Sunday, 4 December 2011

The pressure valve cracks.

Went to visit Bill and Ben, the Whisky-pot Men last night. I play the part of Little Wheeze, and the Dreadful Arnott is the gardener we all have to hide from. It's become abruptly freezing here. Some light snow flurries but nothing on the ground. Well, not quite nothing. It rained, and then froze, so the entire town is like a skating rink. Normal winter service has resumed.

I had a rage against the antismoking machine planned but then I read this and this and thought 'Well, it's not so bad for me. I don't have pubs but none of my friends go there any more anyway. At least that hasn't happened to anyone I know and I thank a God I don't even believe in that nothing even remotely like it has ever happened to me.'

Stolen Child remains stolen and his parents have never been accused of any kind of abuse, certainly nothing physical. I know this because if the father had done anything remotely like that, his own family would have disposed of him in a piggery somewhere. They are not the 'forgive and forget' kind and they are not interested in excuses where a child, especially one of their own, is harmed. There has been no such harm in Stolen Child's case. Why Stolen Child is still stolen has never been made clear. Why other children are left with rabid psychopaths is also never made clear.

Then again, it's not always easy to tell. I read recently of a father who killed his child while trying to change a nappy. The child's wriggling threw him into a rage. He had never done anything to the child before. That is not an excuse but it does explain why nobody thought the child was in any danger.

This sort of thing has always happened, not usually to the sickening extent of that particular case but it's not new. What is new is that such incidents are not confined to the shame of one town these days. Now the story travels the world in minutes. And not always accurately.

Remember the retired teacher in Bristol who was questioned over a murder? His life was made hell by the press. His name, his face, his personal details were beamed to all corners of the world and yet he had nothing at all to do with any crime. Unfortunately for him he happened to be of memorable appearance and in this Righteous world of hate and suspicion, he is always going to experience some idiot or other asking him 'how he got away with it'. The whispers and the sly glances will never stop even though he has done nothing wrong.

I don't know who caused that child's terrible injuries but I would be willing to cut them off at the knee and stand them in salt. That is not a joke, not hyperbole, that is something I would genuinely like to do to such people. Believe me, that would be just the beginning.

Who was responsible? Nobody knows for sure. The parents were arrested but that always happens in such cases. They were released on bail which doesn't seem a likely police action if there was solid evidence against them.

So maybe they did, maybe not. The vigilantes don't care. Someone must pay and they aren't interested in trial by jury - and that's not much of a surprise. All those cases of violent offenders let off with a slap on the wrist, all those thugs getting community service, and the random nature of sentencing even if the lawyers don't manage to get the criminals off with 'human rights' have destroyed faith in the justice system. Why don't the police rush out to catch burglars? What's the point? The courts just let them go again.

Recently, two men each received two-year prison sentences. One fiddled his VAT and harmed nobody, the other stabbed a stranger in the street. Where is the logic? Where is the justice? The rise of vigilantism is inevitable when the courts refuse to apply any sense at all to the law.

I don't blame the police. If they catch someone speeding then they can be sure of a conviction and an actual fine. If they catch a teenage thug pushing a grandmother's face into the ground, they know the courts will let the thug back onto the streets even if he has done the same thing five times before. In that position, wouldn't you concentrate on the parts of the job that are going to get results? The police risk serious injury when tackling the thugs and if they know the courts are going to pat them on the head and send them on their way, why would the police take that risk?

This can be traced into the current shamble of social work too. They have those Labour targets still, and the targets must be met. If you're a five-foot female, is it easier to meet the target by taking children from a middle-class smoker or from a family with a history of spontaneous and random violence? The courts won't help and the social workers know it.

So do the thugs. These are not entirely moronic people, they have realised that the more confrontational they are, the more violent they are, the more the police and social services will leave them alone. If they end up in court they'll get an ASBO, a fine they won't pay and community service they won't do. They know it, the police know it, the social services know it and the judges don't care. The outcome is that the officials stop bothering with these people because they know the courts will simply let them go.

I have to wonder whether the legal profession actually wants to see a rise in vigilantism. They are certainly acting as though they do. Vandalise a power station in the name of Green Lunacy and go free. Fail to show respect in a court and go to jail. The Judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. They don't care what you've done, they are more interested in who you are. Fit the approved groups and go free, join the denormalised and go to jail.

They're not much different to the vigilantes, really. They deal harshly with whoever they don't like and they do it on a whim.

