Monday, 5 September 2011

Dust off those speakeasy signs.

Imagine a world where there are no pubs and no corner shops. No clubs of any description. If you want a drink you can pick up your weekly allowance at the shop with painted-out windows, provided you have a permit and tons of spare cash. If you want a smoke you have to do it as slyly as a crack addict because 'everyone knows' smoking is the same as crack addiction. Soon 'everyone' will know that alcohol is the same, as are salt and hamburgers and fish in batter and...

You won't have to imagine very hard. Corner shops will soon be decimated by plain cigarette packaging, hidden goods, and by Darth Shenker's plan to eradicate off-sales (except from supermarkets, because he can control the minimum age then. Seen those 'Think 25' signs? The age is going up, isn't it?).

The drooling imbeciles we have in Government have fallen under the thrall of Darth Shenker as surely as they fell to the witch-queen, Dreadful Arnott. So have the drooling imbeciles among the public, those useful idiots who support every restriction because they don't think it will apply to them.

Maybe you never smoke or drink and will never want to. You won't have those pubs, corner shops or clubs either. These new measures won't ban smokers, drinkers and others you disapprove of from those places. They will close those businesses down. Along with all their suppliers, delivery drivers, paper boys and milkmen.

Now they plan to charge late-night pubs for the cost of policing. Oh, and of course, the perennial vampire that is the NHS must have its quart of blood too. Never mind that those going out will be paying income tax and the NI income tax, whatever form of transport they use to get there also pays tax, those club owners and all their staff will be paying tax on their income, the drinks are steeped in duty and VAT and if you smoke there's even more tax coming in from there. No, they want more.

They want more from the club owners and another tax on top of the taxed tax on drink. There is no end to the greed of these overpaid parasites, and Darth Shenker is all too keen to get his suckers into more tax money too.

I could just ignore it. The pubs threw we smokers out years ago and my visits, once weekly, are now more like annual. If they closed altogether it would make no difference to the current state of my social life. Burgers? Rarely eat them, don't much like them. I'm not a fan of fast food so why would I worry if the Righteous target that too?

I can't ignore any of it because these things are cumulative and if I let one slide, what's next? There is no end to this, you know. It did not end with a non-smoking carriage on the train and it will not end with salt rationing and the destruction of Burger King. It will never end. The likes of Darth Shenker depend on that parasitic existence, sucking away our freedoms and charging us for it, and they will never stop. They cannot stop. They are addicted.

Duty on drink, tax on the income of everyone involved, taxes on the businesses, council tax on the premises, VAT thrown in and now more tax. When is it going to be enough? When will the government say 'Okay, we've got as much as we need, thanks'?


Our government has long since abandonded the economic principle of 'how much do we need?' All they think now is 'how much more can we get?' What do they want it for? To pay for the NHS, police, army?

They've cut back the army. They're cutting the police. So why do they need more money? The NHS has far more than it needs, considering it is now cutting whole swathes of the population off from the medical attention they've already paid for.

If you want to know what all this extra tax is for, look no further than the incomes of those demanding money from you. That is where it goes. Look at where Darth Shenker and Dreadful Arnott's pay comes from. Look at those at the top of the medical profession, those ordering you to live as directed. You are paying them to boss you around.

And so many of the mindless drones love it. Even when the vicious control freaks themselves say it will do no good.

While the charity Alcohol Concern welcomes the extra charge on venues, it says it will do nothing to prevent the heavy drinking.

If it will achieve nothing, why do you welcome it, Darth? Does it make you excited to see the proles suffer for no reason at all? It does, doesn't it?

"The levy on the drinks industry won't actually address the root cause," said chief executive Don Shenker.

Then why do it? Here is the Chief Puritan himself admitting that this measure will no nothing more than put an awful lot of people out of work. Yet he welcomes that. This man is paid from your taxes, you have no means to get rid of him and he controls the Tory, Lib Dem and Labour policies on alcohol. Remember that at the next election.

"It won't stop people necessarily from drinking too much alcohol. The way to deter people from drinking too much alcohol is to raise the price of alcohol."

