Sunday, 4 July 2010

Double smoky-drinky.

Two smoky-drinky nights in a row and I'm still able to type (albeit with frequent use of the backspace key). Seems I'm not as old as the aches and cramps suggest.

Stolen child is still stolen. The parents and grandparents have to make an appointment to see him now. The parents cannot possibly have imagined they had given birth to someone so important. Since he has mucscular dystrophy, it is hit or miss whether he gets to an age where he can decide on his own appointments. I hope he does.

On a (slightly) less doom-laden note, one of the smoky-drinkers (my age) has a very elderly mother who has smoked more than a burning coal tip throughout her life. She is now old and ill. Doctors have said - please try to contain your amazement - she has to stop smoking. She will not.

If I get to her age I will not stop smoking either. If I get to that age I want to blow my pension on class A drugs. Why not? It's not like I'll have to get up for work, and I can't be a cat burglar now , never mind when I top 70. What's the big scare - that I might become a senile delinquent? I'm already an apprentice old git anyway...

I knew about this beforehand so I gave him a fully charged Njoy with a new standard tobacco flavour loading. The deal is, if she doesn't like it, I get the battery back. If she does, she can keep the battery and buy a starter pack for £22. I also gave her one of the discount-code cards kindly donated by the supplier.

Why didn't I put her on to the Titan? It has nothing to do with my current dislike of that company for doing a CAMRA on smokers.

She's over 70. While I, as a gadget freak, can have a a lot of fun with an Electrofag that looks like a biro but lights up blue, which can taste of cigarettes or cigars or coffee or banana or absinthe, she just wants to smoke. She wants that smoking feeling. We youngsters (anyone under 51) can play around with the weird stuff but older smokers want something that is, essentially, smoking. No frills.

They are not interested in any flavours but cigarette flavour. Here's a big one - they do not want to mess around with gadgetry. The Titan is a great Electrofag that allows all kinds of mad experimentation with the smoking experience. The Njoy is basically smoking and is very, very simple to use. Fags or menthol fags. The thing is, that is what most smokers want. They don't want to play with apple or cranberry smoking. I do, but then I'm not normal as anyone who has followed this blog for more than five minutes might have noticed.

So I gave the guy a charged Njoy with a new cartridge to pass on to his mother. Am I a traitor to the smoking cause? I don't think so.

If you were a sprinter and you sprained your ankle, I'd advise you not to sprint for a while. If you were a mountain climber and you broke your arm, I'd advise you to stay on level ground for a while. If you smoke and you contract any kind of lung infection, I'd advise you to lay off the tobacco at least until it cleared up.

They are all the same thing. Whatever you do for enjoyment, if that part of your body that is essential to that enjoyment is damaged, let it heal. If you're a drinker and you get hepatitis, don't drink. If you drive and you get arthritis in your arms, don't drive. It's just going to hurt more.

The guy's mother has been ill for a long time. This is something that happens when you get old. It is nothing to do with lifestyle. You can live on yogurt and tofu and you know what? You'll still die. But she has a lung problem and smoking won't help with that. Just as continuing to jog won't help a sprained ankle.

If she switches to Electrofag, it will definitely help. Patches and gum are useless because the purveyors of those lunatic ideas have never asked smokers why they smoke. It is not currently legal to market Electrofag as a stop-smoking device, at least partly because of this and this. Titan manufacturers might like to take note. It's not smoking the Righteous object to. It's fun.

So, you never know, I might prolong a life. Against all Righteous teaching and indoctrination.

They won't like that. They'll probably put out a contract on the poor old woman.


Frank Davis said...

Am I a traitor to the smoking cause? I don't think so.

Of course you're not.

JuliaM said...

A smoking friend was contemplating purchasing an e-cig last week. I pointed her your way for some reviews!

Anonymous said...

You have not specified what is wrong with the lady.

If she needs surgery, she needs to abandon (proper) cigarettes at once. Fags produce a great deal of scruff, which is fine if you're mobile and not being operated on.

I hope that she gets better soon and I think that you did a very wise thing.

Anonymous said...

I just voted for you in my top ten favourite in the blog poll I emailed to at the Total Politics site.

I hope others do the same.

Best of luck.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - I don't know the details. He didn't volunteer and I didn't pry. I do know that both her (smoking) sons have been trying to stop her smoking for years, because she has angina.

Carrying on smoking when your body can't handle it is like carrying on weightlifting even when you have RSI in your wrists. it's not a good idea.

But she's over 70, has always enjoyed a smoke and really doesn't want to stop. She's tried patches and gum, no luck at all. It's the smoking, you see, not the nicotine. Something the smoke-banners will never understand.

In her case, Electrofag is the best option. As long as she can get along with it, she can carry on smoking but without affecting the angina.

I'll call in after a few days and see what she thought of it.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - is it that time again? I'll have to get my votes in too.

PT Barnum said...

Good news for ecig users!

The Regulatory Policy Committee has given their opinion, of the consultation on regulation of nicotine containing products by the MHRA [which was seeking to have them declared medical devices therefore requiring to be tested as such, ie effectively banned].

"The RPC is of the opinion that the IA and consultation letter do not provide sufficient evidence to suggest that there is a significant risk to public health from currently unlicensed NCPs which would justify the future regulation of these products. MHRA should have made clearer what evidence is available to suggest there are safety and public health concerns about these products and considered a wider range of policy options before consulting on the introduction of a mandatory licensing requirement for all NCPs. In addition, the data and assumptions used in the IA for estimating the costs and benefits of the new regulations do not appear to be robust."

To read the full report from the RPC in PDF version please use this link - http://regulatorypolicycommittee.ind...ublication.pdf

Tee hee. One small victory.

PT Barnum said...

Meanwhile, elsewhere....

As reported in WebMD, the July print issue of Pediatrics will feature a number of new insights into the risk parental smoking poses to child development.

From study number one we have the following gem (to quote from WebMD): Mary-Jo Brion, PhD, of the University of Bristol, tells WebMD by email that babies exposed to smoke may be prone to rule breaking, such as lying, cheating, bullying, and disobedience.

From study number two we have: The study’s key finding, she says, is that paternal smoking clearly seems to be associated with higher childhood weight as assessed by body mass index. And -Jonathan P. Winickoff, MD, MPH, of Harvard Medical School, says the conclusion that paternal smoking also may influence “the developmental in utero origins of childhood obesity seems to be a novel finding.”

Courtesy of Smokles.

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