Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Clegg Ultimatum.

Everyone else has it so... Nicky the Clegg wants to know which laws should be repealed. Personally I like Longrider's answer.

I can't get anywhere on that site. It runs like treacle in January. I did get to see the one manwiddicombe pointed out - the dozy bint who thinks that freedom means the freedom to round up smokers and gas them. She doesn't like them, so they must be eradicated.

War is peace.

Then there's the one who thinks smokers - and the obese - should have to pay for NHS treatment.

Ignorance is strength.

A clue for the clueless - we already have. We have no choice but to pay. If we are not to use the NHS then we should be able to opt out of National Insurance payments and we should not be paying tax on cigarettes either. Otherwise every one of you has to pay for personal indemnity insurance whether you need it or not. Well, I pay it so everyone should, right? Although those who don't run their own businesses should have to pay more if they want to make a claim. Fair? It is exactly the same. All in the name of freedom and equality.

Slavery is freedom.

That's the whole slogan represented in just two posts on one of Nicky's forums. If I can catch that site at a point where less than a million people are logged in at once, I'll take a look at some of the others.

If I was in the Westminster ivory tower, as out of touch with reality as most of those in there, I would be horrified to read the comments left by the antismokers on those threads. They are the ravings of Nazi Germany, the frenzied rantings of Soviet Pogroms, the wild-eyed madmen of Pol Pot's regime. There they are, on the screen, baying for the blood of their brothers and sisters and they want it still warm.

If I had never seen it before it would scare the crap out of me. That is what Labour have created, a Socialist baying mob of self-important, self-righteous Nazi supporters. Oh, sure, the Dreadful Arnott instigated it but Labour enacted the laws, Labour encouraged the persecution and Labour imposed the heavy hand of the State on dissenters. They even set up a 'Shop a Smoker' line so these wannabe Stasi could play informer. And they loved it, these small minded, perpetually offended, weak and worthless people. They had power over someone and they were keen to get on with abusing it. Now we have 'No Smoking' signs in churches and greengrocers and bus stops and anywhere with a lid on it and still it's not enough. Now these weasels in human-ish form complain that we are smoking outside! Where they forced us!

Well, I have seen it before. I'm a smoker. I see it every day. On every forum, on every street, outside every pub, nasty, spiteful, feeble people walk past smokers and fake coughs, they scream anonymously across the internet demanding 'freedom from other people's freedom'.

In their minds - what remains of their minds after 13 years of Labour - their only route to freedom is to curtail everyone else's. It makes sense in their indoctrinated, truncated thought processes. They cannot conceive of another side to that argument, even for a moment. They cannot allow smoking rooms indoors, they cannot imagine a compromise, they cannot allow a smoker's club, because they might want to go there one day. Nowhere can be off-limits to them, everywhere must be off-limits to us. That, in their twisted imaginings, is freedom.

Antismokers call us filth, they call us names which, if applied to any other group at all, would get them arrested. They call for violence and wish us a painful death, even though they have never met us and have not been even slightly inconvenienced by us at any time. They consider that to be perfectly acceptable behaviour. Oh, what lovely people they must be in real life. They are certainly approved of by the government who do nothing at all to curtail their behaviour.

What the Clegg has done here is not what he thinks. He thinks he'll get popular approval for his policies or at least enough to spin the 'popular approval' line.

What he has done is to set up a forum where the rabid antismokers can pour forth their bile and hate on a government website. Not on some obscure forum or backwater blog. Right there, in Parliament, where the government cannot ignore the sort of people they support with the ban. Where they can see what sort of people are happy with that ban. You know, the ones they mean when they say 'the smoking ban is pretty much accepted'.

Those Stasi, those hate-filled monsters, those vicious thugs, those gangs of raging maniacs, are the ones you support with the smoking ban, Clegg. They are your nasty little army of spiteful, selfish scum. Will you follow the Labour lead and turn them on the obese next? As you see, they've already started. Then drinkers, and I'm betting motorists are on the list. Will you have a 'hosepipe hotline' this summer, Clegg? These are the sort of people who would delight in selling your their neighbours, you know.

So, if the ban stays in place, then the government can be said to be happy to champion those sorts of people. Those are the sort of people, that is the sort of behaviour, the government wants to see. If the ban is broken, the government believe in choice and freedom. For everyone, not just for the most deranged. If it is not, the government want people to be vicious to each other.

If that's what they want, that's what they'll get.

Decision time, Clegg. This one is not going to quietly go away afterwards.


Mark Wadsworth said...

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Rising house prices means we are all richer.

Leg-iron said...

We're richer but we can't afford houses... the doublethink continues.

Barking Spider said...