The damage done to that small child is appalling and if I witnessed the vigilantes tearing apart the right culprit, then I couldn't possibly recognise them. However, vigilantes have no means of knowing whether they have the right culprit but they have already started attacking someone anyway.

The vigilantism is the direct result of the court system's destruction of the law. Laughable sentences are handed down which send people to holiday camps where they can demand respect and human rights to their hearts' content. Deportation orders are ignored and violent criminals get rehomed alongside people who know nothing of their past. Okay, they've done their time, but it has reached the point where the criminals have more rights than the law abiding.

This is now a place where you can be arrested for saying something a little bit offensive but get away with robbery and violence. Look at the comments on this idiot's story. Sticks and stones may break their bones but words will hurt them more. The people of this place have become pathetic, more concerned with a dropped sweet wrapper than a thrown grenade, harsher on words than on actions. Sentencing is random, conviction depends on how you dress, outrage is generated over a casual remark while someone having their throat cut in public is merely tut-tutted at. The shallowness of modern society is sickening.

It's not just smoking, drinking and chubbiness that are denormalised. The destruction of the language started a long time ago. 'Racism' was devalued from a word to describe the sort of activities carried out by the Ku Klux Klan, the slave trade, Hitler and so on, to something that means 'someone who questions the wisdom of uncontrolled immigration'.They became the same thing.

Now we hear that smoking within sight of a child is child abuse. Giving a child sweets or a hamburger is child abuse. Letting a child put salt on their food is child abuse. Giving a child a small taste of wine at Christmas is child abuse. The value of the words 'child abuse' have declined into something trivial, something to be applied to any disapproved activity.

The people who did this are happy to devalue the words in this way in the name of Righteousness. They don't care at all about children. They don't care about immigrant minorities and they don't care about gays or the disabled or anyone else. Nobody matters to them. They are only interested in control.

So they equate drinking within sight of a child with what happened to that baby in Gravesend. To them it really is the same thing. It is another opportunity to control others and means absolutely no more than that. If you think what happened to that child is disgusting, try adopting that Righteous mindset for a moment and see if you can come out of it without smashing everything in sight. Vicious child abusers are rare. The Righteous who delight in such opportunities are not.

Common sense is dead. All the old sayings are gone. All the wisdom accumulated through thousands of years of human ingenuity was wiped away in just two decades. Doctors moan that people don't trust them when they spout demonstrable lies at us every day and kill more people in their hospitals than smoking, obesity and drinking combined. The police moan that people don't trust them when they arrest the victims and let the criminals claim compensation. The courts complain that people don't trust them when they lock up Granny for not paying council tax and let the man who stole her money go free. Civilisation as we know it is over. We are now in the time of the professionally-offended, the bleaters, the whiners, the useless and the spiteful. There is nobody in any position of authority we can unequivocally trust any more. The civilisation you see around you now is a tired seventies plastic veneer, already cracking and flaking away.

So we are in this alone. Not together, as Cameron pretends. His government, thrilled by their control over private property so far, now want to extend their malice to private finance. Don't imagine that Labour are not drooling at the prospect of making use of the Robin Clegg law when the stupid bastards vote them back in.The Brown Gorgon already ruined private pensions, it is but one more small step to private savings and private property is on a knife-edge now.

Those vigilantes know all this. They know Clegg's intended control of private finance will go far beyond banks and into their savings. Politicians, judges and all manner of officials like to imagine they are the most intelligent beings on the planet, but so do earwigs. In a direct comparison my money's definitely on the earwigs because they actually care about their offspring and they don't shit on their own species.

Those vigilantes know the law has become a parody of itself, a sick and vicious practical joke played on us all, and they are not the mindless cattle the Righteous have played them for. They have been furious for a long time but the British way is the way of the bitten lip, the make do and mend, the silent shrug and acceptance of the way things are. They don't like it but they put up with it.

Perhaps, at last, not any more.


winston said...

Yes it all sounds like chaos leggy but it isn't . It's all planned and is controlled by Common Purpose.
Create chaos and make people dizzy with the 'nothing works' chaos. Then walk in and take control.
X factor/ BBC/ Corrie are facilitators to give people soma. But perpetual wars, economic chaos and the knowledge that the most hideous of crimes will go unpunished are the final pieces in the jigsaw for total control.
Checkout the Frankfurt school, Common Purpose, Atlantic Bridge etc.

