Thursday, 28 January 2010

So many queens.

I don't mean the pop group, nor do I mean the royal Mrs. Queen (Gawd bless 'er, as they say in Garnett land), nor am I making a disparaging anti-gay remark. However, if any passing Righteous wish to take offence, be my guest. I don't like you anyway.

By queen, I refer to the traditionally-gay but not-necessarily-so type who minces, flounces, stamps their little feet and beats ineffectual fists on the chest of whoever has upset them while crying hard enough to raise sea levels. You know the ones. Weak, wailing, worthless crybabies. The world is filling up with them. They are less manly than Quentin Crisp but they're not gay. They can't be, or they wouldn't be breeding so fast. In fact they're breeding so fast they must be laying eggs in clutches of a hundred at a time. Perhaps that Icke bloke was on to something.

So, sorry to the gay guys but you no longer have the monopoly of the 'Camp' camp. There are millions of them now, male and female, ready to take an attack of the vapours and swoon away in a dead faint whenever someone so much as alludes to something they might imagine as a slight on someone else entirely.

They populate Ebay, who consider a 1970's 'Dad's Army' boardgame to be Nazi memorabilia. Well, it was produced a mere 25 years after the Nazis were defeated so Hitler must have had it retrospectively, now that Labour have abolished time (see previous post).

They clutch their handbags and purse their lips in every Racial Equality Council, where their jobs depend on continuously finding ever more trivial things to be offended at.

Peter Oteng, chief executive of the Worcestershire Racial Equality Council, said that there are strict laws about advertising discriminatory material and eBay, as the advertiser, was protecting itself.
He said: “You can’t joke with this because you are joking with millions of people killed. It’s not a laughing matter at all.
“It’s very serious.”

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Oteng? It's a board game produced 25 years after the war. A war in which the people of this country charged down the Nazis and who regarded the swastika merely as a handy target. They were not in the least scared of it when it was backed up by guns, tanks, rockets, planes, railguns, battleships and submarines. You really believe the people of this country will cower and cry at the sight of it now? It's a symbol of a dead regime, a regime we played a large part in crushing. We won that symbol from them and we will laugh at it now. We will make up board games depicting a bank manager, a butcher and assorted misfits standing against that symbol and winning. We will not quake at a symbol we've already defeated.

Sadly, there are many who will. There are many feeble and sickening people who the likes of Hitler could overrun nowadays and all he'd have to do is wave his flag at them. They'd faint in shock and then phone a blubberer's hotline somewhere.

Even Wales, that place of dour people and square old ladies that look like they'd pummel you if you get to the last bag of sprouts before them, is full of them now.

In Wales resides the Horrible Member of Parliament, Paul Flynn, who makes much on his blog of the courage of soldiers but who wants the handshake banned because it hurts his poor little fingers. I can't link to him directly because I promised on his blog, a long time ago, that I would occupy no more of his time, and also because it sickens me to think that someone who appears to be human is too weak for even a handshake.

Once, the British Navy hunted down pirates and slave traders and put them out of action whether they were in British waters or not. Now, with Somalian pirates holding British hostages, the British Navy gives the pirates fuel, food and water if they run out while at sea. There was a time when the captain, faced with a disabled pirate boat, would simply have cut it in half with his bows and sailed on. In these enlightened times, of course, defending yourself and your country is seen as evil and 'right-wing' while handing out supplies to those who want to kill your countrymen is 'progressive'.

It's not the Navy's choice. It's Labour's decision and the Navy have no option to refuse. The captain no longer rules his ship just as an Englishman's home is no longer his castle.

It's the same story over and over again. Labour and the Soft Socialist Sobbers send troops into battle but don't give them any bullets in case they hurt the enemy. Murderers and rapists are to be 'understood'. Victims of youth yobs are to be castigated for hurting the poor little freaks' feelings by reporting them to the police. Burglars must be allowed to go about their business unhindered, and they can sue the householder who tries to stop them. Terrorists must not be identified because they might be upset if everyone knew they wanted to blow things up.

Weaklings. Feeble little people who quake like jellies at a hint of a bad word. Trivial, worthless creatures not fit to be called human. They hide under the table rather than confront any real problem. They save themselves from bullies by siding with the bullies. Too weak to stop the bullying and too weak to save the victims, they turn on the victims so the bullies won't hit them.

In the past, deserters from the armed forces were shot. Were they cowards? They knew they risked death by their actions even though they ran from war. Cowards in one sense, but not in another.

The true coward is the one who will take no risk at all. The one who will not desert but who will hide behind others when the fighting starts. Those are the weaklings who run the country now.

If you vote Labour, you are one of them.


watching said...

Outed Mr Oteng myself earlier this eveing. We live in really strange times where the country feels less and less like Great Britain with every passing day.

Glad your haircut sealed the deal with your customers. Sad how appearance colours ability don't you think?

Ashtrayhead said...

I always had my suspicions about Godfrey and his sister Dolly!

