Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stick your fingers in your ears and sing 'La la la...'

Well this was an interesting story.

The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) claimed that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the “driver” behind recent terrorist attacks.

The association of what? We used to have a police force, you know. Now we have a set of uniformed pressure groups with their own agendas and none of them seem concerned with such old-fashioned notions as 'keeping the peace' or 'fighting crime'.

So these Muslim police think it's not Islam that's behind the terror attacks. Who, then, is responsible? Go on, guess.

Far-Right extremists were a more dangerous threat to national security, it said.

These terrible far-right extremists blowing up trains and buses and crashing planes into buildings and driving jeeps into airports and going around with exploding trousers and... wait, no, that was a different group. The One That Shall not Be Blamed.

What far right extremists? Where are they? A nutter or two with a cache of weapons, none of which were ever used. That's it. The 'threat' of a lone loony who lives with his mum and fantasises about being some kind of vigilante. That is the sum total of the 'far right extremist' threat. Oh, we should all quake in terror in case Mummy's Little Madman gets us. It's okay, he won't get anyone at the moment. It's past his bedtime.

When the IRA were active, we were nervous of anyone with an Irish accent. That wasn't racist either. Irishmen were blowing us up. It meant that individual Irishmen were treated with caution until we got to know them. It wasn't fair to the innocent Irishmen but it wasn't because we were all anti-Irish. It was because the ones blowing us up were Irish.

The ones blowing people up now are Muslim. So we are cautious of Muslims. It's not fair to the innocent Muslims but it's not because we are anti-Muslim. It's because people are naturally cautious of anyone who resembles the group that are currently trying to kill them.

Just saying 'oh no it isn't' is not a valid argument. Trying to pass the blame is not helpful, especially if the blame lands on someone who hasn't actually killed or maimed anyone at all.

The organisation said Prevent should focus on confronting far-Right extremists such as the BNP.

Ah, the far-right socialist party of the BNP. Now, which member of the public genuinely believes that the BNP planted any bombs anywhere? I am sure the Unite Against Freedom gang can convince themselves that a BNP bombing campaign is permanently imminent but let's stick to considering real people here.

So. real people who watch the news are quite clear on who is blowing people up and who is not. They are also, on reading this, thinking 'Well, those Muslim police officers are obviously on the side of the terrorists'.

Who will they vote for next time?

This is possibly the most spectacular own goal yet by any pressure group anywhere. I bet Nick the Griff is laughing so hard he can't see.

It's quite simple. The main current terrorist threat comes from within Islam. It used to be Catholic Irish Nationalists but it's not now. It used to be German Nazis but it's not now. It's been the French a few times but not this time, although they are overdue. No Spanish Armada threatens our shores. Vikings no longer trouble us. The Romans haven't bothered us in ages. The current threat is Islamic and that is what the security services - including the police - should focus on.

It does not mean that every Muslim should be considered a terrorist any more than every German was a Nazi or every Irish Catholic was in the IRA. It does mean that if you were in any of those groups at the time of the active threat, you'd have a hard time. It's not fair but it's a natural reaction to the threat of being blown up, I'm afraid. We don't like it.

The plague of political correctness has already hampered police investigations because they won't mention the skin colour of a criminal they're after in case other people of that colour get miffed. So we have no idea who to look out for and therefore can't help find them. Now, a whole section of the police claim that the source of our current threat is not the source at all, but should be ignored in favour of arresting members of a legal but disapproved-of party even though they haven't committed any crimes.

I have to wonder, on reading that article, what any of these 2000 police officers would do if required to take part in an anti-terrorist operation.

I won't be the only one wondering either.


Ayrdale said...

Forgive me if you've heard this...

Plod radios in "There's a big nignog, jumping up and down on the roof of a Ford. Send backup."

Central replies "Resend your request in appropriate non racist terminology."

Plod answers " Fuck me. Ok. Zulu Tango Sierra."

Leg-iron said...

Oooold one. I think it was one of those that got Jim Davis in so much trouble he had to go and work in the Middle East. That and the one he told about his black friend in a white suit who looked like a negative.

Are Irish jokes banned these days too? I haven't heard any for a while. I haven't even recently heard the one about the two Irishmen who saw a sign saying 'Tree fellers wanted' and said 'Damn, if only Paddy were here, we'd get the job'.

I suppose we can't even make fun of the French any more.

So, I propose all comedians make fun of the Righteous. There must be jokes in there. They're all jokes to start with.

subrosa said...

I've just done a quick google search for 'the national associatin of Christian Police+uk' and guess what? Aye, not a thing!

Is that discrimination?

Leg-iron said...

Police aren't allowed to be Christian or to be in the BNP.

They can be muslim and they can be in the UAF.

That's positive discrimination.

Which is a powder-keg. A leaky one. In a bonfire.

With a fuse.

Amusing Bunni said...

All this PC crap, and catering to the terrorists is going to be the death of both our nations! It is just unbelievable now dense and crazy these placaters are.

In America, they locked up ALL the japanese US citizens during the war. They should round up all the nuttier looking muzzies out your way too. I hate to say it, but I'm really getting scared that they are going to pull another horrid strike soon. The American Christmas underpants bomber was a test run, and they see we are sorely lacking.

JuliaM said...

For a real belly laugh, check out this thread on the nature of comedy.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, as it all descends into chaos, recrimination, threats and grandiose claims to be more PC than thou...

JohnRS said...

Your point about uniformed pressure groups is very well made. Other than their clothing, how are they any different from any of the other single agenda anti-authority groups spouting their particular flavour of bigotry to a welcoming media industry?

At some point this discriminatory police association/club/pressure group is going to have to be confronted by "senior management" as its position on topics like terrorism is so far from official policy it's difficult to see how they can be relied on to carry out their orders. The longer we leave it before attempting to lance this boil, the worse it will be.

Anonymous said...

NAMP - proving why multiculturalism is a failure.

People should vote BNP for the simple reason the Establishment don't want you to.

What's the worst that could happen?

Britain is already crippled by debt, corruption and 'multiculturalism' so the only way to go is up.

Might as well make sure it is a Nationalistic Government looking after the nation, not some pawnbroker.

Loved the French overdue line - I always liked the battles with the French, the way they say "surrender" is so romantic..

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