TheFatBigot said...

Judges in the criminal courts do care, but they have been neutered by centrally dictated "guidelines".

The guidelines grew from a book called Thomas on Sentencing. Dr Thomas gathered reports of sentences actually handed down and helped to inform judges about both what other judges were doing and what the Court of Appeal upheld/overturned.

Because the original guidelines were instituted in order to spread the information Dr Thomas collated, they were observational.

It took only a few years for the guidelines to turn from a reflection of the collective thoughts judges expressed through their sentences, to a centrally dictated strait-jacket defined by a Quango. Instead of the guidelines reflecting what judges think, they reflect what the Quango thinks and judges can do absolutely bugger-all about it.

If you were talk to criminal judges, as I do regularly, you would realise that they have virtually no discretion in 80%+ of the cases they hear. It drives them nuts.

expensive words exchanged for cheap lives said...

'Racism' was devalued from a word to describe the sort of activities carried out by the Ku Klux Klan, the slave trade, Hitler and so on, to something that means 'someone who questions the wisdom of uncontrolled immigration'.They became the same thing.

'racism' describes a pre-conditioned mindset wherein one's actions or expressions are primarily predicated upon a concept of racial differentiation - the distribution of ethnic monitoring questionnaires is inherently 'racist' in that an inferred importance is placed upon the concept of 'race' which is wholly unjustified. 'racism' is a general term which describes a mentality, not the degree of the horror to which it might lead - we have many words, such as 'genocide', 'lynching', and 'slavery', which indicate the undiluted crime. the word 'wrong' is not 'devalued' by using it in reference to actions considered misdemeanours, because we are simply judging that a moral line has been crossed; would you, for example, consider a malignant tumour not to be 'cancer' unless, left unchecked and untreated, it has developed to the point where it kills you?

moreover, to suggest that the description of an appalling action as 'racist' must somehow make that action essentially more evil than if it were carried out as a result of some other arbitrary human psychological dysfunctionality, actually diminishes and detracts from the severity of that horrific action - especially in the eyes of a 'racist', who will then twistedly deem the identified action to be, by definition, justified. is the enslavement and murder of 'one's own kind' somehow less despicable than the enslavement and murder of someone whom one assesses to be 'of a different kind'? no, not at all.

what 'devalues' the word 'racism' (or, more correctly, our condemnation of the concept of 'racism') is the manner in which the politically correct absurdly apply it in order to outlaw the use of words such as 'black-bag' and 'black-board' - there i am in agreement with you. indeed, truly speaking, words have no intrinsic 'value' - unlike actions, which can be positive or negative in worth - and, in any case, it is surely absolutely impossible to 'devalue' a word such as 'racism' which describes a concept of no worth at all.

i'm afraid that, by erroneously inflating the importance of the word 'racism', you are deflating the significance of the specific action.

as regards black gangs getting away with their crimes being labelled as 'racist', i'm sure that many, many racially motivated attacks on black people go unrecorded as such - mainly because the perpetrators were not considerate enough to articulate their emotions in a racially unambiguous and explicit way whilst committing the crime.

JuliaM said...

"I have to wonder whether the legal profession actually wants to see a rise in vigilantism. They are certainly acting as though they do."

Letting the parents our on bail while they stay in the community would seem to be a perfect recipe for that...

KP said...

The missus saw Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil' for the first time last night, her comment? "F**k me, he saw it coming back then!"

Dear Politicians, Brazil & 1984 are warnings, not instructions, geddit?

WV - mintsin, yes it probably will be one day ...

banned said...

"they have realised that the more confrontational they are, the more violent they are, the more the police and social services will leave them alone"

As a minor example, I used to visit my former office a few times a week and parked behind in the service road which had double yellow lines. The Traffic Wardens were quite good and I got relativly few tickets.
One day they built "Social Housing" on the other side of that service road whose occupants behaved so badly that overnight security was employed to stop the junkies stabbing the single mums.

Unsurprisingly the Traffic Wardens soon got the message and I subsequently got no parking tickets at all. It became a no-go area for them.

nominedeus said...

Nice breakdown of things there LI I agree with your conclusions and recognise the trends that you identify that lead there...
Your link is also welcome though on this occasion I wish that I had never had the opportunity to write such posts as I have over the last couple of days...I am truly and deeply sickened by my proximity to this even just in the written word, my only justification to myself is that these issues MUST be addressed, it is no longer an option to keep quiet about what ails the society we live in, which I suppose is the reason why many of us blog in the first place!