Anonymous said...

Well said, LI.

Hope at your meeting you didn't have to resort to corporate-speak -where did the ghastly 'incentivise' and 'diarise' come from?


Leg-iron said...

Watching - well, in this case my appearance pre-haircut was actually not so much 'casual' as 'get the straitjacket'.

I draw the line at ties though. If they want me to think for money, putting a cord around my neck isn't going to help that.

Leg-iron said...

Ashtrayhead - Godfrey was his sister. The real Godfrey had been kept in the cellar for years when his sister took his place.

She went on to become deputy leader of the Labour party.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - I can't do corporate speak and if anyone tries it on me, they'll get repeated requests to explain until they translate it into English.

I can't even read the stuff. The page just blurs.

Tom Paine said...

Well said. I have linked to this in admiration. Thanks for the day off!

John Pickworth said...

"It's the same story over and over again. Labour and the Soft Socialist Sobbers send troops into battle but don't give them any bullets."

When I heard about the Great Afghanistan War Plan from Gordon (not of Khartoum, the spineless Westminster one) today, I nearly choked. He's going to give the Taliban £300 million to stop them shooting at our troops apparently!

Wouldn't it have made more sense to give that money to our army? It would buy a hell of a lot of big scary guns and lashings of hollow-points.

So instead of having our boys home for Christmas; they're going to be committed for another 25 years to guard the highly strategic Afghan benefit offices. Brilliant.

Leg-iron said...

Tom Paine - I am flattered. Thanks.

JP - so our underfunded army will now have to face a UK-funded Taliban? What does the Gorgon think they'll spend the money on?

Actually I could edit that last line down to -

Does the Gorgon think?

Get the army back and have them march on Westminster. That's where their real enemies are.

JuliaM said...

"You really believe the people of this country will cower and cry at the sight of it now?"

A fair chuunk of them, yes.

Oh, they won't have been born at the time, naturally. And they'll have a very limited idea of what it represents.

But then, to them, it probably represents a chance to get their name in the media and the kickstarter of the 'Ban *** Now! Facebook group...

Stewart Cowan said...

Bravo, LI. Brilliant!

I'm a flag-seller (mainly) and there are a few Nazi flags which, of course, are historical items now and I have sold them to various people including dealers in Nazi memorabilia and theatre producers staging Anne Frank.

Maybe they could use nice flags with kittens on instead?

Just checked ebay and there are no swastika flags at all, but there are Third Reich iron cross and navy flags. Someone better tell them that people are still promoting 'racial hatred' by selling items where history is remembered.

Ah, maybe that's it. We're not to remember that we've spent centuries fighting off ambitious Europeans who want to own us.

Do you remember a particular celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar where the British and French sides were named 'Red' and 'Blue' to avoid offending the French?

"The past is whatever the Party chooses to make it..." (1984)

Leg-iron said...

JuliaM - it's the new Offence Society. I think you covered the Pyjama ban at Tesco? There was a time when turning up in your pyjamas would just raise a laugh. Now people complain because they feel uncomfortable. That's what Labour do. They train people to be East Germans.

Stewart, if you're a flag seller, there's a possibility I might have bought a Welsh flag from you in the past. I have several, which I use to taunt the neighbours in rugby season. It's the one with the picture of a Welsh mother-in-law on it. I don't have a flag of Saint David - have you got one in stock? Yellow vertical cross on a black bacground.

As for avoiding offending the French, well that's the last straw. This country exists to offend the French. Thousands of years ago, the Celts towed this island from the tropics and placed it here solely to offend the French. The only reason we still live in this cold wet dump is so we can offend the French without travelling too far.

We drive on the other side of the road to offend the French. The British consitution is the exact opposite of Napoleonic law to offend the French. We eat dreadful stodgy food to offend the French. We are bad at sex only because it offends the French. Yes, we take it that far. We mix wine with soda water because it drives the French nuts. Every aspect of British culture is designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To offend the French. We even sank their navy in WW2 even though they were on our side.

If we're not allowed to offend the French then the country will die. We'll all move to Spain and offend them from there. The Spanish aren't doing it right. They need our help.

Pedro, don't worry. We're on the way.

Stewart Cowan said...

I never thought of it that way before, LI. I think I'll stop selling the tricoleur. That'll make them bonkers.

I have lots of St David's flags in stock because quite a few years ago someone ordered 800 and it was cheaper for me to buy 1,000 and I only sell a few per year, so drop me an email and I'll post you one courtesy of Flags of the World.

If you don't want your real name and address divulged (we do take your privacy seriously, blah-di-blah...) I can send to a friend.

Leg-iron said...

Stewart - I looked for a contact link on your website but can't find one. Is there one?

Stewart Cowan said...

No! Sorry, there's one here:


Leg-iron said...

Stewart - Email sent. You can delete that contact info if it's likely to cause problems.

Stewart Cowan said...

Reply sent. No, the contact info's fine. I keep meaning to put it on the new blog.

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