state controls, and gross stupidity in how to tackle the problem. As things stand, all the effort is on making people give up smoking; a more sensible approach would be the Swedish one, where smoking is replaced by a less harmful addiction of oral snus tobacco. I'd honestly say that going one better and actively promoting electrofag devices and similar things would be a good idea; quite a few people actively enjoy a nicotine habit, so making this harmless ought to be the goal.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.19 - I've never thought it a doctor's job to make people healthier, just to treat them when they're sick. I'll admit they have a useful role in educating people about the effects of excess but educating is where it should end otherwise they stray into the realm of self-determination. They also have a narrow view of health, ignoring factors which influence mental health. I suspect that their bullying of smokers has resulted in poorer mental health in the vulnerable which, in turn, affects their physical health.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link. I think the point of the post at mine (which I didn't write) is that the UK has to do what the EU tells it and the EU has to do what the WHO tells it. Doctors love it either way as it gives them more power.

Which I believe is Dick Puddlecote's analysis and he's the expert.

Frank Davis said...

anon wrote: ...smoking does have a very marked effect on peoples' health. Smokers suffer from circulatory problems and lung conditions caused by a steady challenge from carcinogens and assorted components of tobacco smoke. The statistics don't lie on this one; you don't need huge meta-studies to hunt out effects since pretty much any study will show what's going on.

Any study? My long term study of me reveals no circulatory problems or lung conditions after 40 years of smoking untipped Old Holborn roll-ups.

Odd, isn't it? There's a profound mismatch between the world as I experience it, and as the medical profession portrays it. In my experience, most people are healthy most of the time. In their world, almost everyone is unhealthy - particularly smokers and drinkers and fat people. Why is that?

Because we use different meanings of the word "healthy". For me healthy means having a personal sense of wellbeing. But for them health isn't about any sense of wellbeing. Smokers and drinkers and fat people are unhealthy because they have been defined as unhealthy. So that even if a fat, smoking, drinker feels fine, he can't be because he is de facto unhealthy.

So now when you go and see a doctor, he's not interested in how you're feeling. He just wants to know whether you're fat or you drink or smoke. That's all he needs to know. If you tick all those boxes, you're sick. If you tick none of them, you're healthy. You don't tell them you're unwell: they tell you.

Got it?

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's obvious that Clegg is doing what he's told. I've suggested that he was allowed to do his little survey provided he kept the smokers under control. The drug dealers are at the back of it, and their bankrolling of WHO and anybody else to get their grubby hands on the nicotine market.
George Speller

Leg-iron said...

Anon - no, they aren't Olympic material but they're not fat. Nor are they, for the most part, suffering debilitating illnesses. Obesity is blamed on the type of food consumed when really, it's a matter of the amount consumed. There are chubby vegetarians out there, you know, and slim people who fry everything.

As for smoking, I'm not advocating a tobacco supply on the NHS even though it's far less risky than a lot of other drugs. Overdo anything and it'll make you ill. You can die from drinking too much water.

There are risks in smoking, but they are risks, not certainties. Not that many people get lung cancer, and not all of them are smokers. As Frank has said in the past, that risk is part of the fun.

If bungee jumping meant certain death, who would do it? It carries a high risk of death but people do it anyway - they do it because of the risk. The same goes for car racing or mountain climbing. All carry a high risk of immediate death or painful and lasting injury.

So stating that smokers are 'stupid' to risk their long term health means that logically, you'd have to believe that anyone risking immediate death is certifiable. Why are doctors not banning mountaineering or racing or bungee jumping?

There was a dreadful death in the Winter Olympics, at the Luge. Was it banned? After Nikki Lauda suffered horrific burns, was racing banned? No, those things resulted in modifications and it was business as usual.

Maybe you can argue that these sports don't affect others, but when a racing car crashes, it's on a track surrounded by people.

Modifications to smoking, such as Electrosmoking, are shouted down. Separate smoking and non-smoking pubs? Shouted down. They don't want it made safer, they don't want to set up zero-risk options for those who don't like it. They want it banned.

It is not up to doctors to control our lives. Their actual oath is 'do no harm' but when you look at the social lives ruined, the hatred they have stirred up, the hysteria they have generated among the public and the businesses they have closed, it seems to me they are doing a hell of a lot of harm.

Leg-iron said...

Mike power - there are stats galore out there that nobody believes any more. Someone else did have the numbers, I'll see if I can find them.

Snakey said...

For those interested in studies on smoking, SHS and NRT I recommend reading Christopher Snowden's Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

For those interested in obesity I recommend Gary Taubes' The Diet Delusion.

Studies galore in those and lots of lovely stats ;) A bonus is two authors who look at the actual scientific evidence and then let you make your own mind up.

View from the Solent said...

From the You Couldn't Make it Up department. Hope the Righteous over here don't get to hear about it.

Leg-iron said...

Solent - Electrojunkies?

How would they test for that?

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