Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The New Dark Age.

The lunacy is accelerating to light speed.

Food is the new tobacco, with Ronald McDonald as Joe Camel. Advertising controls are proposed and the 9pm watershed won't be good enough because as Tam Fryup says:

'If children are eating the right food at least we know if they are up in their rooms snacking in front of TV then they are not eating junk.'

Because the children operate entirely independently of their parents. Children buy their own food and fit their own TV in their rooms. Oh, Tam is going to clash with the 'poor children' gang over this. He doesn't want them to have money to supply their own food. Surely he's not going to suggest that the parents should have a say in their childrens' behaviour? Come now, Tam, that's not very Marxist, is it? Get with the program.

Of course, if you're worried about your weight, you could always...

Soon there will be pictures of Bernard Manning on bags of potatoes and of a jar of liposuction residue on pizza boxes. Then all the food will be under the counter in grey packs so you won't know whether you're buying steak, bananas, whisky or tobacco until you get home. Every week you'll visit the Pot Luck Shop, hand over your cash and go home to make a Marlboro casserole with a radish and Malibu sauce. Then you'll have to endure lectures on your eating habits.

The UK border agency, better described as bunch of useless wasters only interested in stealing from UK citizens, are to go on strike tomorrow. Best watch out for all those criminals and banned extremists who have had so much trouble getting into the country, eh? I wouldn't assume that you can get your legal tobacco and booze into the country while the UKBA are on strike. Some aspects of their job are just too lucrative to give up for a day. Other aspects, well they weren't bothering with those in the first place anyway. So nothing will really change.

Jug-ears is developing into as much of a King Charles as his predecessors and seems less intelligent than his namesake spaniel. While everyone else cuts back, he's spending more. Apparently he has an official harpist. I could be wholly pist for half the cost. Oh, and the future Green King has no problem with travelling 34000 miles a year while telling the rest of us we shouldn't be driving to the shops. Really, Jug-ears, read some history, man. Axes aren't banned yet so don't push it, okay? This time you won't be able to hide in Scotland either.

Not that Charlie matters much. The throne he hopes to inherit is a papier mache fake and he'll have less authority than a PCSO. Mrs Queen already has to defer to the EU. Jug-ears isn't worth the extra money, he's not worth anything at all and he's the only one who doesn't know.

The Netherlands, possibly the most tolerant country on the planet, has decided to ban Halal and Kosher killing. Jews and Muslims are calling it 'racism' but it's starting to look as if the Dutch have had enough.

Unrest is spreading. Mr. Fan and Mr. Shit are soon to become firm friends. The Greeks are rioting because they don't want to believe they have no money and the proud boast of the Cameroid that we aren't giving them any has turned out to be another lie. Surprise! Even the MSM has noticed.

The EU is building pretty buildings and charging us for them while saying we have to stop spending because they want us to give all our mony to them. The Coagulation insist we are better off giving billions to the EU and more money to the nuclear powers of India and Pakistan while our pensioners starve because it's the right thing to do for hard-working families. Again, even the MSM has noticed.

Bad days are coming fast now. We have an increasing number of foreign criminals who we can't deport because they are wanted for crimes in countries that would actually treat them like criminals. We have an awful lot of chavs whose Stella allowance is about to dry up. Anyone can just walk through border control as long as they aren't carrying tobacco because border control isn't looking for anything else any more. All these people will still be here when the money dries up, as it must. We worry about the collapse of foreign governments and their replacement with religious radical groups. Don't worry about that happening in foreign countries.

Worry about something similar happening here.


JuliaM said...

That old Chinese curse about living in 'interesting times' might be about to come true...

kitler said...

The Queen has no power?

According to wiki-answers the wealthiest families in the world are
1. Rothschild
2. Rockefeller
3. Windsor
4. DuPont
5. Vanderbilt
6. Krupp
7. Kellogg
8. Goldman
9. Wrigley
11. Al Saud
12. Li
13. Cowles-Hammett

Do you really think someone in control of a family at that level takes orders from anyone? Do you really think the EU would own Britain if someone that powerful did not wish them to?

V4V said...

Thanks for the links Leg-iron, love the ending to the post. V

Dr Evil said...

Much as I don't like banning stuff, I also find the ritual slaghter of farm animals abhorrent too. Especially when there are humane alternatives. So, I would ban ritual slaughter here in the UK too and not allow the hypocritical import opf such meat either. Sadly it would appear New Zealand lamb and a significant amount of chicken imports are from ritually slaughtered animals. The wrapper should state this. It is a vile practice.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

There was an article in the press not so long ago about Prince Charles buying properties in Transylvania. Odd thing to do isn't it for someone like him? I mean, it's not as if he needs to invest for his old age or to fire up his pension.

Leg-iron said...

JuliaM - very interesting times, unfortunately. Shiny Hague has just declared that Iran is testing nuclear missiles, although he can't say how many, where or when. They have Bad Weapons, and he knows this for a fact because a bloke in the pub told him.

How long before we hear they can be deployed in 45 minutes, I wonder?

Leg-iron said...

Kitler - Money is not power. It buys people, sure, but it can't buy everyone. Your list contains rich people/families but the money/power link doesn't always work that way.

The EU is a collective. Individuals might not make the rich lists but they operate for mutual enrichment and mutual control. They don't care about individuals, no matter how rich they are. Individuals are only of interest if they are useful and when they are no longer useful, they are discarded.

Not quite the Borg. You don't get 'assimilated', only used then spat out. The EU is not a business, it's an ideology and money is, to them, merely a tool to achieve their ends.

Rich people get rich by hoarding money. The EU just spends and when it runs out, it takes more from other people's hoards.

The EU attitude to money is not the individual's attitude. We'd all like, as individuals, to have enough cash to relax and never work again.

The EU doesn't care about saving to get rich. It sees rich people the way a leech sees a rambler.

As a passing meal.

Leg-iron said...

Chalcedon - I don't see the need for non-humane killing when we have humane methods either. The Dutch experiment will be interesting. If all their troublemakers move out when the ritual slaughrer is banned, then that's all we have to do to get our own troublemakers to leave.

Leg-iron said...

£60aweek - it's where he keeps the boxes...

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