Anonymous said...

"The people who did this are happy to devalue the words in this way in the name of Righteousness"

And, no doubt, real child abusers are pleased about it, too, because it makes their vile acts seem just that little bit less - well - vile.

But I'm always amazed at the lack of howls of outrage from real child-abuse survivors whenever the term is misused in this way. To me, it is the ultimate insult for those adults who grew up in caring, loving surroundings where one or other of their parents just happened to like the odd drink, or a cigarette or two, or fed them "naughty" things for their dinner to dare to put themselves into anything equating the same category as children who have endured the worst horrors of genuine abuse, neglect or violence.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Well said LI - vigilantism doesn't put anything right and is about revenge not justice.

What you said about child abuse having always been with us reminded me of a story I read a few years ago in a 90year old local paper.

A child (7 as I recall) was found crying by the riverbank in pain. Her mother found her snooping in a drawer she should not have been looking in and smashed each and every one of the little girl's fingers with a hammer.

The report only relayed the sad case and how the child was found - but there was no prosecution because in those days children were seen but not heard and the parents' word was final.

Thank God we've moved on from such matters of discipline and that parents don't have complete control to do cruel things to their kids anymore - but how sad that too often good parents are punished for ridiculous things - like swearing on a tram in way said to be "racist" - because the state can't get the bad ones until too late like those who tortured Baby P in 00s, Victoria Climbie in the 90s, - or Maria Colwell in the 70s.

Leg-iron said...

FatBigot - I'm sure there are several layers beyond the judiciary before we get to the real source of all this insanity.

At the moment though, that's as far as we commoners can see. We don't know what the next level is.


Leg-iron said...

expensive words - I still say 'racism' has been devalued.

Questioning the wisdom of open borders is now equated to racism, but it does not require any hatred or even mild dislike of anyone at all.

It's simply a matter of 'we don't have anywhere to put any more people and we can't afford to keep them all'

No race issue required there.

Leg-iron said...

JuliaM - if the parents aren't under suspicion the police should have made that clear.

If they are under suspicion for something that terrible, they should not have been bailed.

The current situation was just asking for trouble.

besta keepaway said...


It's simply a matter of 'we don't have anywhere to put any more people and we can't afford to keep them all'

well, if you put it like that...i suppose that giving preference of residence to those able to keep themselves and their families over those who are welfare dependant would seem to be extremely fair...especially if right of residence were renounced for those who failed to keep themselves...of course, under such a system we could abolish the welfare state altogether...and scrap the notion of citizenship...and immigration control would become an irrelevance - since the useless and lazy without means or supportive families, together with those not worthy of charity, would have to emigrate to a parasite socialist paradise such as france in order to ensure survival...

...and yet, although the majority of this excluded subset would inevitably consist of the boozed-up battalions of unemployed white brits, in light of the fact that the exclusion policy would not be operated upon any racially-based criteria, it could not therefore be considered 'racist' in any way at all...

brilliant, leg-iron, you're a fucking genius mate.

Leg-iron said...

Besta - spectacular point-missing and amazing strawman building. You are to be congratulated. Apply for the Olympic Righteous events, you're a shoe-in.

Unfortunately you merely repeat the mantras of over a decade ago, but hey, you want to believe this stuff, fine. I have many more terrible things you might want to believe in. Oh, I have such sights to show you and your friends. Some of them have already seen. Funny, they didn't seem to like it much.

You don't understand that we aren't playing by your rules any more and that's a good thing to see from this side. This is not a game. This is war. Smokers, drinkers, objectors to immigration, all the rest, we're all playing now and your rules apply. We are not organised and you will not understand that even when told. We go by many names.

Keep pretending your enemy never responds. You can shout 'racist-Nazi-bigot' all day and we promise to pretend it matters.


checkpoint charlie said...


a lot of hot air and no how so.

you're a funny kind of libertarian really, chum...because, unlike most libertarians, who limit their realm of tyranny to their family, friends, the house and the backyard, you wish not only to control and take responsibility for social housing, but also the locations in which other people choose to live and work - and, on top of this, you seem to be obsessed with restricting freedom of movement by removing the liberty of others to travel; are you sure you're not just a sunday libertarian, a socialist on weekdays, and a bit confused on saturdays?

oh whatever, it's your right to think rubbish inside the confines of your own head...maybe i shouldn't be so surprised...given that we live in a country, with a fixation about border control, which simply cannot resist the urge to invade foreign sovereign states.

jerry naggasaki said...


don't take it all too seriously, checkpoint c...i think you'll find that leg-iron posted-up an essay in effortless ethics evasion by one of his understudies...for target practice.

i guess he's actually a conservative in the bedroom, a radical leftie in the smoking parlour, and an aimless libertarian all over the fucking lavatory floor.