I've only managed to get through to vote and leave a couple of comments so far. They say the website is collapsing under the sheer weight of traffic but I'm not so sure that they aren't making it difficult to get through on purpose.

I'm still convinced it's nothing more than a distraction for the plebs to allow them to do exactly what they were going to do in the first place.

Captain Ranty said...

I'm with BS.

This is misdirection on an unimagined scale.

David Copperfield (the magician, not the Dickens character) would be absolutely tumescent. He would be turgid with delight.

Clegg is a twat. He was a twat before he was 2IC. Now he is a twat trying to hurl bread at the crowds.

Rush over there by all means. But if you expect change as a result, you are also a twat.

It's a game. You are a pawn.

Realise THAT, and you have begun to wake up.


Mrs Rigby said...

The site is broken, completely, even at this time of night!

The pavlovian conditioning has worked - see a cigarette, see the word cigarette, and react in the approved manner.

What would happen if somebody mentioned the hunting ban? *chuckle* (And no, I won't.)

banned said...

I would no more register at that site than register with

Still crashed at 01:53am, surely not a million sados like me trying to access it now?

Leg-iron said...

There's little point saying anything there as far as I can see. The brainwashed drones have it covered and there is no further point in arguing with them.

There are people on there who believe I can give them cancer by smoking in the next room. Oh, if only!

That level of idiocy is unbreakable. It's triple-glazed bulletproof stupid.

So I'll wield my tobacco like Kryptonite and scare them into psychosomatic bronchitis.

I see no further point in argument. Nobody is listening. Especially not the government.

Find a Man with a Van. Pay no duty on tobacco. Brew your own booze.

They won't listen, so let's stop paying them to beat us up.

Stewart Cowan said...

I couldn't bear to watch the Clegg video. Not this close to going to bed.

I agree with the comments above. Like "democracy" itself, this is another illusion to make the people believe that what they think matters. Then they can feel smug and all-powerful because they, as "stakeholders", have had their two pennyworth.

I wouldn't waste my time getting involved with that site. Can you imagine Clegg and all the other 'freedom fighters' giving a hoot?

Withdrawal from the EU and all the associated garbage would be the first step for a government committed to 'freedom'.

junican said...

There are a lot of people who have never had any authority at all whatsoever in their lives. They have always had to take orders. Never had the ability to give orders. Never had any power. The smoking ban has given them power, and they are enjoying it!
The medics and politicians have been saying for three years that the ban is not naziism, but it is. The methods are precisely the same - create an underclass, blame them for every wrong and give the powerless something to feel powerful about.

JuliaM said...

"They say the website is collapsing under the sheer weight of traffic but I'm not so sure that they aren't making it difficult to get through on purpose."

No, I think that's genuine governmental IT incompetence...

Anonymous said...

Oh I would participate, if I could only get on the bloody site. What law would I repeal? Very simply every single statute added to our laws since 1972, including the smoking ban.

I would also add a very severe "lifestyle statute" where any twat, criticising, hectoring or lecturing someone over a lifestyle or calling for bans, interventions, sin taxes would be birched in public. Anyone profiting from the above to be heavily fined, birched and named and shamed.
Any big business encouraging or paying for hate campaigns as a marketing tool to be closed and sold off at bargain price to a more ethical rival.

Away for a coffee and a smoke now.

Unknown said...

Site is up and running sweetly now. What a bunch of cnuts on there.

Snakey said...

I agree with Ranty on the throwing bread to the crowds metaphor.

A million people marched on Parliament to try and stop the war in Iraq. Result? They were completely ignored. Now we are supposed to believe the very same people who voted for the war are suddenly going to give us our freedoms because we left a comment on a government website? Hahahaha, my sides hurt.

David Cameron: 18 Mar 2003 Iraq — Declaration of War, Majority, aye, Loyal

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

Of course smokers aren't the first to be persecuted by the righteous.

Women's lib was doing this decades ago. Men had golf clubs, social clubs and many other organizations for men. The righteous forced them to change and allow women to be members. Now men have no where to go to avoid the silly cackle and demented gibbering of demented women.

Smokers weren't the first to be persecuted and won't be the last.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"So, if the ban stays in place, then the government can be said to be happy to champion those sorts of people"

My thoughts exactly, and probably the most inexplicable thing about the law for me.

As I alluded to at mine, it's an element of 'Broken Britain' which is entirely government-made.

Loki said...

I wish they would ban smoking. I get mine from a 'man with a van' and the tax loss would have to be met elsewhere. And that elsewhere would be by non-smokers. The cunts.

Hoisted by your own petard methinks.

timbone said...

When I, many years ago, was brainwashed into being a born again fundamentalist Pentecostal evangelist, a line I remember is that "the truth shall make you free". Have you seen how free a born again fundamentalist Pentecostal evangelist is?

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