No, you utter dick. Raising the price of alcohol is the way to flood the market with illegal, unregulated stuff. As your fellow parasite Arnott has done for tobacco. Good God, man, American prohibition really wasn't that long ago. And what business is it of yours, leech, what other people choose to spend their money on? You take enough of it. Why not let us choose what to do with the little bit you and your Coagulation friends allow us to keep?

The late-night levy is expected to come in later this year.

Goodbye pubs. Hello illegal drinking dens.

It's not all bad. We'll be able to smoke in them. And when the collapse comes, we'll all be too drunk to care.


P T Barnum said...

A Friend of Shenker - a consultant at a hospital in the South East - last week told my 82 year old father to cut down on his drinking. Apparently he's been drinking too much for about half a century and it's going to cause premature death.

My dad didn't even tell me off for swearing like a trooper when I heard that.

View from the Solent said...

I'm working on a business plan for bathtub pies supplying a chain of anonymous eateasies. The latter to have strengthened tables, in case any of the not-skinny patrons want to dance on them. I also see a sideline with bakers' runners* on street corners for those occasions when you are tied to home.

* Perhaps an unfamiliar term for those of less than a certain age. See bookies' runner here.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest plain old OPEN DEFIANCE to the law works best.

They cant arrest everyone and it will bring the problem to a quick resolve!

1. It will show the government we wont be bullied.
2. It will send the prohibitionists packing!
3. A new round of freedom will be reborn.

4. Then we can sit around the PUB and Restaraunts smoking and discussing how well treason by the masses can work and does work!

David Davis said...

Anonymous is right. But the trouble is, most people are too busy for politics.

It begs the question, therefore, about what polticians actually do: are the, really at heart, idle, unemployable bullies?

Slamlander said...

Is the UK still using lead pipes in their plumbing?

Lead poisoning results in permanent and progressive mental impairment.

It's the only explanation for the general population being that collectively stupid ... it's what's in the water supply that counts.

Leg-iron said...

PTB - they still call it 'premature death' when you're already 82? How long do these buggers want us to live?

VftS - there'll also be booze runners, baccy runners, salt runners, burger runners... you won't be able to move out there.

Still, all that exercise should keep the health nuts happy for a while.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - true, but the way it's set up is that they won't have to arrest everyone. They just arrest the bar owner and close down the pub.

So a protest like that would just shut pubs faster. Sneaky, eh?

Leg-iron said...

David Davis - not just politicians. Fake charities have places for the schoolyard slope-heads too.

Leg-iron said...

Slamlander - there might be some lead pipes around but they haven't been installed as new or replacement pipes for a long time.

Now it's lovely safe plastic - apart from the plasticisers that leach out of them. Oh, and don't forget the chlorine, chloramine, fluoride...

I've noticed my plants have done much, much better since I installed a rain barrel for watering them. They don't get tap water any more.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

We should just start up an Underdogs Quango to give all non-smokers an e-cig and allow them to light up in pubs around the UK.

The uproar would be incredibly entertaining and the consequences may be far reaching.

Kevin said...

As alcoholics are 'addicts' they are entitled to a raft of disability benefits So, say, if smokers are also 'addicts' then logically they are also protected by the disability discrimination act. The biggest one being that we should be able to report people who discriminate against us on the basis of our 'disability'.

Time to stake our claim in the great game of victimhood poker methinks.

Just a thought.

Squires said...

Leg-iron - "Anon - true, but the way it's set up is that they won't have to arrest everyone. They just arrest the bar owner and close down the pub."

I was living, and bartending in Ohio, US when the state brought down a smoking ban. The reaction for the first few months was open defiance, just as Anon suggested. The state's response was to enact heavy fines on any staff and owners who permitted their customers to smoke (as they wished to) on their property. As you say, that is exactly how the bastards have rigged the game.

And the result of the State's loving concern for the health of those of us who were bartenders and servers at the time (for this was how they justified the ban)? Many of us lost our jobs as our employers lost their businesses - including the three military veterans who jointly owned the bar I worked at.

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