Leg-iron said...

My stance on border control? I wouldn't have any beyond keeping out those who get themselves thrown out.

Immigration? Anyone and everyone.

However, I would not pay them to come. No freebies.

ms aneata teata krosskowski said...


You can shout 'racist-Nazi-bigot' all day and we promise to pretend it matters.

oh hi, mr seem like nice person, ja...just like my house landlord, ja...i say to him other day, ja...we make nice clean house, ja...make more white than white, ja...get rid of all darkie thing, ja...including nasty dirty lazy english tenant, ja...make pure yeasty-euro commune, ja...stick mike down chimney study sex-life of free-willy libertarian blogger, ja...put camera in each room check no-one fart smelly fart or flick dirty greenie bogie on nice carpet, ja...i say to him come play with big bouncy polish boobies, ja...never mind dog-face landlord wife with hair like fucking peroxide spaniel, ja...first go in shower make nice clean landlord, ja...give landlord kishka good hard scrub-a-dub, ja...nice clean job, ja...then can use to stir hairy polish hot-pot, ja ja...make nice salty polish cucumber soup, ja...then make good strict rhythm just like mazurka, one-two, three, four, one-two, three, four, ja...mix-up special recipe for make polski-kosher-borscht souper-babies grow into souper-race of landladies take over world, ja...first take over house, ja...maybe if behave i let you make souper-babies with polish sister and estonian sister too, ja ja...and with senegali sister, ja...err...maybe not make mixed kosher-peanut-souper-babies with african sista, little fuckers will dance like fucking crazy over chequer-board and knock all fucking white pieces off fucking table, i say to landlord, ja...we make sneaky spy-base to peep on hackney, ja...they don't want us be together, ja...then take over fucking hackney make all house nice clean, ja...every room cctv all-include in rent, ja...then take over whole fucking united kingdom, ja...make all house nice clean, ja ja...give every one nice pink paint job with fucking tasteless colour-scheme like neighbourhood knocky-shop, ja...serve fucking english right for when mr cunthill draw fucking kitchen-foil curtain on poland, ja...then we go sauerkrautland, ja...make all house nice clean, ja...send all peoples to fucking sausage factory in poland, ja...give merkel good fucking smack in gob, ja...then we invade fucking ruskieland, ja...make all huts nice clean, ja ja...nick all fucking vodka, ja...get fucking pissed as fucking, ja...find mr pooh-tin, ja...give personal deep-clean with bog-brush, ja...then we sleep, morning get up we start whole fucking shit job all over fucking-gain, ja...make nice clean job, ja.

sir trev trillips said...


i believe this could be a despicable racial slur against the polish people...absolutely bloody disgusting.

ms aneata krosskowski - cia cleaning agent said...


no...this not racist, mate...we just make everything nice clean-tidy, people live scruffy, ja...i check first with stefan grebowski...he make fucking funny tv program on slobby english jobshirky yobbios, ja...he not do racist thingy on own country-person, ja.

why feed the state? it cannot starve to death? said...

i'm not one to complain about the poles coming over here and taking 'our' work - if they can do the job cheaper or better, then i see no long as they're not receiving preferential treatment in comparison with our other immigrant workers...

but unfortunately they are, of course, because, by law they must be chosen for vacancies over non-eu citizens, such as africans. asians and caribbeans - so maybe, if we leave the eu, this particular discrepancy could be eliminated...

the poles don't appreciate paying taxes and then seeing the british unemployed claiming welfare benefits...but the british didn't force the poles to come to this country and pay exorbitant income tax to our government...nor were the poles forced to join the eu and pay taxes to that bunch of bureaucratic bananas fact, the decision by any citizen to pay tax is a private matter between the individual and the is the decision by an individual to claim benefits...and just because individuals may have a relationship with the state, it does not therefore follow that there should be any compulsory relationship of obligation between the individuals themselves.

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